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Medium Dawn Felagund of the Fountain

Reading Week

The (Cyber) Bag of Weasels

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"About as much fun as a bag of weasels"...when I first saw this Irish adage, it made me think of the life of a writer: sometimes perilous, sometimes painful, certainly interesting. My paper journal has always been called "The Bag of Weasels." This is the Bag of Weasels' online home.

Reading Week

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art lives
Once I am back from Puerto Rico, I am declaring for myself a Reading Week, 26 through 30 June.

My first involvement in Silmarillion fan fiction was strictly as a reader. I spent a large portion of my day reading stories on ff.net. I actually read all of the Silmarillion stories posted there that pertained to my favorite characters, i.e. the House of Finwe, Ecthelion, Glorfindel, and a few of the more interesting Valar. Most of you on my flist, I knew first as authors I admired rather than as friends.

However, I haven't read fan fiction except for beta purposes in probably over a month now. And I miss it. I have become so caught up in writing that anything else related to fandom or creativity has suffered. On one hand, this is good; I have had my most productive month in a while. In the past month, I will have completed a novella, two short stories, and an original drabble series. I don't even want to speculate how many words that will be.

I also recognize my potential for burn-out though. After NaNoWriMo in November and twenty holiday stories immediately after, I didn't write except when I had to (to meet my posting schedule for AMC, for example) for almost two months.

I don't want that to happen again.

And so I am declaring 26 through 30 June to be my reading week. Just reading...no writing. The muses are going to get their own vacation that week. I am going to read the stories that I have meant to read for months now, including those posted at silwritersguild that I have neglected. And also, I am going to go to ff.net and read stories by authors whom I do not know. I don't like that my participation in the fandom has become so insular, that if I am not doing a beta for a friend, then I am probably not reading. When I do read for fun, it is always stuff posted on the LJs of my flist.

What I would like to ask of you, my flist, is to recommend to me one story that you think I should read. It can be one of your own stories or someone else's. If I have read it already, I will let you know, and you are free to recommend another if you'd like. You're welcome to recommend longer stories, but I can't guarantee, of course, that I'll finish them in a week. I will read anything, any rating, het or slash, and I have no squicks, so don't let such worries stand in the way of suggesting a story that might bother less evol more sensitive audiences.

I don't care on what archive the story you recommend is located. I belong to them all, lurk on them all, and have read on them all at one time or another.

There are some stories that I've started and want to finish or that I have intended to start. Here are the ones that I can remember right now. There might be more, and I'll add to the list as I remember them. If you're listed here, you're welcome, of course, to make another recommendation.

  • Anything posted on silwritersguild within the past months that I have not already read.

  • frenchpony: the last chapter of "Four Hands Around"

  • rhapsody11: "Requiem"

  • digdigil: both multi-part stories that you've been posting in your LJ over the past weeks

  • ann_arien: I seem to remember some Glorfindel smut posted the other day.... >:^]]

  • isil_elensar: I really want to read the prologue that you post to your original story, if it's still up?

  • tehta: I need to finish "Strange Fortunes"

  • There is a story on ff.net called "Fire" by the author Blodeudd. (I hope that I have spelled that properly; I have the worst time with her username!) If you haven't seen it and like Feanorians, check it out. It is wonderful! I hope to catch up with this story as well.

So what are your recommendations?

Additionally, those on my flist who want to do their own version of Reading Week, I encourage you to join me by reading at least one story each day and taking a chance on a new author as well!
  • Huh. I thought you'd finished "Four Hands Around," but that just shows what I know. The fourth chapter is rather different than the first three, so I look forward to hearing what you think of it.

    As to what you should read next. . .try [Bad username: perelleth>&apos;s work. Start with <A HREF=]New Beginnings</a>, and then go on from there. She's not a native English speaker, but she has a wonderful sense of plot and character, and a brilliantly sly sense of humor.
  • Your reading week is an excellent idea. Plus, you'll be refreshed after you come back from your exotic vacation.

    What *I* need to do is call a studying-week for my lazy, graduating self, so I can stop begin so distracted and actually finish this Uni as well as I started it!

    To do a bit of SSP, I think you might like that there bit of Glorfindel&Feanor smut that I've posted, the other day. Which just goes to show that my obsession with Glorfindel continues, to this day and beyond. Also, if you'd like, read this little fic of mine over here: http://ann-arien.livejournal.com/37775.html#cutid1 , as well. For some reason, I always wubble when I go back and read it.

    As for some recs... well, all the stories by Ezra's Persian Kitty are a must, as well as the stories in the "Anestel" Series. And you should definitely read "From the Fire", by Fimbrethiel, which is posted in the silm_fics yahoo group and it's probably up at www.ofelvesandmen.com, too. I loved that story (a WIP, for all I know), because the author gives you the impression of sitting in front of a fire and listening to a fascinating tale. All the more interesting since it takes place in Second Age Lindon and there are not that many stories out there describing Ereinion's harbour-city so very well.
    • I've missed a story of yours?!?! (Other than the Glorfi smut that I know that I missed :^/) You must not allow me to do these things! :^D

      Thanks for the other recs too! :)

      Because you only have a week left to wait, I'm not going to let up on the teasing now so I am going to tell you that I finished "it" last night. You know, "it." *evil grin*

      *runs and hides, taking BtLoR with me*
  • Just reading...no writing. The muses are going to get their own vacation that week.

    Do you think it will work? I have made the experience that - at least concerning myself - as a rule inspiration hits at the most inconvenient of times. Only yesterday I awoke in the midst of the night with words in my head that begged to be written down. In the midst of the night. At 4 am. After I wasn't able to write much for weeks. What did I do? Well, I switched on the light, got myself pen and paper and started writing. I wish I could control it, I really do. ;)

    Well, I really didn't want to discourage you. Really. :-P

    As for a story recommendation, Blodeudd (I can't tell you if that's the right spelling either... what I know is that it's the name of a Celtic goddess, so you can bet there are uncountable versions of the name anyway, hehe) has a new short story up on The Pit, that I read today. Unfortunately I cannot recall the title but you should find it on the Silm-story site without problems, I guess. It's on Aegnor and Andreth and it's simply heart-wrenching.
    • Do you think it will work?

      Yes, actually, eight years of academic rigor combined with foodservice has trained my muses to wait until I have time to write! :^D I have gone for the better part of a year without writing before, which does not mean that I do not create stories, but I write them in my head and hold them there until they can be put onto paper. Actually, the week will be good also for assuring that my depleted store of 'head stories" can be replenished a bit! I need a beginning for my Feanor/Nerdanel story; it's outlined already and ready to start, but I just need that leading hook to take me into the story. I'm hoping that it will come in PR or that week. :)

      And I will definitely check out Blodeuedd's new story! I love her work, and she further proves that young =/ bad writer. When I found out how old she is, I was too awed to even be jealous! :^D
  • (no subject) -
  • I need to finish Strange Fortunes too... Need to find a job first, though.

    I might recommend some of tallulahred's fanfic--she had a Daeron/Mablung in that May fanfic exchange that I particularly liked.
    • Last I read SF was around Chapter Five, I think, so that might tell you how long ago it was! I remember that it was a cliffhanger and I literally yelled, "No!" at the computer. Good thing I was alone at the office that day. I don't know if I was yelling at the characters or you, for leaving me in suspense. ;)

      So I really need to find out what happened!

      Thanks for the rec, too. I can honestly say that I've never read Daeron/Mablung before, so that'll be a treat!
  • I have to recommend Don't Panic! and its sequel, Okay, NOW Panic! by boz4PM—it's "modern girl falls into Middle-earth" done well.
  • Solstice Summer, by Spider.

    I don't like that my participation in the fandom has become so insular

    Same here. I need to remedy that.
    • When I first started in the fandom, I read everything by everyone. Now it's mostly trying to keep up with my flist, which isn't a bad thing--as the amount of talent on my flist is astounding--but I hate the feeling of not being able to discover new authors. That was always such a joy, to see an unfamiliar name and get sucked into a story.


      Hence Reading Week! Thanks for the rec. :)
  • A very short story by Avon, A Bitter Gift
    • Oh, goody! Thank you! :)

      Good to hear from you too. You are settled and doing well in Leezianna, I hope? ;)
      • You are settled and doing well in Leezianna, I hope? ;)

        Well.....the hubby is at any rate. We're looking at another year of separtion. After visiting LA and checking out the high school and housing in person (scary, very scary), we opted to keep the family here. :-(

        I second Myrsine's recommendation of "Don't Panic!" -- A Mary Sue meets medieval sanitation issues. It's a riot.
        • Bleh. That sucks, to be blunt about it. :(

          I'm definitely going to check out "Don't Panic!" I love Tolkien comedies, though there are so few that really get me rolling. Btw, since I know that you have a bit of a *thing* for Ell and El, do you know of Claudio's "The Elladan Show?" If not, it comes with highest recommendations.
  • Oh Requiem!!!! I hope to write chapter 3 (and the closing chapter) this weekend. But my beta for that story is studying for her finals at Uni, my back up beta is leaving for Crete... so hmm :c)

    Well I recommended some stories at the yahoo group of SWG, so hmmm, I am not sure if you like an Arathorn/Gilraen story that I recently embarked upon. The bunny is really great, but by now it wants to become epic and I only wanted to write four chapters. *sigh* So, what else then. I find it so hard to SSP my own works.

    Maybe a co-written story? By Robinka and me? Written in the Starlight Story summary: Thus ended Beleg Strongbow, truest of friends, greatest in skill of all that harboured in the woods of Beleriand in the Elder Days, at the hand of him whom he most loved.

    Or did he not? What would have happened if, by a slight change of fate, Beleg Strongbow survived? Main characters: Beleg; Túrin; Gwindor; Fëanorians (yeah, I am writing the magnificent seven)
    • Oh, I love Beleg, and cowritten stories intrigue me. (Partly because I've never done one, although hubby and I constantly talk of writing a fantasy novel together.) Thanks so much for the recs! And I'll find that list over at SWG too (I remember it, so I just need to check the archive. It would help if the mod would tag the entries like she's supposed to. *glares at self* ;^D)
      • Partly because I've never done one, although hubby and I constantly talk of writing a fantasy novel together

        I remember that we once said to each other, hey nice bunny. Shall we co-write it? But with this heath... I can't remember what it was about. Methinks maybe Feanor & Maglor or Maedhros & Maglor... oh no... hihihi

        Remember this?
        • Hee! Yes, I remember that! I'm still up for trying something new, if the mood ever strikes you. ;)

          (And I think that I could co-write a dozen short stories before Bobby and I will ever get our act together to start our novel!)
          • Oh well, maybe after summer? LOL

            I wonder what we will write when we combine our voices.
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