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Medium Dawn Felagund of the Fountain


The (Cyber) Bag of Weasels

bread and puppet

"About as much fun as a bag of weasels"...when I first saw this Irish adage, it made me think of the life of a writer: sometimes perilous, sometimes painful, certainly interesting. My paper journal has always been called "The Bag of Weasels." This is the Bag of Weasels' online home.


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art lives
I haven't exactly been writers-blocked lately, but I have been extremely unmotivated where writing is concerned. This past weekend, though, we went to the sea, and as usual, I asked Ulmo and received the inspiration to continue.

Right now, I have a good dozen projects either in the works--meaning physically tangible files and scribblings--or in my mind, waiting to be brought into the works. I am not and have never been an author who prefers to keep a lot of works in progress. Alas, trying to write fanfic and original fiction at the same time, stories for other people and stories for myself, makes it pretty much inevitable.

So I have made for myself a bit of a schedule. It is certainly not rigid, and I will go where the inspiration takes me, but it helps my put-in-sideways brain to see my creative projects put in some sort of order.

  • Finish fanfic projects, namely:

    • "The Tapestries," for Jenni's birthday. It is close to being done, I just need to draw it to its conclusion. It's probably my strangest story to date, so I will need lots of time for revision and contemplation and will probably begin posting it in November, weekly, as I am currently doing with BtLoR and AMC. (Jenni, of course, will get a copy of it on her birthday.) It should be a long multi-chapter short story or a short novella; only the time (and muses) will tell.

    • The currently untitled story for Kasiopea about Caranthir's engagement to my Felak!verse OFC Taryindë. It is several pages underway and put temporarily on hold to make way for the Fëanor-inspired "The Tapestries."

    • I owe many gift stories to many people. I have plotbunny eggs from sinneahtes and apoggiato that need to hatch into full-fledged plotbunnies. There were other birthdays that I missed or people to whom I would like to give stories but don't know their birthdays. You all can probably suspect who you are. I haven't forgotten you.

And that concludes the most-pressing of my fanfic projects. As far as orginal stories go....
  • Finish "The Lanternkeeper," my original fantasy short story, post, and prepare for revision. Perhaps connive some poor soul into doing a beta of it.

  • Finish revision of "Cold Hands," which was kindly beta'ed by Jenni, but we all know how much Dawn loves revision (especially since deciding to rewrite the beginning of the story...).

  • Begin horror stories for the month of October.

October is to be a special month. More on that in a moment, but I view it as sort of a pre-NaNoWriMo, a self-imposed challenge to get some of these ideas out of my head and onto paper. October is reserved for original fiction, though we all know that fanfic could creep in at any time. The October challenge is original-fic-based; currently, I have three ideas, with one outlined on paper.

November is the infamous NaNoWriMo (National Novel-Writing Month). Anyone who has ever cursed my name and my extraordinary productivity probably can imagine that 50K words in a month is not much of a challenge for me. I did it last year in two weeks, so I will not be participating in NaNoWriMo in any official capacity this year. I will, however, be doing it in the sense of using the opportunity to focus on finishing my original fantasy novel, still untitled, that I began last year for NaNoWriMo. I haven't decided if I am going to simply challenge myself to add 50K words to it, have a weekly word count challenge that is a little more...well, challenging, or something else.

After November, it's anyone's guess what I'll be doing. Probably a lot of revision. Or maybe beginning/continuing one of the Chronically Neglected Projects.

Chronically Neglected Projects
  • "He Came Home." I don't know why I neglect this. This is one of my favorite stories, the novella from Earwen's PoV about the darkening of Valinor. It's just one of those easy projects to set aside in favor of other more pressing concerns.

  • The Fëanor/Nerdanel novel. Also known as the prequel to AMC, this is actually completely outlined in my writing journal, and I have entire scenes written in my head. I just need to do it. If I wasn't so eager to finish my original novel, I would consider working on this for NaNoWriMo, but my Midhavens novel has turned into one of those easy-to-neglect projects, and that's not what I want, to have my most ambitious original project languish unfinished. *sigh*

  • "The Election Farce of Nargothrond." If fanged_geranium is still around, she will be pleased to know that this satire is something that I hope to finish. Hopefully by the next election farce *ahem* Presidential election.

  • "The Tree of Hours." Based off of my short story of the same name, Bobby and I have been talking about cowriting a novel for about a year now, and we finally decided a few weeks ago to expand "The Tree of Hours" to novel length. We each need to outline our ideas, then collaborate to come up with a master outline, figure out who will write which bit, and actually write the thing. This will be my first cowritten project, so it should be interesting and fun.

Now there are two projects I am undertaking that have components of audience participation.

First, there is the October horror challenge. As I said earlier, this is my pre-NaNo attempt to focus and actually produce something. Because I have given up literary fiction for the baser goal of writing speculative fiction (/sarcasm)--particularly horror and fantasy--and October is a month-long celebration of Halloween for Bobby and me, then my October challenge is to write and finish four short horror stories to be posted on each of the four Fridays that month. (These will be posted under f-lock, of course, so if there's anyone lurking out there who actually wants to read my original stuff, please let me know so that I can add you.) But I would like to invite anyone else who is interested in scary stories to join me in this, to write and share a story for Halloween. Bobby's already a taker (though he takes after his tight-lipped wife and won't give me a clue what his story is about). I have three of my four stories planned in some sense--one actually outlined on paper--and hope to begin them just as soon as my fanfic obligations are out of the way.

Now because I will be spending over two months doing mostly original work, I recognize that my Silmarillion muses will probably start nibbling. The muses that bite are rarely the ones that I want, so I am resigned to this. There have been a few drabble projects on which I have wanted to work that tend to get swept under the rug of my more-ambitious fiction. The first (and second) of these are drabble "tours" of Beleriand and Numenor. There was a long-ago challenge at silwritersguild pertaining to setting and a current challenge pertaining to "The Akallabeth," and these challenges have helped inspire this idea.

The third drabble project is the one for which I would like some input. It is tentatively called the "Maglor's Fates Drabble Series" because it is a set of drabble series about the various fates we writers ponder and create for Maglor. Stories pertaining to Maglor's fate seem among the most prolific in our fandom, and while I have my own Felak!verse idea that will conclude the AMC series of stories, I find the different theories and stories floating around out there to be fascinating.

So what I would like to know: What is your personal vision of Maglor's fate? I need ideas for my drabble series, so if you don't mind me using your idea (with credit, of course), I'd love to hear it. It can be as bizarre or banal as you'd like, ocurring in Tolkien's history, world history, or modern times. I already have several series finished and more in the works, but I'd love to have more minds than just mine pondering this one.
  • What is your personal vision of Maglor's fate?

    Well, it's not really my personal vision as it's shared by/ stolen from dozens of others, but I really, really like the idea of him living on and through all the ages of history (don't tell me about fading! A son of Fëanor doesn't fade! ;)), simply because it's way too much fun to imagine him witnessing all the changes and developments in human history. I'm kind of going with the "died in the trenches of WWI" twist, though. Potentially including a chance meeting with Tolkien before dying, though. There was an insanely beautiful story by Ithilwen dealing with that...

    *stops rambling now*
    • The way that I currently have the series set up is that I am going to follow various ideas of Maglor's fates through time, if that makes any sense. So those that deal with First Age--I had a drabble series a while back, I think, that had him die of grief on the shore--will be first through to the modern times. I actually have a kinda sorta self-insert where Maglor meets an unnamed woman. (Me?) That's the last one in the series so far, though I plan on taking requests after it's posted too, so it'll probably just be easiest to tack those onto the end rather than wrangling with archives.

      Anyway. Now who's rambling? :^D

      I love the idea of Maglor in one of the World Wars, and I've seen this a couple of different places. (One of the other things I would like to do is represent the most common "fanon" ideas too.) Plus, I think that this would tie nicely into his views on war and kinslaying, so I will use this idea (with credit to you) if you do not mind. :)

      I think some of the proliferation of "Maglor in history" stories comes because there was a fairly popular HASA challenge called "Maglor in History" back in the day. When I first got into Silmfic, I remember reading a massive amount of those stories!
  • Huh. You're the third of my writer friends I know to put him- or herself on a schedule. And only one is doing it because he has any professional deadlines to meet. Meanwhile, I just putter along, happily writing as bits of story come to me.

    I have to say that I haven't given Maglor's fate as much Serious Pondering as many others have, or even as much as one might possibly expect from a fellow musician. I think that the closest I ever came was mentioning that Elrond, at the time of his wedding, had no idea what had become of Maglor, and that was one of many things making him very angry at the time. Things in the Pony!verse tend to crop up as they are needed (another couple of rooms in the palace at Tirion have poofed into existence since last the Pony!verse turned its eye there), and I haven't really needed to ponder Maglor's ultimate fate beyond "Elrond is angry about it."

    I guess part of it is that I'm uncertain about exactly where we last see him. It's some time shortly after the War of Wrath, I think, and it's got to be on a sea coast, since he pitches the Silmaril into the ocean, but I don't remember knowing exactly which sea coast he was on. Do you know? That might help me come up with a fate for him.
    • Yep, I reach a point where I need a schedule. Otherwise, I feel overwhelmed and get nothing done. It helps me to see my projects and ideas in some tangible form so that it doesn't feel like so much.

      Also, I really want to start working on some original stuff, and it's very easy to get continually roped into fanfic project after fanfic project. So I'm hoping to take a break from that for a couple of months at least.

      I don't remember knowing exactly which sea coast he was on. Do you know?

      Hmm...no, I don't. I'm typing this at work, without my books, so I don't know if it is in The Silmarillion or not. I've always guessed one of the coasts in Beleriand simply because my personal vision is that he chucked it at the first available ocean. Not that that narrows it down much or is even based in canon at all, but it's just how I see it.
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    • (no subject) - frenchpony - Expand
  • AHHHHH! You said "NaNoWriMo"!! And I'll tell everyone now, NO. Absolutely not! I won't do it! :P

    Actually, I considered/am considering making a revised NaNo goal the opposite of yours, i.e. some number of words that is more manageable for me. Can't they make NaNoWriMo some other month? November is the end of term for everyone, I have to do projects that actually matter!! Anyway, I'm thinking maybe 15,000 words for the month. Depends on what the foreseeable future holds project/exam-wise. Besides, even 15,000 words is way more than I've done!

    I have entire scenes written in my head.

    I don't know how you do this. I mean, sure I do it too, but I can't actually remember the scenes when I go to write them down! And usually I had some exactly perfect phrase that I can't remember for the life of me...:(

    I haven't really tried my hand at horror. Have you read Red Ink by Erestor? I found it really creepy.

    Re: Maglor's fate.
    I haven't decided. I have a few different ideas floating around in my head, most of them contingent on some other aspect and not an either/or. Part of me likes to think he eventually died or made it back to Aman, and part of me likes to think he's still around. I read another story, (Gohen, by Orchyd Constyne - you have to scroll), but one of the things that was incorporated into the story was that Maglor (and Erestor) survive, and that any west-bound ship he boards sinks (most notably, the Titanic). I thought that was a really cool interpretation, and if I adopt a Maglor lives! theory, that might have to be part of it. (Sure, I've thought about it before, but never in the context of west-bound ship!)

    I also have all these annoying little ideas that stem from other movies I watch, for example, Phantom of the Opera. It isn't, amazingly, something I've given much thought to...(wild AU's aside).

    Side note: Hey, Finrod, did you notice the length of my comments lately? :P

    If I think of something else, I'll add another comment.
    • Can't they make NaNoWriMo some other month?

      Heh. I was thinking that last year. November (actually October) is the start of holiday candy season for me, so I had myself on a schedule of writing by day and making candy by night. And once I start back to school, NaNo will likely be right out. (Unless I can do it entirely at work, which I probably can, but do I really want to?)

      For me, I have the honor of having "won" NaNo already, so November represents more for me the opportunity to challenge myself according to...well, what is challenging for me! So let's do pseudo-NaNo! We'll make our own icons and awards! :^D

      I don't know how you do this. I mean, sure I do it too, but I can't actually remember the scenes when I go to write them down! And usually I had some exactly perfect phrase that I can't remember for the life of me...:(

      I have a strange brain. That's how I can do it. :^P And I rehearse the scenes I want to use many, many times before they're actually written, so that helps to remember. It's more like watching a movie with narration over top. Though I have learned that if I leave a project for a few years, the scenes I have not written generally disappear. I have stories that I've started that I can't remember how I wanted to end. (No loss, as most were not that good or exciting to begin with.)

      I haven't really tried my hand at horror. Have you read Red Ink by Erestor? I found it really creepy.

      No, I haven't, but I will! Thanks! :)

      The horror genre was my first love as a reader and writer. I devoured books by Stephen King and Dean Koontz when I was in middle school and have moved on since to more experimental stuff, mostly short stories. I like the genre because fear is such a personal thing for most people, so it's often a matter of exploring what makes us afraid of what we fear, then using those roots in writing. And I've since added fantasy to the mix since "Oh Yay Elves and Knights Are Cool." :^P

      Re: Maglor's fate

      I like the idea of the Titanic! I'll check out that story too. (My, my reading list grows!) I don't know if you saw the conversation on SWG where Jillian suggested that the ships that disappear in the Bermuda Triangle have actually found the Straight Way and are bound for Valinor. I used that idea, of having Maglor on a cruise ship in the Caribbean, hoping to find the Straight Way and being thwarted in a rather unfortunate (though hopefully funny) way.

      Finrod: I've tried to find the Straight Way many times myself, but damn, Maedhros's ass--

      Dawn: *claps hand over Fin's mouth* I am so sorry about that.

      Side note: Hey, Finrod, did you notice the length of my comments lately? :P

      Finrod: Mmmph mmmmmph mmmph mmph.

      Dawn: *removes hand*

      Finrod: I sure did, baby. *wink wink* Give Maedhros a pat on the bum for me.

      Dawn: *puts hand back over Finrod's mouth* Does this ever end??
  • You have a schedule? I envy you. I set myself a goal of 1000 words per day once, but now I find that it's not a matter of words but of continuity. I just can't speak in detail about three or four days and then skip about twenty years. *headdesk* And I have an OFC who used to be the PoV character, but now there are canon characters taking some of the PoVs, and... argh. The thing is that every time I write a few chapters, the beginning doesn't fit the style of the end, and so I rewrite the beginning, but then the end looks terrible, so I rewrite the end, and so it goes. I've currently written 30000 words. Over the space of a year. Argh.

    About Maglor's fate... I haven't thought about it. I wanted to have him wandering around a modern city (mine, for preference) and playing a harmonica on some street corner (because he doesn't dare to sing. He's too good at singing) but that's just so depressing.
    • You're still settling into your style, I think. It took me a long time (and I know that I'm not even there yet), and I recognize from experience the feeling of reading the beginning, hating it, changing it, then reading the end, hating it, changing it....

      I always try to think of it positively: It means that I'm improving as a writer. Even AMC--my pride and joy--I look at now and cringe in places. And that one is only two years old.

      As for PoV characters, I know all about starting in one PoV and then having the rest of the gang trying to elbow in.... ;)

      I wanted to have him wandering around a modern city (mine, for preference) and playing a harmonica on some street corner (because he doesn't dare to sing.

      I'm planning one of the sections to be Maglor in Ocean City, where there are a lot of street performers. I have a mixture of sad and funny drabbles in mind for that one.
  • You are one ambitious woman! Good luck with all that writing. Yey for NaNo... *does the novelling dance* The nanowrimo community is already starting to prepare for November, and I for one am really excited. No clue what I'll be writing about, though. :-)

    As for the ultimate fate of Maglor, in my one and only attempt at the sestina form I wrote about Maedhros talking to Maglor just before his suicide, kind of giving him instructions on what he ought to do in live. The idea is in a strange way both close to canon and AU -- Maglor spends the rest of his life on the shores, as the Silm relates, trying through his music (i.e. creation of something good) to absolve their entire family of the guilt brought on them by their evil actions in life. The AU part, however, is that the fëar of Maedhros and the rest of the brothers will actually depart Mandos unhoused to stay with Maglor, so he'll never be alone. I love that idea, plausible or not. ♥

    Anyway. Probably not what you were looking for, but that's my own view of how Maglor ends up. :-)
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    • Thank you! :) I should be fine; it's my normal level of productivity, I'm just hoping to direct it in the proper directions. *glances at muses*

      And NaNoWriMo...I think you've proven already what NaNo is all about: you've finished a novel--several actually--so meeting that specific set of context requirements I personally think is less important than that. :)
  • Oh schedules!!! I wish I could write according to a schedule :-/ It is not that I don't have the discipline, but those around me give me hardly the time to write, no matter what schedule there is. So I will be terribly late (I haven't written anything for weeks now) for Jenni's birthday since this bunny will take chapters. *sighs*

    I am contemplating to do the Nano to either work on my huge as Haldir bunny or start to work out the seperate vignette bunnies of Maglor and make one story of it (the outline everything is ready to go)... But then it will be a very busy time for the MEFA's for me, with the fanart season ending...

    Oh yes, you had a question:

    So what I would like to know: What is your personal vision of Maglor's fate? I need ideas for my drabble series, so if you don't mind me using your idea (with credit, of course), I'd love to hear it

    I have my own Rhapsy!verse one, but since I am already writing it, I rather keep it to myself. I once shared it a bit with one of my beta's and she knows a bit what will happen. For the rest, I have learnt the hard way not to talk about bunnies or idea with others, so I quit doing that, because some did use well thought out ideas without any credit which really hurt. So all I can say: patience.

    I kinda did write a verse of his fate for a birthday story for Minu end of July named the Inner Light , some Feanorians are in there, so you might check it out, if you have time. I haven't posted it to the Silmarillion's Writers Group since it technically takes place in the 4th Age. Then there is a A Mother's Wish or A Bard's fate or A grim fate or On the Shores of Redemption.... and of course there is Letters in the Sand all different insights in bits and pieces..
    • I can only write with a schedule because I don't have a lot of distractions, so I sympathize! Most of the time, I'm essentially alone here for eight hours each day, so writing keeps me sane. :^P

      But then it will be a very busy time for the MEFA's for me, with the fanart season ending...

      Yes, Tarion and I agree that NaNo could be timed better! For me, it is right smack in the middle of the holiday candy season.

      I have my own Rhapsy!verse one, but since I am already writing it, I rather keep it to myself.

      That's understandable. :) I actually have a Felak!verse version also that is top-secret, that no one knows, and I am not sharing that in this series either. And I am a bit astounded that someone would have the audacity to use another writer's idea without permission, knowing especially that the author was working on her own story based around it. That takes some nerve! I've had people want to use ideas from AMC--which is already written, posted, attributed to me--and come on hands and knees, practically, to ask. Naturally, I do not mind. But it would be a different thing entirely to steal an idea without asking and that hasn't been written yet.

      Really, I shouldn't be surprised at dishonest behavior from people, especially online....

      And thank you for the links! I will check them all out. :)
  • Hi! Wow! What a schedule! Now I don't feel so bad about having lots of WIPs. But I do feel bad that I posted all of them. No more of that! It's too confusing for people reading and it's too pressure-filled for the author.

    Now, for Maglor's fate: I, like oloriel tend to think that he's still around somewhere. And I wrote it that way in the epilogue of "Let the Songbird Sing", my Maglor/Daeron fic. I just like the idea that out of all the tragedies in The Silmarillion, one person survived, damaged, probably, but maybe he has gone through the process of healing and has found happiness. I like to think so, anyway.
    • I could not agree more: With few exceptions, I do not post WiPs. I posted AMC before it was finished because I had about 200K words, enough for readers to chew over for a while. And I posted the teaser of "He Came Home." So far as I can remember, those were the only instances.

      Oh, and "Election"....

      I once heard someone remark too about the "vast graveyard of unfinished Silmfic." I worry about that too, that I'll lose interest in a story and never finish it, and I always hated being a reader of such stories. That's why I started having posting days, actually, and several people have remarked about AMC that they like knowing that it's finished when they start reading it so that they know they will not be left hanging halfway through.

      (This might be stupid, but I worry too about dying in the middle of a story and Bobby not finishing posting it.... *rolls eyes at self*)

      Regarding Maglor, I think that I am going to do a series where he meets Daeron. It's a fairly popular idea, and I really like it too, the idea that he finds happiness. :)
  • That's quite a schedule you've got there. When are you ever going to find any time for other things, like eating or sleeping? ;-) (Not that Silm fans are going to complain, mind you! The more you write, the better.)
    • Eating and--what? ;)

      Actually, this is close to my normal writing schedule. It helps sitting in the office each day with not much to do for six or seven hours. I get a lot of writing done. ;)
  • So what I would like to know: What is your personal vision of Maglor's fate?

    I don't have an exact idea, but in my everlasting WIP Place beyond Time I have him hanging around in (surprise!) Italy. The story was actually supposed to contain only one chapter taking place in a monastery near Siena. Then it decided it also wanted to have a chapter in Rome and an interlude somewhere on the coast of Lazio. The story melancholic though not really depressing and has next to no plot. Wait, makes that no plot at all. Moreover it's utterly unfinished. I really need to start writing again.
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