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Medium Dawn Felagund of the Fountain

Factitious Disorder, Anyone?

The (Cyber) Bag of Weasels

bread and puppet

"About as much fun as a bag of weasels"...when I first saw this Irish adage, it made me think of the life of a writer: sometimes perilous, sometimes painful, certainly interesting. My paper journal has always been called "The Bag of Weasels." This is the Bag of Weasels' online home.

Factitious Disorder, Anyone?

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In other words, I got tagged three times by my dear tarion_anarore!

Well, really, she tagged me once for Finrod. I said, "Well, I have two Finrods so they'll each do it." Then I told her that the meme was fun, so she tagged me again for Caranthir.

So here goes. For those of you who have not seen this meme yet, here are the rules:

Once you've been tagged, you have to write a blog entry with five complete lies about a muse of yours. That is, five things about the muse that are completely not true. Not even slightly. Then add something that is absolutely TRUE and the first person to guess which one is true wins. :) Then tag up to five people you want to turn into compulsive liars too.

I have two Finrod muses: one who writes my serious stories about Finrod (a whole one so far!) and one who flirts seriously with Tarion. So this one is the serious one who might in some ways resemble one of Tolkien's Elves versus Dawn the Giggling Fangurl.

  1. It was wanderlust and sheer curiosity that drove me to Middle-earth. The notion that I went because I wanted my own kingdom is incorrect.
  2. Even after the mistakes he made, I still love and respect my brother Orodreth, though he--if any of us--belonged staying with Atar in Valinor.
  3. It was an easy decision to choose re-embodiment. I've already faced--and experienced--death, and I fear it no more.
  4. In ruling my kingdom in Nargothrond, I often asked myself what my father would do and chose as I believed that he would.
  5. The first true grief that I experienced was the death of Barahir.
  6. I chose to become re-embodied because I felt that I'd let Amarie down in leaving her to go to Middle-earth and I wished to settle down, marry, and give her the family that she wanted.

Okay, now for the Finrod that won't leave Tarion--or any of my muses--alone. For the record, I don't think that Finrod would really be like this, but everyone needs a shamelessly pervy muse around to keep things fun, if nothing else.

  1. My favorite cousin was Maedhros because he was f*cking hot.
  2. I managed to avoid staring at Dawn's muse Meryth's ass all day, even when he bent over just a second ago to pick up a piece of candy off of the floor.
  3. I make out with Dawn's other muse Felak all of the time. He looks a lot like me and that's bloody sexy.
  4. Dawn puts me out on the balcony when I'm bad, but she doesn't realize that I like it because there's a woman in the building across the street who frequently exercises in tight clothes  and no bra with the curtains open.
  5. I don't like slash. It's a travesty I tell you! You f*cking perverts!
  6. The title "Lord of Caves" referred to my stonecutting ability.

And, at last, Caranthir the Dark. I am using my Felakverse version of him where he is creepy and prone to osanwe and the Felakverse version of muted & mutilated Rumil.
  1. My dreams never come true.
  2. After Curufinwe and Nelyo, I was the third best of my brothers at forge work, but I was never very creative and used to mostly make simple things that were a waste of my father's time.
  3. When Nelyo was in Angband, I didn't have the courage to send my mind to him because I didn't want to know what was happening to him. I felt guilty for this when he came home, for he had been brave where I had not.
  4. Tyelkormo and I were best friends until we both discovered that we liked our cousin Irisse, and then we stopped seeing each other as friends but rather competitors. I regret it now, for she never gave either of us her love, and I lost my best friend.
  5. My wife's name is Taryinde and we have two daughters.
  6. I always feared Rumil for I could sense his torment about him and could not see past it to the supposed beauty of the words that he wrote.

Anyone who manages to guess all three correctly will get a prize. I would offer a story, but I am so behind on gift/prize stories already. *sigh* Still, I'll probably offer a story, it'll just take months for me to get around to doing it.

And then, of course, there are tags:

greenknight33, I am still waiting for an answer from Klaus.... *nudgenudgenudge*
arandil13, if you can come out and play, maybe Feanor is talking to you?
isil_elensar, I'd love to hear from your Amrod.... *winkwink*
noliel, you get a welcome-to-my-LJ tag: I'd love to hear from your favorite character! :)
atanwende, Haleth or Caranthir, your choice!

Per usual, you don't have to play if you don't want to. And if you'd like to play, consider yourself tagged!
  • It's far too late for intelligent comments so may I just say... icon love!
  • ermmm... the Amrod that I wrote about in Siron's Gift? or the Amrod that also seems to plague myself and Tarion with visions of nekkidness and caramel??

    wait... that's very possibly two in one... LOL! ;-)
  • Hmmmm Finrod AMC: I don't think 1 is correct, wanderlust doesn't feel like him, I think he had other motives to cross the grinding ice. With 5 I think this is not true either.. because of grandfather Finwe. I cannot believe this didn't touch him. 6 sounds so wonderful :) Hopeless romantic that I am. With 4. I think there were more examples Finrod might have followed. So I think 6 sounds so lovingly and well *grin*

    With Naughty Finrod... well I can only guess because I never heard of a misbehaving Felak!verse Finrod before (and maybe it is also because Celegorm has been guarding my door and sending many other muses away since he moved in here LOL) So here is my breakdown. Felagund means hewer of the caves... and not Lord of the caves, so that's a lie. 5. might be a lie because he might make you write slash (but this is just a guess), 4. sounds so much fun LOL. And Dawn has a balcony. 2 and 3: I wouldn't have a clue who they are to begin with. So I think it is 1. With 4 as a follow up.

    And now Caranthir: 1. Hmm no. 2. Might be, still I think he was better than Nelyo. 3. Wow... might be (but I am a bit behind on reading your stuff, so eum yeah. A heck of a plotbunny 4. Heh, no :) Doesn't sound like Tyelko. Although if this is true I am starting to feel sorry for him. First Curufin, then Caranthir {{{huggles Tyelko}}}. 5. see three. 6. I think this fits AMC Caranthir, the way he is written in the story the best.

    If I am wrong on all three accounts, are there still browniepoints for me?

  • This meme is going around like the flu, I swear...

    *pretentious cough* For serious!Finrod, I'd pick #2, because I can't imagine Finrod disliking anybody. That's one of the reasons I would like him for a muse, though I remain sadly museless as of yet. Which might be a good thing, because if I had a certain red-haired elf for muse, I'd be swooning every five minutes. #1 is just... not him, #3 doesn't fit with HOME, #4 is out because Finarfin didn't really ever do any ruling prior to the rebellion. #5 is out because of the whole Darkening of Valinor, and #6 is out because I love the idea of Amarie getting married to someone else and having a houseful of kiddies by the time he's got home. Yes, I'm evil like that.

    For meme 2... erm. How to answer this? I'd pick #1. Because the last bit of the sentence was true, at least.

    For meme 3, I'd pick #3 because #1 is obviously false, #2 is uncertified. #4 is out because I'm a bit of a Turko/Irisse fan (consider it Aramel-verse canon :P), # 5 is disqualified because I like the idea of all the Feanorians dying out, even though I cried over it at the same time. #6 is out because it's not Carnistir's way.
    • This meme is going around like the flu, I swear...

      *giggle* Well, I've done it for myself and four characters now, so apparently--unlike the flu--having it once doesn't confer immunity. ;)

      Now onto your guesses:

      Felakverse Finrod: #2 is correct! Orodreth is easily dismissed (and not without reason), but I believe that Finrod must have had some respect for him in order to leave his crown in his care. And Finrod is the sort who believes in people. :)

      Naughty Finrod: #1 is also correct! And I agree that it's true too. ;)

      Carnistir: #5 is actually the opposite, though I've yet to write this in a story, so it's nothing that I can reference to a source yet. So maybe this question is less than fair. ;)

      However, no one has guessed all three yet, but you're very close...do you want to guess again? :)
  • Uhm, hi. :) I haven't yet commented, but I'm an avid reader of your stories (can't wait for the next chapter of BtLoR, by the way!), but I figured there should be some time to come out of lurkdom, and that time seems to be now, not only because the meme is so much fun.


    Finrod I:
    1: He probably did not leave with the idea of founding his own kingdom, but curiosity and wanderlust are too shallow a motivation for someone as wise him. Lie.
    2: Possible. If you're not Fëanor, respect and love for your siblings seems a given; Orodreth lived in Nargothrond and later became Finrod's heir, certainly not something Finrod would allow if he didn't love and respect his brother. May be true.
    3: Back in Valinor, why would he face death again, except when the world ended? And things were bound to change significantly then anyway. Lie.
    4: The other possibility, but then Finarfin turned back instead of following the rest of the host. Makes me think that Finrod would likely have refused to help Beren as well, especially for a cause like 'hey, I want to go and get a Silmaril so I can marry Thingol's daughter - I need help, come along!'. He would be wiser than that. Lie.
    5: What about the death of Finwë, the Darkening, the Kinslaying of Alqualondë? He'd have recognized death as the gift of Men as opposed to a more Númenorean reaction. Lie.
    6: He had already let her down once, and I doubt he'd believe in her still waiting for him to return. Lie.

    So... number 2 it is, then.

    Finrod II amused me, if only because a few of these sounded like things my 'pervy elf muse' Heledir would say. (Hel: Not true! I'm not as bad!) Not knowing him, though, I'll have to guess and say that number 1 makes most sense. Heledir agrees, although he is scandalized by the idea of anyone not reading/liking slash. ... Mpf.

    Carnistir: (who is my fave of your characters! <3)
    1: No. I think I remember an incident in AMC where he dreamt about Nelyo on Thangorodim. Lie.
    2: I don't think he's patient enough for forge-work. Lie.
    3: He's not stupid, but too rash to consider this before acting. At least that's what I think... otherwise this might well be true, but this way I'll have to say it it a Lie.
    4: "And the Eldar wedded not with kin so near." 'Nuff said. Lie.
    5: True... if anyone, he'd know.

    And I consider myself tagged. ^_^ The meme will soon be up in my journal... although most of my muses (except for Nerdanel and Elwing) are original characters, feel free to hop over and guess. ;)
    • Hello back! It is nice to "talk" to you at last! I noticed that you had friended me, so I friended you back, and I was *this* close to giving you a welcome-to-my-LJ tag, but since we hadn't yet spoken, I held back for fear that maybe you wanted to quietly lurk. That's fine with me. :) But I'm glad you've commented (and now I can give you a welcome-to-my-LJ tag for the next good meme! :^D)

      (can't wait for the next chapter of BtLoR, by the way!)

      Me neither, only because I can't wait to see how people respond to the ending. I find it sad. I cried when I wrote it. (Though I am admittedly an overemotional pansy at times!) I've even thought about posting early but...*will resist*

      Okay, so on to the contest!

      Felakverse Finrod: #2 is correct! Finrod strikes me as the sort who never completely loses faith in someone he loves. (I tend to be like my namesake in this way sometimes, to a flaw.... :^/)

      Pervy Finrod: #1 is correct! You might have picked up on the fact that I am a shameless Maedhros fangurl, so I guess my muse takes after me here. ;)

      Oh, and Finrod just cast a come-hither look to Heledir and said, "Hey, baby.... *winkwink*"

      Carnistir: #6 is actually the opposite! I have a story "Constellation" that explores how a friendship between my Carni and my Rumil might have gone. Carni is one of the few (with Feanor being another) who can see past Rumil's outward ugliness to the beautiful person that he is within. He does also sense Rumil's torment, but this is trumped by Rumil's words.

      There is also a scene at the end of AMC where Carni goes and hugs a costumed Rumil. This response was based off of these two ideas. :)

      No winners yet--though you're very close--so guess again if you'd like! :)

      The meme will soon be up in my journal...

      Oh, I will definitely check it out! (And don't be a stranger.... ;) )

      (PS--Your icon is *love*! :^D)
  • Glad you amended that statement, because I only tagged you twice!

    For real Finrod (why do I keep having issues typing "Finrod"??), I'm going to guess #4, because I think that the only other close one is #2, but the whole respect part kinda made me lean toward #4. So #4 is true.

    For normal naughty Finrod...Yeah right, #2 is a huge freaking LIE!! I'm thinking it's #1, unless something has changed since the last time we talked. (Though Finrod wanting to make out with Felak would not surprise me much.)

    And the lies of Carnistir are just way too damn hard. Hmmm...is it #3? (Even if it's not, it'd be part of *my* verse if I were you!) For #5, I think I recall the first part as true, but I don't know about the daughters part - hey, the lies were supposed to be 100% false, not half false! ;) That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

    Do I get a/the prize? Finrod, do I get a prize? ;)

    Wow, Dawn, I'm surprised you didn't tag me back!
  • (no subject) -
    • Facetious disorder? *snicker* I get that sometimes. :^P

      But, no, it was just me being a psych geek....

      Okay, the contest!

      Felakverse Finrod: #4 is so, so close. Ai, it burns, precious! But my Finrod actually looks more to Nolofinwe as a role model than his father, especially since he doesn't think of his father as a leader at all (having never lived under him as king).

      Pervy Finrod: Damn skippy! Pervy!Finrod has had his eye on Tarion's poor Maedhros muse for weeks now, wanting to impregnate him. It didn't help when Bobby posted an article about how pregnant male fish were found in the Potomac River right around here.... >;^)

      Carnistir: #6 is actually the total opposite! Carni is one of the few who can see past Rumil's mutilation to the beauty within. But since you're not that far in AMC and haven't read "Constellation," you wouldn't know this. :)

      (And no one has gotten Carnistir's yet! Wow!)

      So the contest is still open if you care to guess again! :)
  • Oh, I'm so sorry for myself I missed this.

    I think I may even have picked the right choice concerning Caranthir. I mean, of course that's quite easy to say now that I know the truth... ;-P

    I mean, #1 is clearly a lie. #2 was rather... noo. #3 is just the thing I could see your Caranthir do. I can totally see him thinking something along the lines 'Oh well, this might be creepy, but... eh, let's do it nonetheless. #4... well, I simply can't see him falling for Aredhel. And I know #6 to be false because I've read your stories. Hehe. So it would habe been #5, because I remember Taryinde from When the Stars Smile, I think, even though I can't remember you ever metioning they had children. Awwwwww. :-D
    • I can totally see him thinking something along the lines 'Oh well, this might be creepy, but... eh, let's do it nonetheless.

      That's pretty much my Caranthir! :^D

      I remember Taryinde from When the Stars Smile, I think, even though I can't remember you ever metioning they had children. Awwwwww. :-D

      I don't know that I've ever mentioned it anywhere before, so maybe this was a bit of cheating on my part. ;) But I hoped to reward those who remember Taryinde. Incidentally, I am working on a gift story for someone about their engagement.
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