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Medium Dawn Felagund of the Fountain

My Hips Don't Lie....

The (Cyber) Bag of Weasels

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"About as much fun as a bag of weasels"...when I first saw this Irish adage, it made me think of the life of a writer: sometimes perilous, sometimes painful, certainly interesting. My paper journal has always been called "The Bag of Weasels." This is the Bag of Weasels' online home.

My Hips Don't Lie....

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geek charisma
Remember a few months back when I hurt my hip doing Eru-only-knows-what? Well, through a combination of various innocuous activities, I hurt it again to where I could not walk this morning and was literally dragging my right leg behind me, pulling myself out of my room by the doorframe.

Of course, being physically resilient--if unusually good at hurting myself--it barely hurts tonight, and I walked down to the pool and splashed around in the shallow end with Bobby. I really wanted to swim but figured it best not to push it. Dive training is only twenty days away! *squee*

This weekend, I made a sort of a pledge to take it easy. Well, as easy as it gets for me. On Friday, Bobby and I tried a new Mexican restaurant and went to the movies. On Saturday, I met my adopted sister and online/offline friend Tammy (1lady_so_divine) for lunch. We've known each other for two years now, since both of our husbands were once seriously into tabletop battle games. Most of you know that I am a painter, and Tammy was also a casual gamer/painter. It was a natural defense that we stuck together, often the only two women in a store of twenty males of dismally low maturity. She was just pregnant with her daughter when we met and her son Jesse--who will forevermore be my example for wee!Finarfin--was about fifteen months old. Since she needed her driver's license, I helped her with that, and we've been friends ever since.

We used to live about forty minutes apart, then I moved thirty minutes south, and she moved thirty minutes north, and so we don't see each other too much anymore. Our husbands aren't into gaming like they once were, and I have no reason to paint in the store when I have my daylight lamp and supplies right at home. So Saturday was a treat. We always meet at Panera Bread; she brought her laptop and showed me pictures of the little ones painting. Jesse is three now, and I teased her that starting so early in painting, he is going to win the Golden Demon competition when he's still so young that the sword that is given for first prize will be taller than he is!

We walked down to the Games Workshop and knew not a single person in there, weird since we used to know everyone. And we drove to the candy supply store, since I will be teaching her my Nelyo's secrets so that she can go into business for herself after her next little one is born. Most of you know that I am not a "kid person," but Jesse and Chelsea are precious and beyond well-behaved. It's always a joy to see them, though they make me feel old since every time I see them, they have grown so much and are speaking more and *that* much closer to being little adults.

Sunday was a family thing; my dad likes to make Thanksgiving dinner one day every summer, and that was this weekend. The inlaws were there and Bobby and me, of course. We had a good time. It was relaxing, and so finally, that harried "OMG I NEED MORE TIME!" feeling was finally gone.

Today, I limped my way into Arundel Mills Mall on my lunchbreak to buy some white, black, and three shade of brown paint at Games Workshop for the Meryth and Talban models that I am making for Jenni. May I say that entering a GW--even after being involved with the hobby in some sense for more than two years now--is still scary. It's best to enter with a male; then, I'll be left alone since GW is one of those places where it is assumed that women are just there as tagalongs. We used to joke that one could not enter a GW without being accosted by an overzealous nerd with a vein popping from too high of excitement-induced blood pressure, shouting, "Hey, buddy! Do you play? What army? WFB, 40K, LotR?!?!" Indeed, some scary people are employed there, but the guy who helped me was quite nice, though he did feel the need to explain the paints to me even after I told him that I've been painting for years. But then, not many females enter those stores, so I really can't blame him.

Now, it's off to bed and hoping that I don't hurt my stupid hip sleeping again, like I did last night, because I'd really like to be able to walk without wanting to throw up from the pain tomorrow morning. Is that too much to ask?
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    • Hehe, yes! Although, I think that the beginning of the end for me last week was my skating class, when I decided to grab my knee and wrench my leg up over my head. Yeah, I hope I'm still doing that when I'm old enough to have hip problems! :^D
  • *sigh* I'm a total klutz, so I sympathize with your random injuries.

    A couple weekends ago, I was watching one of my favorite movies (Love Actually, and I *highly* recommend it!) with my boyfriend, and the phone rang. Being me, I sighed impatiently, paused the movie, and ran towards the dining room.

    Also being me, I slipped on the (wooden) floor (in my bare feet), and slammed my left little toe against a chair leg. That was... a week ago yesterday, and my toe still huts. Owie. I think I'm going to have to get it x-rayed if it keeps hurting like this.

    So I *completely* understand about random injuries.

    --Allie the Klutz
    • *carefully huggles Allie the Klutz*

      That sounds painful. Jamming toes is never fun. My problem is that I think that I am far too ambitious sometimes. I think was started my hip problem was last week's skating class, which focused on stretches and holds. Naturally the logical thing for the second-oldest skater (me) to do was to grab her knee and twist her leg over her head while skating. Hey, it looked cool. But I think that it twinged whatever I injured back in the spring, also doing something stupid ambitious at skating, most likely.

      Then playing with my friend's kiddies and hiking on Sunday didn't help it much.

      I hope that you didn't break your toe because I think that there's not much to do for it if you did. :^/ But get well soon and no more running on hardwood floors! :^D (And I'll also try to keep my leg pointing toward the ground--and not the ceiling--where it belongs!)
  • Ok...I officially feel like your mother...or something. Maybe you should take an aspirin. And some peppermint. ;P

    I don't think I've ever been nauseous from pain...at least not that I can remember. Compared to you, I'm pretty much un-injury-prone...;P Aside from running into things and getting cuts, scrapes, and bruises!
    • I thought about taking an ibuprofen, but I hate taking medicine, so I just limped around and winced. :^P

      I did, however, put Icy Hot on it, not that it helped much.

      I'm not sure that I'm accident-prone so much as over-ambitious. I forget sometimes that I'm not twelve years old anymore and my limbs don't naturally bend into strange positions! And I also tend to forget that I need to rest sometimes.

      But I can walk today, which is a good thing!
      • See, I have no problems with OTC meds! It's just meds that involve going to a doctor that I say, "Meh, I'll live!" to.

        Oh and, psst! We are currently drabbling, if you have time to pop in.
        • Oh! *pouts* I am grabbing a moment to post comments before dinner. I'll be gone again in ten minutes.

          *pouts more*
          • Maybe after? I'll be on for awhile yet, at least.
            • I suppose you've figured out that I didn't get on again after dinner....


              Bobby and I went to get snowballs and then I went straight to work painting. But I must drabble with you all soon. Must must must! :)
              • Yes yes yes!!! You'll have to add it into your schedule. My schedule is easy. Class. More Class. Put off homework. Think about doing homework, but decide to wait. Eat. Procrastinate. Sleep. Class. You get the idea. ;)
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  • Knees...hips....what AM I going to do with you? Sounds like it's time to see the bone-cracker to me...what do you think?

    Try some ice too, boo boo...

    Or just ignore me, trying to boss you around with all my medical know how.

    • *hugs back* Thank you! Luckily, no knee problems yet...one could say that I've been thoroughly warned. ;)

      I can walk again today, so that's a good thing. Actually, I was mostly healed by last night. I may be injury-prone and a bit daft when it comes to taking it easy, but at least I'm resilient!

      Sounds like it's time to see the bone-cracker to me...what do you think?

      • Aw, you be skeeered of chiropractors? There are some really good and gentle ones out there...

        • *purrs*

          I've actually never been. I think that I'd be more receptive to a chiropractor than an outright orthopedic person. I'd just rather heal myself.

          Of course, I am lecturing Bobby all the time now to get his aching neck looked at by a chiropractor. (But not too closely lest the pain in his neck be revealed to have its source in...me! :^P)
          • Aw, sweety...you could never be a pain in anyone's neck. **wubs you**

            The first time I went to a chiropractor I was very nervous. After, I was like, "OMIGOD, it's a miracle!" The pain went bye bye. Amazing stuff...

            Playing the piano & organ and working on the computer all the time gives me a royal pain in the neck. And back. And hips. And shoulders. And knees. And feet. And...
  • I sympathise with you. The day before yesterday, all I did was wake up, and my head hurt poundingly. It lasted for two whole days. Everytime I stood up a rush of blood went to my head, and I still don't know what it was I did. Except sleep.

    Today, I limped my way into Arundel Mills Mall

    That is a totally cool name for a mall. I mean, Arundel? I'd be looking around for a guy with a Silmaril tied to his head every other moment! :P
    • Awww...that sucks. :( I've had that happen too, though mine is usually caused by wearing my hair up for several days straight without reprieve, including to bed. I will wake up with my hair hurting my head from the weight. Owieee....

      That is a totally cool name for a mall. I mean, Arundel? I'd be looking around for a guy with a Silmaril tied to his head every other moment! :P

      Would you believe that I'd never thought of it that way? We have a county called Anne Arundel County; actually, as I type this at work, I am in Anne Arundel County!

      There is also a town called Arundel on the Bay, which is probably even more fitting. ;)

      (PS--Your icon = love!)
  • Aw sweetie, you gotta be careful-I have enough aches and pains for the both of us atm.

    • Ah, but you have the excuse of being very pregnant! I am just...overambitious. :^P

      Well, I have nothing to do this week but sit on my bum, then sit on my bum on the beach at the end of the week, so I should heal!
  • But then, not many females enter those stores, so I really can't blame him.

    I have this with comic shops. The once we used to buy our comics were thrilled to have a female customer who could easily sit down with them and chat about it for hours.

    Now, it's off to bed and hoping that I don't hurt my stupid hip sleeping again, like I did last night, because I'd really like to be able to walk without wanting to throw up from the pain tomorrow morning. Is that too much to ask?

    No it isn't. I tried to fit 48 hours in a day but my body said no to that. *sigh*

    Take it easy honey.
    Take it easy and listen to your body
    • The thing with Games Workshop is that it is not a female-friendly place at all. It is mostly horny and out-of-control adolescent boys playing games. In one afternoon, I had a 14-year-old try to untie my halter and a 20-year-old crawl under a painting table to try to look up my dress. Later, I told my friend Zach about it--he worked there at the time--and he said that he'd wished he'd known; he would have kicked their asses (Bobby said the same), but it's just the atmosphere. Nrgh.


      Thing is, I love the hobby, but too many take it waaaay too seriously, and they scare a person off.

      Though it was thrilling, back in my heyday, to be the only girl there with all of these guys who made this hobby their life...and I'd totally own them in every painting competition. It was my own sweet revenge. :)

      Take it easy honey.
      Take it easy and listen to your body

      And you do the same! You have a little one to care for too, whereas I just have me and Bobby and a couple of dozen muses. ;)

      I am doing much better, though. I woke up this morning and could actually walk. Without pain. Incredible! :) I may injure myself a lot, but at least I'm resilient!
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