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Medium Dawn Felagund of the Fountain

Life in Points

The (Cyber) Bag of Weasels

bread and puppet

"About as much fun as a bag of weasels"...when I first saw this Irish adage, it made me think of the life of a writer: sometimes perilous, sometimes painful, certainly interesting. My paper journal has always been called "The Bag of Weasels." This is the Bag of Weasels' online home.

Life in Points

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beer wine beer
Because I've spent the day dividing my attention between catching up on beta-work and watching football, I lack the coherence to string together, like, actual paragraphs....

  • It's snowing! We have about 3 in/7.5 cm on the ground right now. Now, before my cold-climate friends start pointing and laughing, you must understand that in Maryland, driving in any sort of weather that involves stuff coming out of clouds is a big deal. I mean, people drive like shit around here in the sunshine. Add snow and ice and cell phones and big SUVs and bigger senses of entitlement tend to make a mess.

    They're also calling for ice before morning, and in that event, I'm not going to work. Which should let me catch up on even more stuff.

  • Football. Well, the Saints lost to the Bears, and the Saints were my Super Bowl hopefuls after the Ravens. Bah. However, Indianapolis just beat New England in the final minute of the game. Yep, I'm a Bal'more girl...and I rooted for the Colts. I'll probably root for them next week too. I simply can't hold a grudge over something that happened before I was born. Also, I'm tired of seeing New England winning the Super Bowl. They have more shiny now then Feanor; they don't need anymore. (Sorry, N'England fans....)

    But, in cool football news, this is the first time in NFL history that an African American head coach has made it to the Super Bowl...and both teams have African American head coaches! So this will also be the first year that an African American head coach wins the Super Bowl as well. Cool.

    Now maybe the first woman president in 2008? *hopeful grin*

  • In the fishtank, Finwe the cichlid died. I found his partially eaten body at the bottom of the tank on Friday. I told Bobby, since he is sort of the official dead-fish scooper. Then, I was watching the fish, and I saw Maedhros the catfish swim to the bottom of the tank...and Maedhros was the one eating Finwe! I said, "Maedhros, that is your grandfather!" though that didn't seem to move him much. Finwe was gone by the time Bobby got around to scooping him out. I guess that's the risk you run, naming pets after book characters.

  • I joined Critters! Tomorrow, I will start on my first critique and, soon, I will offer a story to be ripped apart. It's been so long since I've participated in a workshop, and I only hope that Critters will prove better than my workshops in university, when I used to spend hours on critiques to get back a pile of my stories with nothing but "I liked it!" Now, I'm glad that they liked it, but I know that my writing needs a lot of work, and I'd like to have some help in finding what I need to...umm, work on? I think--hope--that these people will be a little harder sell.

  • School. Nrgh. The administrator of the second bachelor's program forgot to tell Bobby and me that we could register for classes as soon as we were accepted into the program. Needless to say, all of the classes are filled up, so it looks like we'll be doing some more core courses at Howard this semester. Bobby will probably try to take Chemistry 102 again (and hope that his professor doesn't get arrested halfway through the semester this time!) and we're also trying to take Calculus together. We've both had Calculus already, ten years ago, in high school, so that should be easy, but we need it for the major.

    Still, I'm annoyed with the admin. This is after waiting a month for Bobby's acceptance letter because they kept sending it to his old address, from when he was a student there, rather than to the address on his application. Wow. All of this and we receive next-to-no information, including when we can register for classes. Boo.

  • Oh, Geek Alert! We are doing History of Middle-earth readings on Silmarillion Writer's Guild (silwritersguild on LJ) and the Henneth-Annun Yahoo list. It'll be somewhat slow going since I'm working on my own research while compiling the summaries, but it's also a good way for those of you who have always wanted to read the HoMe to do so. (The essays/chapters that we discuss are also available on both Yahoo groups to members.)
  • Hey, we got (even more) snow today too! I heard the wind start rattling the windows around 1 AM and thought, "Here comes another bout of snow!"

    Aww, poor fishie. Your fishtank escapades are almost creepier than the actual Silmarillion! ;P

    Fun, calculus! I was just wondering what classes you were taking this semester. Maybe you'll be on YIM occasionally, yeah? *hopes*

    Is it really sad that I would sooner read my textbooks rather than HoME??
    • Your fishtank escapades are almost creepier than the actual Silmarillion!

      Fish are definitely creepy little critters. They eat each other alive or nibble fins; they're such pretty little things that it's hard to believe that they can be so mercilessly mean!

      I'm glad I'm not a fish. :)

      Maybe you'll be on YIM occasionally, yeah? *hopes*

      I hope! Once or twice, at least. ;)

      Is it really sad that I would sooner read my textbooks rather than HoME??

      Yes! I enjoy the HoMe...but then putting together obscure details into some kind of sense is fun for me. o.O
      • ...you mean humans don't nibble on each other? *grins and ducks*

        I hope! Once or twice, at least. ;)

        I'll hold you to that, you know! ;)

        Yes! I enjoy the HoMe...but then putting together obscure details into some kind of sense is fun for me. o.O

        Ouch. That really lowers my self-esteem. Guess I should shut off the comp then and read The Foundations of Management then. ;P I've never been able to "get into" the HoME. I've tried to get through both I and X, but to no avail. Actually, it's almost exactly like a textbook sometimes. I start reading a bit, then say, "screw it!" Even doing summaries/discussion hasn't gotten me into gear (yet), and BoLT is even sitting on my shelf! *sigh* I don't know what it is about them that bothers me.
    • I didn't mean to hurt your self-esteem! You don't want to be an OCD nerd like Dawn! Trust me! *looks to Bobby for verification* ;^D

      Finrod says that you can nibble on him any time. ;)
      • Lol, I was kidding! Though admittedly, I was not expecting you to say "yes"!!! :P Someday I will find the good parts of the HoME and read them. And I've read LaCE. Go me.

        Finrod says that you can nibble on him any time. ;)

        *giggle* Reeeeeally? ;)

        ...Wait, I'm not supposed to be flirting with Finrod! He's supposed to be...not flirting...with Nelyo!
    • Join a wide group of people who have never read HoMe from start to finish. "I look things up"--then sometimes I get intrigued, forget what I came for and keep reading for a while. It just is not the same level of reading pleasure as reading the Quenta Silmarillion, for example, and never can be! Ok--if we are really being honest here, I pretty much go to HoMe to try to ferret out obscure canon details that better suit my plot point of the moment. Maybe this will be my chance to read the whole thing.
      • I'm glad I'm not the only one! I also find the QS to be much more pleasing to read. The first time I read The Silmarillion, I had trouble keeping track of the names, etc. but I ended up re-reading it multiple times. Reading any of the HoME doesn't have enough to make me come back to it. I'm also hoping that this will help get me through HoME, or at least give me an overview so I know which parts might make a good read or a source of inspiration for later.
        • That was one of my hopes too. :) So many people ask, "Which HoMe should I buy or read first?" So many people can't--or don't want to--afford to buy all twelve, and who has time to read all of that? And some of the essays are nearly inscrutable from title alone, like "The Cottage of Lost Play." My first thought: does that even take place in Arda? (It does!)
          • I definitely don't have the $$. And - go figure! - the ones that I know have stuff that pertains to the Silmarillion are the most expensive ones! Gah!
      • I could never read the HoMe either except for essays that really, really interested me, like "The Shibboleth of Feanor." That's part of the reason that I was eager to jump into this project with both feet because picking apart the book and taking meticulous notes and reading the chapters three times each might be what it takes to finally understand--and enjoy--the thing. It's more right-brain satisfaction than left-brain, as in the creative energy that I get from reading The Silm.
  • I simply can't hold a grudge over something that happened before I was born.

    You were born after 1984? ;)

    I was also rooting for the Saints and have no idea who I want to win the Super Bowl now (I told Kirsty I was hoping for a tie ;). I can't quite bring myself to root for the Colts even if I think Peyton Manning deserves it and I know it wasn't really the city's fault they stole our team (although it's in poor taste to negotiate such things behind other cities' backs). But as long as there's an Irsay running the show, I put a hon curse on them! *Eyeballs*

    Meanwhile, I don't really like the Bears either. They're the favourite team of one of my online friends, but I know if they win then all we'll hear is how great their defense is (meanwhile, the NFL's best defense wasn't even in the Super Bowl).

    Ugh. Choices.
    • You were born after 1984? ;)

      My bad. Bad information from untrustworthy source told me that the Colts left in 1980.

      I can't bring myself to be angry about something that happened while I quite likely on occasion still pissed my pants.

      Oh, wait...guess I can't be angry about what happened this morning then....



      I find this a Super Bowl without too much weight for me either. Last year, I was adamantly against the Steelers. I would prefer the Colts because I like Peyton Manning, but if the Bears won, I would not be distraught. Though it does piss me off that the two best AFC teams got eliminated in their first game. Bobby is convinced that New England has a horseshoe up their collective ass. I said, "Now wait, the Colts' logo is a horseshoe...shouldn't it be the other way around?" :^P

      Anyway, I'm glad it wasn't New England. Nothing against them, but I'm getting tired of seeing them, to tell the truth.
  • you know if you ever want some fanfiction critiqued I'd be happy to do so, just let me know. Seeing that I am a rather harsh critic on all things writing I don't tend to leave it unles I am sure someone wants it...
    • Thank you! :) At the moment, I am performing "revision triage"; I have too many stories to revise them all, so I have to pick. Which means mostly original fiction is in the queue (except the ne'er-ending monster that is AMC).

      But if I ever need fanfic done, you'll be the first to know! :)

      (And you're welcome to be honest with me; I appreciate constructive criticism...and do try to use it!)
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