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Medium Dawn Felagund of the Fountain


The (Cyber) Bag of Weasels

bread and puppet

"About as much fun as a bag of weasels"...when I first saw this Irish adage, it made me think of the life of a writer: sometimes perilous, sometimes painful, certainly interesting. My paper journal has always been called "The Bag of Weasels." This is the Bag of Weasels' online home.


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napoleon flippin sweet
So I just checked the results for the MEFAs and....

Holy shit. I actually won some awards.

I consented to enter the MEFAs out of curiosity about the reviews that I might receive. I really did not expect to win anything. In fact, I was trying not to promote those stories because I did not want friends going to review me out of a feeling of obligation.

Dang. I'm really bowled over.

I really do appreciate all who reviewed me. I checked my reviews weekly, and it was always a bright conclusion to the week. Thank you!

Genres: Drama
Honorable Mention--Another Man's Cage
(Might I admit that this one is most surprising? I seem to recall being the only First Age story in a pool of mostly Third Age stories and one of the only novels as well. I felt like AMC came with "MASOCHIST" written all over it!)

Races: Elves: Feanorians
Third Place--"Paper"

Times: First Age
Third Place--"The Gift"

Genres: Drama: General Authors
Honorable Mention

Races: Cross-Cultural: General Authors
Second Place

Races: Elves: General Authors
First Place

Times: First Age: General Authors
First Place

Bobby just told Alex, "Your mommy rules the Elves, Alex!" Silly boys....

Congrats to the other winners and competitors! It was really a joy reading your stories (though I never read as many as I would have liked. Next year, right?)
  • Congrats! Though I don't understand why you're so surprised. *meaningful look* :)

    "Your mommy rules the Elves, Alex!"

    Ooh, that sounds...evol... >;D
  • Whoo Hoo! Congrats sis! Oh, and I found the story you dedicated to me, it's awesome:)
  • Congratulations to you! Glad to see you did so well.
  • Wow! Congratulations, Dawn! I think it's really telling of how universally appealing your stories are, that in a fandom where Silm-fans are a minority among the many LoTR-fans, AMC and your other stories are so popular. That's really cool. :-)

    I felt like AMC came with "MASOCHIST" written all over it!

    Oh... is that why I haven't read any of like the last ten chapters? ;-P Every time I get one of those notification e-mails, I always think, "Oh, I ought to go over and read that chapter," and then I remember that I have so much to catch up on, and get discouraged. Oh well. I will someday, I swear.
    • Thank you, Vana!

      And no worries about AMC. It's not going anywhere. You have as long as you need to read it. :)
  • The results are hardly a surprise. Congratulations!
  • I honestly meant to leave you a review, Dawn. I'm so sorry I didn't, but I'm happy that you placed!! I still have a few of your nominated stories printed out, so I will get to them and read them, and leave a review... somewhere. :-)

    I thank you, too, for the very lovely review you left for me. When I get the chance, I'm going to print it out with all the others so I can go back and read it... a lot. :-)
    • You're welcome! And don't worry about not reviewing. I know how that goes. I had a huge wish list and managed to get to only half of it. RL has an annoying tendency to elbow it's way into fandom fun. *shakes fist at RL* ;)

      If you ever get a taste for overwrought Silmfic, I'm your girl. ;) But there's no obligation, so please don't feel bad. :)

      And I'm totally saving my reviews too for reading on days when I believe I might just be the biggest sham of an author on Earth! (And a few days in between too. ;) )
  • Woohoo! Congratulations and way to go! ^0^-P -->*thumbs up 'moticon*
  • Congrats! The winners list was really impressive! :D *Applauds*

    Didn't win anything myself, but it was the first year I'd even been nominated so that was cool!

  • Once more, congratulations. You're a wonderful writer and you richly deserve the awards you've won!
    • Thank you! And I squeed to see how well "Of Legends" did! (I will reply to your email some time soon, but I really liked that story.)
  • Well done!
  • CONGRATS! *throws confetti*
  • Holy shit. I actually won some awards.


    I felt like AMC came with "MASOCHIST" written all over it!

    LOL! It was a tough competition this year, but your excellent stories did extremely well and I couldn't help but to feel very proud of you, and every other SWG writer to do so well!

    Bobby just told Alex, "Your mommy rules the Elves, Alex!" Silly boys....

    Owwwww *grin*

    That's way better than the reply I got when I told hubby about my woobie moment.
    • It was great to see so many familiar names on the winner's list. *is proud*

      That's way better than the reply I got when I told hubby about my woobie moment.


      Well, you can come squee to us. :) Though I know that sharing this with one's husband is special too....
  • Fweeeee! I don't even know why you're surprised (though of course I don't know the competition >_>)! But congratulations on winning so many awards!

    I seem to recall being the only First Age story in a pool of mostly Third Age stories and one of the only novels as well. I felt like AMC came with "MASOCHIST" written all over it!

    Heh, that reminds me of the RingCon short story contest. There were dozens of sickeningly cutesy Third Age baby elves story, a few more intelligent Third Age story, one Second Age story and ladyelleth's and my Silm story - in English, moreover, when it was a technically bilingual contest but a German con...
    I suppose we must all be grateful that it was the Númenor story that won, at least.

    "Your mommy rules the Elves, Alex!"
    • It isn't that I don't think the nominated stories are good or deserving of their awards...it's more that I know that more goes into the selection of awards than the actual "quality" of the stories. Aside from Rhapsody, I'm not really close with any of the MEFA crowd, and there's always the fear, going into these things, that everyone's going to read their friends and skip the overwrought and unknown Silmfic. So when I was nominated, I took the nominations as an award in themselves and did not expect any more.

      I'm pleased to see that my stories got recognized (though my personal favorite of the lot got nothing!), but I still wonder if someone better got passed over....

      I think too much, yes!

      I remember reading you two talking about that competition. In multi-age competitions, we First Agers are always at a disadvantage; everyone knows Aragorn and Legolas, but who knows Feanor? So I'm really surprised that a Second Age story won. They get ignored more than First Age, I think!
  • Congrats to you! :-D And I'm not shocked at all that you won. :-P
    • Thanks! And...thanks! (It's late, I'm barely coherent, waiting for the puppy to stop chewing his bone and go to sleep already! :^P)

    A very big Congratulations! :D I, like many other people, don't know why you're surprised, but am very very pleased for you :)

    Well done!


      Thank you! :)

      It's not that I don't think my writing's good or that it won't hold up against the work of my peers. But AMC was the lone First Age (and a ginormous novel) in a pool full of Aragorn and Faramir short stories. And I remain somewhat cynical about awards. Fandom is full of checks and balances where one must read and support her friends in order to be read and supported, and awards sometimes tend to feel more like a popularity contest than any statement of actual "quality."

      Ahem. I feel a ramble coming on, so I'll nip it in the bud. ;)

      So the honor for me was that people thought my work their favorites of the year and worth nominating. I'm happy with the awards but the system isn't perfect--no system is--and if everyone who voted read everyone who was up against me, the results might have been very different.

      I know..."Didn't she say she wouldn't ramble??"

      Thank you again...and good night. ;) *shutting up and off to bed*
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