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Medium Dawn Felagund of the Fountain

NaNoWriMo Progress

The (Cyber) Bag of Weasels

bread and puppet

"About as much fun as a bag of weasels"...when I first saw this Irish adage, it made me think of the life of a writer: sometimes perilous, sometimes painful, certainly interesting. My paper journal has always been called "The Bag of Weasels." This is the Bag of Weasels' online home.

NaNoWriMo Progress

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beer wine beer
Well, today is the halfway point. I'm almost at my quota for the day, and I still have the evening to write, so I hope to add another thousand or two before I drop from exhaustion.

Did you click the cut? Congratulations! You're a geek!

Here is a graph of my progress to date. The red line is my required daily minimum (assuming that I write all thirty days, which I have not and will not) and the blue line represents the number of words that I added for that day.

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The weekend that we got Alex should be pretty clear. It's a big long string of zeros! Next weekend will look the same because we are going with Sharon and Kirsty to Ocean City and Pengolodh (my laptop) is staying home, though I can't guarantee the same for the muses.

I find it interesting the amount of fluctuation that is apparent on the graph. I've always suspected this about myself: I write in a spurt, then need to rest. There's no instance where you see me writing progressively more each day. Or progressively less. No, I throw myself into it to the point of exhaustion, then can't muster much the next day, then I'm sailing by the day after again. Today will be much the same. (Today is not on the graph, by the way, since I'm not finished yet.) I will probably manage about 2,000 to 3,000 words--certainly less than yesterday, when I almost reached the 4,000 mark.

Is this an effective way to write? I don't know, but it's how I've always done it. Often, I find myself writing a big scene in a single rush; the next day is slow as I transition to the next big thing. Especially because I'm working with an outline for this story, I often find myself feeling like I am crossing a river by leaping rock to rock. Though I do still occasionally stop to play in the water.

I haven't had a good sprint yet: that is, a day over 5,000 words. But it's to be expected, I suppose. RL is rather chaotic at the moment, with the new puppy and being up to my ears in warrants at work (not to mention a new officer started today who tagged along with me for much of my day).

So what do you get when you have a statistician who participates in NaNoWriMo? Stats!

Averages (including days off)
mean = 2073
median = 1969
midrange = 2125

Averages (not including days off)
mean = 2639
median = 2335
midrange = 2355

Minimum = 459
(I'm not including the zeros here because...duh!)

Maximum = 4250

And because NaNo is all about the word count, mine at this exact moment is...

  • Hahaha, well-if I'm a geek then I'm a sexy, gothic, vampire-like, elvish lovin' geek:P
    I could probably write a good bit myself atm(with my imagination alone....) but I can't find any type of writing program on my Mac-we might have to stop in the Apple store to look and see if they have one when we go to the mall(another reason why I love Christiana-well, since I got my Mac)
    I'd say my big sis is in a silly mood tonight, but that's just going by this entry:p
    EEEK, can't wait to meet Sharon and Kirsty-more family-and I get to meet Mom and Dad too:) I think Mom will be all over Logan-and I know she'll adore Chelsea-and she'll probably be happy to see my lil' man Jesse again:)
    • Precisely because you're a sexy, gothic, vampire-and-elf-lovin' (and don't forget the zombies!) geek, you need to write. ;)

      Seriously, your creative thoughts are so much like mine that it's scary. You look at the world like a writer, so it would make me really happy to see you give it a go!

      Silly mood? Moi?? :^D I have to put myself into a slightly manic mood to tackle ambitious projects like this (i.e. being drop-dead tired and yet aiming for more than 1,000 words), so yep, silly seems to fit the moment. Which is weird because this story is anything but silly. It's quite gory and altogether effed up. You would never guess, reading it, that I am mostly a pleasant person.

      I talked to my mom today and everything's okay for Thanksgiving! We're going to have a great time; I can't wait. :) Take care, *big hugs* and I'll talk to you soon!
  • The 0's are outliers, so of course you can exclude them. If you do that then it looks like the line does trend slightly upwards.

    Or try a 5 day moving average to smooth out those wild swings. And don't forget to plot 2 standard deviations above and below the line, dropping below that lower line is a bad sign.

    That should keep a statistician busy.

    You can tell me to go away now.
    • I actually thought of doing some standard deviations, but I'm too lazy to look up the formula, and I no longer have it memorized. Oops. Bad geek. But once, I was obsessive enough to compute stats (including standard deviations) for the ability scores for my D&D RPG, rerolling those that were more than 1 SD from the average. So don't put it past me to do it here too! :^P
  • Oookaaaay! I never thought I liked math, but I had a dream about calculus last night (though the other part of the dream was about meteorology and storm fronts and 90's screensavers :P), and I couldn't stop staring at those statistics just now... *pokes brain and wonders what's up*

    I do that thing where I write (or read) in spurt, myself... (Heh, if it doesn't sound too cheesy, I think it's sort of visible in my journal at times, even though the individual entries don't all amount up to one single project... there'll be a stretch of better-written, more interesting entries, and then a stretch of quizzes and memes or blah entries... much as I'd like to be "productive" all the time or at least have a consistant pattern, it just doesn't happen.) I personally find "spurt-writing" to be kind of gratifying, if I don't dwell too much on the days when not very much happens... (And now I will giggle immaturely at the term "spurt-writing," because I am an immature person. :P)
    • Spurt-writing? Does it involve Balrog-slayers with golden hair and alabaster skin and a raven-haired seneschal concerned with curbing the mischievious behaviors of two incestuous and mischevious twins keen on hiding vials of oil in the darndest places...and said Balrog-slayer's Elfhood, of course. :^P

      Ooookay. My puppy just dragged a towel from his crate to his lair and started humping it. I think Alex might be sneaking looks at the Elf pr0n on my computer.

      *will behave now* See how evolly you make me behave? >;^D

      (Oh, and you have the most entertaining dreams! I rarely even remember mine, though lately I've been waking up and seeing things again, probably a result of writing so much effed up stuff lately! Including this comment.)
      • Bwahaha, well, if I could figure out how to write either fanfiction or smut, it probably would. Just for fun, of course. ;)

        Ooookay. My puppy just dragged a towel from his crate to his lair and started humping it. I think Alex might be sneaking looks at the Elf pr0n on my computer.

        Oh dear... I hesitate to ask what pairing he likes. (But couldn't stop myself from wondering what slash written by a dog would be like before my mind dashed off to be mean to me... *shakes head to get images of Elves sniffing each others' butts and peeing on trees while standing on one hind leg out of mind* O_o)

        *will behave now* See how evolly you make me behave? >;^D

        Yessssss.... *whistles innocently and pokes you while you're not looking* >:D

        (Oh, and you have the most entertaining dreams! I rarely even remember mine, though lately I've been waking up and seeing things again, probably a result of writing so much effed up stuff lately! Including this comment.)

        Haha, I think dreams in general are entertaining (I like giggling at what I see in elf_dreams... something about the Feanoreans in a grocery store or Maedhros playing basketball in other peoples' dreams just cracked me up)... I usually get the most vivid and screwy dreams when my migraines are acting up, unfortunately (yay neurological diseases :P), but writing and thinking about a lot of effed up stuff definitely makes 'em more fun :D
  • And you were worried about being behind...I'm 1500 away from my piddly halfway point! Here's my graph:

    0 _____________^^_______^___

    Wow, that's depressing! I even had all of yesterday off, too...

    I like the idea they have of using the paper stack to show progress, but the little bean shaped thing kinda freaks me out. :P
    • It's a kidney! It filters pee!

      (As my friend Tammy remarked in the first comment, I am in a silly mood tonight! :^P)

      And you have reason to have less than ambitious graphs than me. You're a student; the worst thing in my working life is *siiiiigh* 20 new warrants and a new officer to train. *woe*
      • *giggle* But it can't be a kidney, because NaNo is all about writing without filtering out the waste!!! :P

        Yeah but...but...I have a less ambitious goal! You'd think I could manage 167 words a day...I do write double drabbles on occasion! ;P
    • I like the idea they have of using the paper stack to show progress, but the little bean shaped thing kinda freaks me out. :P

  • Congrats! You'll make it!

    And meanwhile I have deleted 75,000 words...
  • Ooh, shiny graph! Just the thing to distract me from my own writing....
  • Well, at least you don't look like that funny sausage thingy when typing, do you? ;-P

    And for such a graph to make any sense in my case, I would have to put 'years' instead of day. ;)
    • I hope that I don't look like that. I'm significantly paler and much skinnier...though I do get that vapid, zombie look, I think. ;)

      If you had a job like mine, you could do a graph in days, I guarantee! Besides, I'm just generally abnormal. The extraordinary productivity comes with its share of side effects. (Just ask my husband! :^D)
      • though I do get that vapid, zombie look, I think. ;)

        Hey, who doesn't? Apart from that, I go to tend into self-mutilation mood sometimes. Nothing to worry about really... I only begin to bite my nails and tear my hair, but still...

        Besides, I'm just generally abnormal.

        Not more abnormal than I, I guess. What graphs are for you are challenging math tasks for me. You probably know I'm helping some pupils in math (I always loved maths at school even though what I'm doing now has nothing to do with it at all) and when I come to an especially challenging task I always feel the desperate urge to do it immediately... ;)
  • Of course I clicked! *reaches for the button I am Dawn certified a geek*

    But wow Dawn! This word count is impressive, being on a writing spurt or not.

    I should go back to creating a file over 200 pages faily tree research. Not bad huh, for a couple of days ;)

    I hope to see an Alex update soon and who now dragged onto his hang out ;) Oh and tapestries tomorrow right? When I have time, I'll review 3 chapters of AMC too...
    • faily family tree research. Geez I am so tired.
    • *proudly hands over geek button to Rhapsody*

      200 pages? Wow! Good for you, that's awesome! I admire your ability to concentrate on so much research. I itch to write and tend to ignore that prewriting jazz. ;) As for how that connects to my being a fantasy writer and at liberty to make things up.... *innocent whistling*

      Alex has taken to his lair in the past three days: my s-i-l's blanket, Bobby's sock (twice), Bobby's PJs, Bobby's stinky hockey towel, the rug that goes around the toilet in the bathroom (three times), a plastic goal from Bobby's table hockey game, a dish towel, a plastic bag, a cardboard box, and my red zebra-print skirt. I have a ton of pictures (and stories!) that I hope to post in the next couple of days.
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