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Medium Dawn Felagund of the Fountain


The (Cyber) Bag of Weasels

bread and puppet

"About as much fun as a bag of weasels"...when I first saw this Irish adage, it made me think of the life of a writer: sometimes perilous, sometimes painful, certainly interesting. My paper journal has always been called "The Bag of Weasels." This is the Bag of Weasels' online home.


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First order of business:

Thank you, nienna_weeper!

What a truly special Christmas card! We have it hanging on our refrigerator (in the words of Bobby, "out of reach of all carpet alligators") and adore it! Thank you! *hugs*

Second order of business:

Cards and stuff have been sent, so if you requested one, you should get it in the next couple of days, USPS willing. It's all in their (capable?) hands now, so I hope that all arrives as it should!

Third order of business:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting   Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting   Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting   Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

My Ravens are not only in the playoffs but won the division! Woo! This is only the second time in our ten-year history that we have won our division. The other time was not the year that we won the Super Bowl, oddly enough. So now we're aiming for a Week One bye, which means that we have to win both of our upcoming games (Steelers and Bills) and the Colts and the Chargers have to lose at least one of theirs. Not likely but *crosses fingers*.

Life has been good. I love the howlidays when I'm not under stress and tearing out my hair in gobs. This year has actually been really pleasant because I haven't allowed myself to worry too much. Bobby and I spend evenings looking at Christmas lights or watching movies, not running from one commitment to another. Nonetheless, we've had three pretty major holiday trips/events this year, and they've all been wonderful. (I have pictures and stuff but no time to upload them! I'll get to it.)

Tonight, we went to the Symphony of Lights, which is one of those drive-through light displays. It was, incidentally, the rather innocent attraction that caused all of the family drama last year. Alas, we finally went this year, though we played it smart this time and didn't invite anyone but ourselves and Alex. Alex actually really liked it. Well, I assume that he liked it because he usually sits in the car, and he spent the whole time running from window to window, ears pricked and tail wagging. I think that the unfamiliar motion of the lights jumping around might have attracted him. Once we were through, he laid back down again and went to sleep.

Speaking of Alex, my doggie is getting huge. Again, I have pictures and will try to upload them soon. When we got him, I estimated his weight to be around 8 lb/3.6 kg, which was corroborated when we took him to the vet at eleven weeks. He weighed 9 lb/4 kg. Three weeks later, he went back for his next booster shots, and he weighed 15.5 lb/7 kg so he has nearly doubled in weight since we got him. He's still skinny as a rail, and he's all long, rangy legs with bricks for paws.

His training is going great. He sits on command and hand signal. He's making good progress on sit-stay and recall. We're shaping him towards "heel" and "down." As far as good citizen skills go, he's pretty good with "wait," though that wide blue yonder is damned tempting sometimes. He knows "leave it," though Mommy's underwear on the papasan chair is pretty damned tempting too. He's only three months old, so I'm really impressed with his progress. (And he doesn't bite feet anymore. Thank Eru.)

In work-related news, there is mumbling again of Johnny the Boss and me being promoted, given PIN numbers, and moved to work with our boss's boss Vernon down at the Guilford Avenue office. It's the State, so I'll believe it when I see it, but it's interesting nonetheless. I really could care less about a pay raise (though I'm not going to complain, believe me), since I already do pretty well for what I actually do, but having benefits would be nice, mostly because it would give Bobby some flexibility in his own job search to take something with no health insurance or less-than-perfect health insurance. But we'll see. Whatever gets us through school and life until something permanent comes along. Will something permanent come along? Who knows. I waffle far too much. I'm a bit of an intellectual gypsy; I can't see myself staying in a single place for any lengthy stretch of time.

But if I moved, I would miss the idiots, i.e. the warrant officers, terribly. I wouldn't miss running warrants. Reading rap sheets got boring after just a few months, especially when 90% of them are "PWID CDS" (possession with intent to distribute controlled/dangerous substance). Or when you can put the list of charges together to discover really sick things about people. I would miss our little house filled with ladybugs and lots of quiet where I can bring my dawg on Fridays and wear sneakers whenever I want.

But nothing's even been stated formally, so all this angst is really for nothing.

Meanwhile, until today, with the exception of one week, it has been in the 60s and 70s here in Maryland. It's hard to get in the mood for Christmas while walking the dog in a T-shirt. But remember, folks, that global warming does not exist.

Well, it's bedtime, so I'll stop my mindless chatter, take a hint from Alex, and go to sleep. Shtuff is going on at work, so I'm going in early tomorrow and really should hit the hay.
  • Sounds lovely. It's good to hear that life is good for you. :-)
  • You're so welcome! Bec was mighty proud of her card design this year! *beams proudly*
    • You've got such a precious, special daughter! Talented too. :) She's definitely going places!
      • Dawn! Your package arrived today! OMG! You're amazing!!! Bec was just delighted with her name chocolate and so were we! And, ohh.... yummy! What a thoughtful gift... Thank you so much! YAY!!!!!

        • *hugs back* You're welcome! Thanks for letting me know that you got it. It's always a tense few days when dealing with the USPS. ;)

          Since I'd hoped to make candy for your bday way back in July, I'm a bit late, but I got there. Eventually. Now I just have to write some Erestor smut for said birthday, a bit belated of course. Just a bit. ;)

          Merry Christmas to you all!
  • Wow, I was confused for a second because I thought "Third order of business is..scrolling blue rectangles????" Eventually the whole graphic loaded. I guess my computer took to heart the Comcast line, "Fast. It's not for everyone."

    But remember, folks, that global warming does not exist.

    Of course not. Everyone knows that the increase in yearly temperatures across the board is pure coincidence...O.o /sarcasm. Of course, go figure, I leave and then a huge amount of snow gets dumped on Colorado and the school actually closes. How unfair.
    • I just got the scrolling blue bars too! That is weird, if you don't know what they will eventually be.

      Gotta love Comcast. It's Comcastic!

      Everyone knows that the increase in yearly temperatures across the board is pure coincidence...

      It's all part of the liberal agenda, don't you know? Because we love to be inconvenienced by public transportation or spent extra money on fuel-efficient cars and we all serve to make so much money on getting people to behave in a green manner. On the other hand, the oil companies make nothing on gas-guzzling SUVs....
      /sarcasm ;)
      • See, I don't even have Comcast. Apparently my computer is trying to prove their commercials true.

        It's all part of the liberal agenda, don't you know?

        No, no...*adopts Texas drawl* It's about protecting family values. A vote for global warming is a vote for the terrorists. ... Yeah. O.o
        • And the gays! Don't forget the gays! Those damned homos are all over that global warming bullshit, and a vote for global warming means that men will be snogging all over your church! Oh noes!
    • Teh Horror!! And then we will all get the bird flu! Or something.

      Though really, if there were (hot) men snogging, I might actually go to church!! ;)
    • (Anonymous)
      Actually in my experience, middle-aged men snogging. A couple of my father/ stepmother's friends are a gay couple and one of them's a minister. O noes! The temperature will spike!

      But hell, they still make good food. :)
    • Actually in my experience, middle-aged men snogging. A couple of my father/ stepmother's friends are a gay couple and one of them's a minister. O noes! The temperature will spike!

      But hell, they still make good food. :)
  • Awww! It's so good to hear that you are doing much better now than you were a while ago. You should relax and be stress-free around the holidays, even though things can get pretty crazy this time of year.

    Smooch Alex for me, will you? And he sounds like such a good dog, though he's still just a little pup.

    Interesting news from work. But like you said, better wait keep my fingers crossed for you. You'd have to move to a different apartment if you got the promotion?
    • No, but I'd have to drive into Baltimore City, which would be scary. :^P

      I will give Alex a kiss and hug from you. He is usually a good puppy but tonight he won't leave the damned Christmas tree alone. He's in time-out as I write this!
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