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Medium Dawn Felagund of the Fountain

Happy Birthday, Jenni!

The (Cyber) Bag of Weasels

bread and puppet

"About as much fun as a bag of weasels"...when I first saw this Irish adage, it made me think of the life of a writer: sometimes perilous, sometimes painful, certainly interesting. My paper journal has always been called "The Bag of Weasels." This is the Bag of Weasels' online home.

Happy Birthday, Jenni!

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Before saying anything else...

Happy Birthday, digdigil!

May your day be as wonderful as you deserve! I am thankful everyday to have a friend who makes me smile and laugh almost every day, listens patiently to my griping, and has been so wonderful and supportive as a beta, reviewer, and friend in helping me to grow as an author.

Thank you and enjoy your birthday!

In other news, the storm has pretty much passed here. It is still lightly raining, but the wind has died down, and we have escaped mostly unscathed. Last night, coming home from the movies, the road leading to our community was flooded, and we were detoured, but that's been about the extent of it. We're lucky; Tropical Storms Floyd and Isabel proved a few years ago the damage that even these weakened storms can cause.

Funnily enough, Bobby got a letter in the mail yesterday from the American Association of Retired People (AARP), a group of over-fifties keen on lobbying for rights for older and retired people:

Congratulations, Robert Felagund, III! You are eligible for membership to AARP!

Ummm...yeah. My husband is...twenty-five?


I told him to join. AARP members get discounts on things, plus they are one of the biggest lobbies in Congress, particularly on issues relating to social security. Maybe he could be the internal voice of dissent and demand some recognition of the views of younger generations, who are paying into a system we will most likely never see because social security has been warped from its original intent of supplemental income to income. *ahem* Yeah. Not getting into that now....

Happy birthday, Jenni! I'm off to go swimming!
  • LOL!!! That is funny!!!

    Swimming?!?! Wtf?
    • Well...the swimming idea was thwarted.

      We bought a membership to the Columbia Association Swim Center. Next week, we have to take our swimming test (200 yds) for dive training, so we wanted to practice; plus, without skating and with hiking soon ending, I need my exercise.

      But the stoopid pool...was closed. WTF?? They're open on Saturdays but were closed this weekend.

      The good thing was that we found a really awesome natural foods store while we were down there and bought dehydrated raspberries, vegetarian "salmon," and other cool things. :^P
      • Tsk. It was like cold! And yes, I do mean "like cold", as opposed to "cold".

        Um...wtf is vegetarian salmon. That sounds wrong. No offense. Dehydrated raspberries sound promising though. Do they have dried wild blueberries? I've been searching for those.
        • I'm guessing that vegetarian salmon is probably made of vegetable protein, like most other vegetarian "meats." Vegetarian meats become decidely less "wrong" too when it's all that you can eat. :)

          I'll check on the blueberries too, next time we go. (Do they have to be wild? They'll at least be organic!) They had all sorts of dried fruits, but raspberries are my unequivocal favorites, so they caught my eye. Also, I'm conjuring a new candy for the holiday season that involves crunchy chocolate-covered dried raspberries. *drools*
          • I suppose. Veggie burgers and such don't bother me, but something about vegetarian "salmon" just sounds weird. ;)

            Do they have to be wild?

            In a word, yes. ;) I've seen dried regular blueberries, but never wild blueberries. Have you ever had the cereal Blueberry Morning? Those are the blueberries I keep trying to find. They are soooo good. I wish Blueberry Morning would have an Oops! All Berries! cereal with just those wild blueberries.

            Also, I'm conjuring a new candy for the holiday season that involves crunchy chocolate-covered dried raspberries. *drools*

            • Well, I'll keep a lookout for dried wild blueberries in the natural foods stores and let you know! If they have them, that would be the place to find them. :)
              • And if they do, I'll have to fly over and buy some! ;)

                *making muses do Six Things Meme, so have stolen their LJ name temporarily for my use*
    • Just let me know when to meet you at BWI.... ;)

      We can go to Trader Joe's or David's Market or any of the idealist tree-hugging hippie stores that Bobby and I frequent. Oh, there is a produce market in Columbia that I will check out for you too.

      Don't let Meryth know that the muses are allowed to actually log on. He is allowed to 1) log on to Deepest Sender or 2) log in at the comments screen. Otherwise, I go to read my flist or answer a comment and get his stupid stuff instead.
      • Don't worry, I won't tell him. However, I do recall that Alina also tagged Meryth for this meme....>:)
    • PS--I am thinking of giving the "Ask My Characters a Question" meme that went around last August a new go. What do you think? :^D
      • Do it!!! I might do it too, then.
      • First question:

        Finrod, how is it even possible for you to get Maedhros pregnant? And how much in childcare benefits do I get from you?
        • Finrod: Since you are now bugging your muse to bug my little buddy Meryth on your behalf, I will answer your question.

          I can impregnate Maedhros because I am that much of a man. I have super-sperm. There. Aren't you glad you know that?

          Dawn: *bleaches brain*
          • *Is totally not above using muses to pester others*

            I can impregnate Maedhros because I am that much of a man. I have super-sperm. There. Aren't you glad you know that?

            O.o My bullshit alarm is going off. You wish you were that much of a man.

            Dawn: *bleaches brain*

            Yes. *owwww*
  • Happy Birthday!
  • *&^#! I forgot to wish Jenni happy birthday! *headdesk* Happy birthday, Jenni!

    The bit about Bobby and the AARP is precious. Are you sure they meant him? :D

    We don't get tropical storms where I live, thankfully. We're too far north. A few years back my family lived in the Bahamas for three years. The year before we got there, there was a hurricane. The year after we left, there was a hurricane. We were lucky, I guess (although being inside a hurricane might be an experience).
    • Bobby is a "third" so at first I thought the AARP notice may have been intended for his dad--in his low 50s--or even his grandfather, who is deceased. But it clearly states "Robert Felagund, III." So they definitely meant him!

      I've never been part of an all-out hurricane before either. I believe that our two most recent (and bad) tropical storms--Floyd and Isabel--were *close* to hurricanes, but that's all that I can say I've witnessed. It was pretty wild; the trees were bending like they were made of rubber. But it's so destructive....

      You must be lucky. :) We might be able to use you over here, if a hurricane ever threatens to come up the bay!

      (And I am officially jealous: getting to live in the Bahamas for three years! *tsk tsk*)
    • Thank you, aramel, for your birthday wishes!
  • **snicker**

    I started getting the AARP stuff a year ago. And it made me damn mad. And, I AM eligible. BLEAH. **sniff**
    • My dad got AARP stuff before he was eligible and called them and raised hell.... :^P

      He is a member now, but he is also 63!

      And eligible or not, you have far too much vitality to ever make me think "Nienna = old." Besides, 50 is the new 30, they say. ;)

      (I guess that makes me like...10? o.O)
  • Thank you for the b'day wishes! And I got your story! I will send you an e-mail tomorrow--I'm a little overwhelmed right now! Need I say I'm blown away by the story--but more tomorrow. I don't know how I can thank you.

    LOL! Robert FELAGUND???
    • You know, I think that that icon is thanks enough. That cracked me up!

      I'm glad that you got it; I figured you were busy this weekend and doubted you'd even have time for computering, but you know me: I had to send it on the day!

      But you're so very welcome. :)

      I hope that your weekend was nice too! *big hugs*
      • LOL! I got your e-mail reply to mine to thank you for the story The Tapestries and I accidentally deleted it again!!! I wish I would stop doing that!

        So, to reply to your reply, I just want to say that I really do think you are a very talented writer with a unique gift. And I'm sure other people have told you that too. I just know that some day I'll be purchasing one of your books at the store and I'll be telling everyone around me, "I KNOW her!!!" LOL!
        • Shit! That was supposed to be from
          [Error: Irreparable invalid markup ('<i<me</i>') in entry. Owner must fix manually. Raw contents below.]

          Shit! That was supposed to be from <i<ME</i>, not Talbie!!! I'm still logged in as him! *red-face*
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