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Medium Dawn Felagund of the Fountain

Happy Birthday to Alina and Farewell to Flist!

The (Cyber) Bag of Weasels

bread and puppet

"About as much fun as a bag of weasels"...when I first saw this Irish adage, it made me think of the life of a writer: sometimes perilous, sometimes painful, certainly interesting. My paper journal has always been called "The Bag of Weasels." This is the Bag of Weasels' online home.

Happy Birthday to Alina and Farewell to Flist!

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napoleon flippin sweet
ann_arien's birthday is not until Sunday, but since I will be stretched on a white sandy beach on Sunday, thinking about Elves and listening to the roar of a turquoise sea, then here goes now....

Happy Birthday, Alina!!!

Enjoy your day, enjoy your champagne, and make the Elves (*ahem* Feanor!) treat you nicely! Many hugs and best wishes to you!

Now, I am leaving work in forty-four minutes, not like I am counting or anything. Forty-four minutes. Then it's off to the apartment to finish packing and taking care of some last-minutes odds and ends, then off to my in-laws' house, who are driving us to the airport at the ungodly hour of 3 a.m. Then...Puerto Rico!

I have been trying not to think of it, not wanting to get burned out too badly with work in the interim, but now it's here and I can think about it all I want! Nine days in the Caribbean! Woohoo!

Of course, last night, I could not sleep because I was too busy thinking of all that I have yet to do, worrying over remembering things like sharpening the pencils that I wear to hold up my hair since one split and was pulling my hair. Or remembering to put a fresh coat of blue polish on my toenails. In other words, really stupid stuff. Also, because these things always work this way, I have a little cold. Getting four hours of sleep did not help, but I'm hoping that it will take the course of most of my minor maladies and be gone by tomorrow.

Today, I came into work and plunged headlong into what I had to finish. I think that it finally hit Johnny the Boss that I will be gone for six days, leaving him alone in the office, because he was moping around and asking if I needed anything and asking lots of questions about what I do. I told him that I've prepared instructions on how to do every aspect of my job that he does not know. As many things as I can do in advance, I did. The most time I've missed in a single chunk is three days, but he did my job and his for a year before I was hired, so hopefully he can handle six days, even though lots has changed since that time.

Well, I have a couple more things to polish off, but I wanted to send my best regards to my flist. I will return in ten days with a complete account of my holiday, more pictures than you can shake a stick at, and hopefully, a skin tone slightly darker than my current White White-girl. And by darker, I mean brown, not red.

Farewell! :)
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  • I hope you'll be having a really great time! :-D

    ... and I also may be just a tiny bit jealous because I was watching a TV programme about the Apuanic Alps (sp?) (in the North of Italy, near it's Western coast) and realized how badly I'm missing Italy right now (I tend to have rather worrying bouts of "reversed" homesickness, I fear). But never mind me... ;)

    Or remembering to put a fresh coat of blue polish on my toenails. In other words, really stupid stuff.

    Haha, I'm pretty familiar with "stupid stuff" like that. I bring you; Heroine 24 hours before her flight goes, panicking if she still has enough time left to spare to dye her hair freshly... ;)

    I will return in ten days with a complete account of my holiday, more pictures than you can shake a stick at, and hopefully, a skin tone slightly darker than my current White White-girl. And by darker, I mean brown, not red.

    Also familiar with that. Though I do not really get sunburns. But I do not tan either. I stay blindingly white no matter what I try (and honestly, I've given up on trying...). :)

    Enjoy your vacation!!
    • Thank you! We did! It was wonderful. :)

      I actually got a tan too. Now that doesn't mean that it will last; I spent two weeks in Florida once and got a wonderful tan and--two days back--someone said, "Didn't you spend two weeks in Florida? Why are you still so pale?" and I realized that the stupid thing had faded! In two days!!

      But I managed a tan despite SPF50 sunscreen the whole trip, so I'm hoping that notable fact will make it stick. ;)

      (Btw, I am completely familiar with reverse homesickness! Two days now, I've woken up thinking I was at Copamarina and wondering why it was so dark. Damned dreary Maryland weather....)
  • Hey have a great time over there! Relax, have fun!

    Currently my elves (Maglor & Celegorm) are grinning wildly because we won the 3rd spot in the MPA awards with Written in Starlight, and since my writing partner in crime is at Crete, I have the honours of writing the acceptance speech. w00t!

    ;c) Have a great time, bring back a tanned skin, a relax hubby and a very relaxed you, oodles of pictures, lotsa bunnies gwaning at your ankles....!

    See you in 2 weeks!
    • Squee! Congrats, Rhapsy, and as I recall, that was the story that you recced me for Reading Week. Now I'm even more excited to check it out. :)

      We had a wonderful time. I'm tanned at the moment, but that could fade any day now, I've learned. ;) And we certainly have the oodles of pictures; I'm slowly transferring them and my handwritten diary entries to LJ.

      (As for bunnies...well, this afternoon, I started a short story that I dreamed on the beach.... :^D)
  • *ahem* If you're willing to drop down to my city here for a few minutes, me and my dog make excellent luggage and we'll fly in cargo so we can go too... ;-) j/k ;-)

    You have fun, Dawn! And have more fun for all of us! Have so much fun that we're exhausted from your trip! ;-) And then, have a little more fun to finish us off...

    And take loads of pictures so we can admire the sandy beaches and the sea. *is dreamy* You know, I think I am more like the Teleri than I thought... :-)
    • Actually, I think we could have fit you in the overhead bin, then I could have sneaked you some peanuts at least. ;)

      Unfortunately, we didn't end up near Georgia/Tennessee, but we did end up spending more time than I would have liked in Charlotte thanks to bad weather in Baltimore delaying our flight. Bleh.

      I suspect that the accounts of our trip--once I finish transcribing them from paper to LJ--will wear out a few people. We took two hikes, did two snorkeling dives, and spent an hour sea-kayaking. At one point, rowing back to the resort against the current, I asked Bobby, "Wasn't this supposed to be a relaxing vacation??" :^D

      Then again, we did spend lots of time also lounging on the beach, drinks in hand....

      And I took lots of beach pics for you! ;)
  • Enjoy! :D
    • Thank you! We did! :^D

      (Is your icon from one of your own excursions? I like it lots, with the brave palm poking his head over the beach like that!)
      • Yay! :D

        (Yup--that's from this photo of a beach I thought could only exist in dreams or movies behind the Mayan ruins at Tulum, Mexico. My family went there on a cruise excursion back in 2004.)
        • Oh, that's gorgeous! We found a little beach like that that looked like the perfect idea of paradise. *misses it* :)
  • Enjoy yourself a lot and then some, hon!

    Thanks so much for the pressie. I could not be removed from the comp after downloading it. I'm still O_O about it and I'll read it again, soon. It is one impressive story and no mistake.

    Great big hugs for you and I look forward to Teh Pic Spam.
    • I'm still so pleased that you liked your story. I tried not to think about real life too much, but I kept wondering, "Has she read it? Did she like it?" I even mentioned it to Bobby a few times and earned meself some odd looks. ;)

      Teh Pic Spam is on the way. The Department of Public Safety hasn't helped with their new draconian Internet policy, but I can always work in Wordpad and transfer to LJ once I'm home!
  • Enjoy!

    Enjoy yourself! Hope you come back all suntanned, just as you want :) Have a great time!

    Curuevo :)
    • Re: Enjoy!

      Thank you! :) I am tanned at the moment, but I tend to turn white again pretty quickly, so we'll see.... ;)
  • HAVE FUN! We'll miss you (& the Elves)!
    • The Elves and I had a great time! No ships were stolen or set on fire; no Teleri were harmed in the making of our vacation. :^P
      • Good to hear! Bad things tend to happen after ships are stolen/burned or where Teleri are involved...:P
  • http://www.creationent.com/cal/elf.htm#events

    • Hee! Maybe someday we'll get a convention in Maryland for something other than anime or Games Workshop.... :^P
  • Have a great vacation!
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