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Medium Dawn Felagund of the Fountain


The (Cyber) Bag of Weasels

bread and puppet

"About as much fun as a bag of weasels"...when I first saw this Irish adage, it made me think of the life of a writer: sometimes perilous, sometimes painful, certainly interesting. My paper journal has always been called "The Bag of Weasels." This is the Bag of Weasels' online home.


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The other night, Bobby and I had a night of such profound failure that it wasn't even funny. Actually, it was. Well, after the fact, anyway.

A few months ago, Bobby caught wind that the band Nickelback was coming to Merriweather Post Pavillion, which is a fifteen-minute drive from our apartment. Bobby and I are not huge fans of most rock music to come out in the past few years, but we do like Nickelback a great deal, and so Bobby went ahead and purchased two lawn seats for us and put the date on the calendar.

All week, we looked forward to Thursday because Thursday was the date of the concert.

(I'll bet that some of you clever ones have caught on to what happened already. Nonetheless, this failure is too profound to pass up recording in the annals of my personal history.)

So Thursday we both arrived home, got our lawn blanket, and went for a quick supper at Taco Bell. We arrived at Merriweather about an hour before the show was to start. Oddly, we were the only ones there.

I pulled out the tickets. Yep. The concert was Wednesday and not Thursday at all.

Naturally, we were pretty pissed, so we drove back to the apartment, where Bobby checked the calendar and saw that, yes, we had written Wednesday on the calendar yet somehow convinced ourselves that the show was Thursday.


Being an optimist and not wanting to spend the night at home writing web code on the computer (which I have been needing a free evening to do for some time now), I suggested that we try not to make the evening a total bust. So we checked out what movies we might see. Bobby has wanted to see Pirates of the Caribbean again, so we looked through the list of showtimes on Fandango.com and found one that fit our schedule and planned to go see it.

We got into the car and were a few minutes down the road when we realized that neither of us remembered which of the three theaters we'd checked was showing the movie.

More failure!

So we turned around, went back to the apartment, and verified where we were going. We both agreed that we had failed on profound levels that night.

Incidentally, I guess the gods had enough of amusing themselves with our ability to turn simple dates and places into complete and utter failure and decided to cut us a break. When we got out of the theater, there was a pretty spectacular thunderstorm about to commence. We got home, parked, and were standing in the parking lot when we heard it coming: the roar of rain. Hard rain. Sheets of rain loud enough to hear from several yards away. We both looked at each other, blurted, "Oh shit, run!" and hightailed it for the doorway. We made it a few seconds before the drenching rain hit.

Finally. Success!
  • When Murphy's doing overtime, it's best to hide in under the bed!
    • Hee! I remain stubborn, though, and as soon as things go wrong, the harder I try to make them go right. :^P It worked out in the end too!
  • I sympathise, I had not so much a failure day as a disaster day on Thursday. But you got to see Pirates again! :)
    • Oh noes, Disaster Day.... :(

      But what does it say about us that we face utter disaster and ruin, shrug, and say, "Well, I got to see Pirates again?" :^D
  • Lol! Sorry, but I can't help laughing. This is the sort of stuff that happens to me on a regular basis... Well, OK, not on a regular basis, but I do have a tendency to mix up dates if I don't mark them down in visible places and in very colorful ways. And I tend to forget stuff like whether I locked the door when I left the house almost seconds after leaving the apartment.

    I feel sorry for you and Bobby, though. It's damn frustrating to have a day/week like that!
    • Please laugh! We are laughing now. :) As I told Bobby, it's in the past and can't be changed, it didn't end the world, and so we might as well be able to laugh about it!

      I hear you on the second-guessing yourself too. I wake up almost every night with a start, wondering, "Did I take my pill before going to bed?" And I've tried to condition myself out of it, but it doesn't seem to want to work. :^/

      (Good thing I didn't stick with clinical psychology then, eh?)

      But I read an interesting article in Psychology Today that says that such second-guessing can actually be worsened by giving in to the doubts and running to check, "Did I lock the door? Did I shut off the oven? Do I have my papers in my purse?" Since then, I've tried not to doubt and try to make a mental note when I do something, like, "Dawn, you are turning the deadbolt. That means that you do not have to check said deadbolt before going to bed." In other words, I try to be less blond. :^P It seems to be working, for me anyway.
  • There are those days when life just laughs at you. The only thing to do is laugh back.
  • LOL!!! I did the exact same thing! Only, it was a dentist appointment, so I wasn't too upset. (Except that I thought they were gonig to charge me $50 extra! Which they didn't. Thank goodness.)
    • Yes, I do not think that I would have minded missing a dentist's appointment! Ick! But if I had owed them fifty dollars anyway...well, you would've heard me hollerin' all the way in Texas! Felak does not take kindly to institutions that penalize people for being human and making mistakes. ;)
  • Sigh... reminds me of the time Kurt and I bought tickets online to see a Mariners game in Seattle. We printed off the tickets. We drove the hour and 1/2 to Seattle and found a sort of decent parking place. We walked the 3 blocks to Safeco Field. Then, "Do you have the tickets?" "No, didn't you put them in your purse?" "No." Horrified looks. AAAAAAAHHHHHHH. We left the tickets on the kitchen counter.
    • Oh noes! I am always so afraid of this happening. I tend to be the Keeper of the Tickets for that reason. (Control freak? Me?? Naaah....) It's worse that you drove so far to the game too. Luckily for us, Merriweather is a fifteen-minute drive. If we'd gone to DC or northern Virginia and discovered that we had the wrong day, I would have been a little more upset, I think!
  • Awww...you missed Nickelback! You like them? They're Canadian! Isn't it surprising how Canada turns out so many musicians when we are such a small country? (Small country, maybe, but musical!)

    When my Sis and I went to see Lady in the Water last Sunday, a thunderstorm occurred during the show and knocked the power out for about ten minutes. The screen went blank, all sound ceased and we could hear the thunder and lightning outside even though the theatre was inside a mall! But they resumed the film and I don't think we missed anything. It happened about halfway through it anyway.

    Yesterday a severe storm hit when I was driving home from work and I thought I was going to have to stop but somehow got through it. However, then the thunder and lightning came, the power went off for a minute and I was too scared to turn on the comp. I think that was the first day in about a year that my comp wasn't on all day!
    • Awww...you missed Nickelback! You like them? They're Canadian! Isn't it surprising how Canada turns out so many musicians when we are such a small country?

      I like Nickelback a lot! They're one of my favorite modern rock bands right now. I tend not to like the new rock music that's coming out. It takes so little talent; it's all three-chord (and power chords too, argh!) and the singers can't sing and the idea of using creativity or innovation or having a *gasp* guitar solo.... Well, anyway, I won't rant about that now. ;)

      I also like Barenaked Ladies, who are also Canadian. ;) I liked Alanis Morrisette's early stuff--I think she is Canadian too?--but nothing past her first alternative album.

      When my Sis and I went to see Lady in the Water last Sunday, a thunderstorm occurred during the show and knocked the power out for about ten minutes.

      Eek! We've twice been to the movies and had to leave the theater because someone pulled the fire alarm. The first time was a Regal Cinema, and they were sweet as pie to everyone who'd been displaced, offering us free passes whether we decided to stay or come back another time. The second time was the Muvico Egyptian theater at Arundel Mills; it is the busiest movie theater in the US supposedly, and the theater is beautiful, but their customer service sucks. We were in the middle of Monster when the screen went dark and the alarm started sounding, so we walked outside and milled around for a half-hour. It was like midnight in the middle of January, so it was cold! Then, when we went back in, they decided that they needed to see a ticket stub for everyone because, you know, some opportunists might have been hanging around on the off-chance that someone would pull the fire alarm in the middle of the night and they could sneak in to see a half-movie for free. Problem was, for me, that I keep all of my movie stubs in my wallet so that I can look back and laugh at the crap I was watching two, three years ago. I had stuck the one for Monster in the middle of the rest, and they made me go through about a hundred of them to find it, while the queue behind me got longer and longer and longer....

      Then they started the movie before everyone had returned to the theater.

      So going to Muvico is a last resort for us these days.

      However, then the thunder and lightning came, the power went off for a minute and I was too scared to turn on the comp. I think that was the first day in about a year that my comp wasn't on all day!

      Hehe, you're getting to be as bad as me! The only time my comp is off at all lately is when Bobby has a hockey game. The ice rink is about an hour away, and I don't like him driving home alone, tired, after drinking beer in the parking lot with his teammates. So I go with him and drive him home, but I take my computer and work on my writing while he's playing.

      Feanaro and I have a date at the ice rink tonight to work on a Certain Someone's birthday story.... ;)
  • Hehe. Don't you just looove days like that? :-P
    • Only in retrospect!
      • Yes, it sounds like one of those days I'd look back to like "Damn, that's soo typical me..." (for example I once went for a long stay at my parents', forgetting my underwear *face palm*)
        • *sporfle* That is priceless! When Bobby and I first started dating, he was staying the night over my parents' house, and as he walked down the front walk, his sister called jokingly, "Got your underwear?"...and he looked puzzled, then turned and went back into the house. Good thing she reminded him! :^P
  • Some days it just doesn't pay to get out of bed.
  • Wait for it......

    I wonder if you go back and check the date and compare it to last year, it'll be the same date that we had our day of failure last summer.
    • The day that we had four or five potential Nerd Activities and ended up doing none of them? That was May 15th. I remember that because one of the Nerd Activities that we did not do was going to see the LotR symphony in Richmond!

      But if we checked the date, it might correspond to a date that you owned yourself...oh wait....

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