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Medium Dawn Felagund of the Fountain

Readers' Choice Stories

The (Cyber) Bag of Weasels

bread and puppet

"About as much fun as a bag of weasels"...when I first saw this Irish adage, it made me think of the life of a writer: sometimes perilous, sometimes painful, certainly interesting. My paper journal has always been called "The Bag of Weasels." This is the Bag of Weasels' online home.

Readers' Choice Stories

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art lives
I will be launching my personal website in a few weeks. On it, I will be keeping all of my stories, even the really crappy ones, sorted by a variety of criteria. (Since there are so damned many of them.) One of the things that I would like to include is a list of stories recommended by people who have already read my work so that a new reader stumbling onto a list of thirty-plus stories would perhaps have a place to start. (And not necessarily end up with one of the really crappy ones right off the bat.)

So...I need your input!

If you have an opinion on which of my stories you like best (and you needn't have read all--or even most--of my stories to vote; that would require an award unto itself!), I'd appreciate your input in generating this list. Simply tell me your favorites, keeping it to three or fewer, please. I am keeping comments screened to keep people from being influenced by what others have chosen (because that is remarkably influential, believe it or not) and will not be replying to comments, since that unscreens them. Trust that I really, really appreciate any input folks are willing to give. If you want to know the results...well, they'll be up on the website soon enough. ;)

Anonymous comments (since I know that people read here who do not have LJ accounts) are more than welcome too.

And if you know you liked a story but can't remember what it was called, to save you from delving the depths of the "short story" tag, below the cut is a list of all of my stories in alphabetical order with links and brief summaries.

Another Man's Cage. The Feanorian novel of epic proportions. This story follows Feanor's young family through an ordinary year of life in Valinor, revealing some of the troubles and motivations that greatly influenced the Noldor later in their history. Maedhros/OFC, Maglor/OFC, Feanor/Nerdanel

Blasphemy. Nerdanel's misgiving about her young, obsessive husband lead her to new discoveries about faith, loyalty, and beauty. Nerdanel/Feanor

By the Light of Roses. More fondly called in the House of Felagund "Dawn's slash novella." This novella was built on the AU premise that Erestor was loyal to the House of Feanor prior to the Darkening of Valinor and explores what might have happened if he and Feanor had been lovers. Feanor/Erestor, Amras/OMC

Choices of Spirits, The. This story explores the AU pairing of Haleth and Caranthir and explores some of the issues inherent to a mortal/immortal relationship. Haleth/Caranthir

Constellation. An exploration of the special friendship between Caranthir and Rumil of Tirion, based on my Felakverse version of mute and mutilated Rumil.

Coveted, The. Caranthir's engagement to his wife and his feelings about the Silmarils. Caranthir/OFC

Discovering Love. Maglor discovers the truth of his brother Maedhros's relationship with Cousin Fingon and, with the help of his wife, has an important realization about the nature of love. Maedhros/Fingon

Droplets. A series of double-drabbles follow Elrond through his life, from the First to the Fourth Age. Elrond/Celebrian

Election Farce of Nargothrond, The. A satirical look at the politics and secret motives of the different residents of Nargothrond. Incomplete WiP.

Essecarme. At Curufin's naming ceremony, Feanor's not-so-noble motives threaten to fracture the family.

Estranged. After Feanor's exile to Formenos, Nerdanel chooses to leave him. Feanor/Nerdanel

Feanorian Chronicles: The World's Stupidest Silmarillion Play. Just as it sounds: a really stupid play about the Silmarillion, as it might be written and directed by Feanor. Incomplete WiP.

Feanor's Mistake. Fëanor gets lost in the woods and has a bit of a misunderstanding about the antics of his third son with Orome.

Forgotten Lore. A series of double-drabbles exploring the love, marriage, and estrangement of Feanor and Nerdanel. Feanor/Nerdanel

Gift, The. On the journey north to Araman, Celegorm considers the value of gifts given and received.

He Came Home. This story is a novella-in-progress and only one chapter has been posted so far as a "test drive." Set just after the Darkening of Valinor, this novella will explore the role that Earwen wife of Finarfin might have had in re-establishing peace among the strife-torn Noldor who remained in Aman. Finarfin/Earwen

Imperfect Gift, The. Feanor's fiftieth begetting day does not begin well, but it is made better by a special gift from his wife. Feanor/Nerdanel

In the Town Called Acceptance. Celegorm wants desperately to please his father but is realizing that he is drawn to a very different fate. But in the process of accepting himself, he discovers a new friendship with his brother Maglor.

Lament the Morning. On the night of Miriel's death, Finwe looks back upon their love, marriage, and the fateful birth of their son. Finwe/Miriel

Last Night of the World, The. On the fateful night that Gondolin fell, Glorfindel spends a special night with a lover. Glorfindel/OFC

Memories of Cuivienen. Maedhros ponders the nature of deeds and Light over the whole of his life based on his grandfather's telling of the myths of Cuivienen.

Mercy. At the death of Feanor's sons in Doriath, Celegorm understands the virtue--and price--of mercy.

Music of the Night, The. Elladan is troubled and awkward in romance, but he receives help from the most unlikely of sources. Elladan/OFC

One Last Wish. Feanor visits his estranged wife Nerdanel one final time before leaving for Middle-earth with a request that might change the fate of the Noldor.

Paper. A young Curufin caught in the midst of a difficult family learns the pleasure of escaping through fantasy.

Puppet, The. A private moment between Fingolfin and Lalwen on the night that Feanor reveals the Silmarils.

Red Leaves. A Third Age story and a Legolas one at that! This story explores an OFC romance and what each character learns about responsibility and identity. Yet another example of Dawn taking a request for pr0n and trying to make it profound. Legolas/OFC

Reflections of Curufinwe. A drabble series exploring the likeness and relationships between Feanor, Curufin, and Celebrimbor and how each of their fates were shaped by it.

Return to Me. Called to assist at the re-embodiment of his son Finrod, Finarfin is forced to contemplate his dual--and often conflicting--roles as a father and king.

Salt. The life of Caranthir and how his relationship with his mother, the sea, and his strange emotions changed the history of Arda.

Slaying Spiders. A sillyficlet written for nienna_weeper, featuring Erestor in the bathtub and Glorfindel in the role of the hero. Erestor/Glorfindel

Song and a Story, A. A young Elrond and Elros learn of their foster-father's terrible secret: the desertion of Elured and Elurin at Doriath.

Sons of the King. Three vignettes look at how the three sons of Finwe perceived their father and their duties following his murder.

Statues. After the Kinslaying at Alqualonde, Nerdanel uses her artistic gifts to ease her grief and make reparations to the Teleri.

Symphony for My Father, A. Maglor attempts to write a song for his father and remembers his awkward and sometimes difficult relationship.

Tales Unheard. Cast from Nargothrond as a traitor, Celegorm returns to Himring to cope with his guilt and his shame. Celegorm/OFC

Tapestries, The. From the Halls of Mandos, Feanor reflects on choices--and mistakes--made after the Darkening of Valinor.

To Dream of Fire. Recently wed, Feanor struggles with a strange fantasy that has haunted him all of his life. Feanor/Arien

When the Stars Smile. A romantic comedy about an awkward adolescent Caranthir falling in love for the first time and finding true love in the most unexpected of places. Caranthir/OFC
  • Are you posting your stories online in a password-protected/ members-only area?
    • I'm only posting my fanfic stories on my website unless I sell first rights to a short story; even then, it would be doubtful. :)
  • I bookmarked this link 'cause obviously: I am behind on reading your material. Shame on me. I would say.. all of them. They will mirrror a showcase of stories, maybe also development in writing and such. It never hurts to show a possible vistor how multi-talented you are.
    • I am going to post them all, but I am going to post lists too of "favorites" so that new visitors might find a place to begin. I am going to have an author's choice, readers' choice, and stories nominated for awards.

      So...do you have any favorites you'd like to suggest for readers' choice? :)
  • Arrrgh! looking at this list makes me realize that there are MANY of your fics that I haven't read and, with Teh Busy Bitch that RL has been of late, there are others that I haven;t had the chance to savour as well... How can this be? *wails*
    • I think that you've read more of my stories than just about anyone, though! :)

      To be fair, it is something like 36 stories. Anyone who read them all would deserve a medal.

      In the meantime, may I beseech you to tell me your three favorites? *big cheesy grin*
  • Hi Dawn, looks like you've got quite an extensive list here. Most awesome. I'm looking forward to reading them - I might not even wait for my train ride, since I seem to have fallen ill. :P

    I'm not seeing "The Tapestries" here, however - has it been re-titled, or can I find it somewhere else?
    • Hi, Klose!

      "The Tapestries" isn't here because it was my most recently posted and I forgot to add it to the list. Doh! I've added it; the chapters are tagged here.

      I hope that you find something to your liking! And feel better ... *sends chickenless noodle soup and warm, squishy Elves along with crazy "Tapestry" story*
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