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Medium Dawn Felagund of the Fountain

Curiosity Killed Felak! (But Satisfaction Brought Her Back)

The (Cyber) Bag of Weasels

bread and puppet

"About as much fun as a bag of weasels"...when I first saw this Irish adage, it made me think of the life of a writer: sometimes perilous, sometimes painful, certainly interesting. My paper journal has always been called "The Bag of Weasels." This is the Bag of Weasels' online home.

Curiosity Killed Felak! (But Satisfaction Brought Her Back)

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geek charisma
I was thinking today that it'd be interesting to survey my flist on fanficcy things. Why? Well, blame that fact that I am a stats geek and I like to see things broken down into numbers.

This is just for fun. Why? 'Cause I'm curious!

I'm open to suggestions for other interesting questions. I pay for this poll thingy, so I might as well have fun with it.

Poll #734167 Fandom Patterns and Trends of Dawn Felagund's Flist

In fan fiction, I...

Write it.
Read it.
Write AND read it.
Neither. Bleh.

In terms of reading slash, I...

Seek it wherever I can find it!
Will read any good story, slash or not.
Try to avoid it.
I never read it. Yuck.
WTF is slash???

PWP is...

Okay on occasion.
Crap. I demand a plot with my pr0n.

My favorite Feanorian is...

Feanor, the man himself.
WTF is a Feanorian??

Feanor is...

A good guy, misrepresented by history. (That dratted Rumil!)
A complicated, ambiguous character who is hard to define as "good" or "evil."
WTF is Feanor?

If I could live anywhere in First Age Arda, I would choose...

Valinor/Tol Eressea
One of those Dwarf realms, Belegost or Nogrod
Someplace Dawn Felagund has failed to list. Bad 'gund.
WTF is Arda?
  • On Favorite Feanorian, you forgot to put "All of them! ^_^" ;P
  • One points out that you have neglected Estolad... where the twins lived... ;-)

    I loved the quiz!
  • Ya, okay, you already discussed the more than one choice here thingy, so...

    Dawn, I reeeeally want to chat with you some time. Does your YIM ever say 'available?'

    • Rarely. :( I'm not on my home comp often, and when I am, I'm usually writing. And I can't get YIM on my work comp because we can't download stuff on the State computers. *shakes fist at State*

      But next time I get on to write and I see you're online, I'll page you! :)
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  • I kind of want to take it again and answer all the "WTF" answers.
    Those made me laugh a little on the inside.

    I kind of wanted to put Curufin as favorite Feanorian...but I think I like Caranthir most.
    :\ Such a difficult question...
    • I was one of the unequivocal Maedhros fangurls! *pets him*

      I put the WTF answers for the benefit of my sister and husband who might want to answer some of the questions but aren't necessarily up to speed with a great deal of Tolkien lore. Plus it was just kinda funny. :^P
  • Methinks you could have easily filled my answers ;) Interesting results, so far.
  • I seem to be with the majority on everything except favourite Feanorian!

    IMO Valinor was definitely the place to be during the first age. The fighting Morgoth business is great to write about, but very hazardous to health!
    • Favorite Feanorian...Curufin? (I can look at the answers, but it's so much more fun to guess!)

      Valinor is certainly the smartest option...but I chose Nargothrond. I thought hard about Himring because of Maedhros and all, but that's just waaaay too cold!
  • Owwww Poor Turko, sorry hon, you lost the coin toss. And why isn't Maglor's Gap listed? Or maybe Maglor's bed hmmm..
    • *snicker* LJ unfortunately only allows 15 or so options for the radio buttons. (Though it might be possible to hand-code more. Hmmm...didn't think to try that!) So I had to leave off a lot of places that I wanted to include in favor of the major realms and cities.
  • Not big on fan fic, really... *chews on thumb*

    But I did like your poems! I still got some of them on my website (which pathetically enough is still under construction, will work on it SOON!) Do you mind if I still hang on to those?
    • Oh, my drabbles? Absolutely! They're yours to use as long as you want them! :)

      (I know how it goes with websites. I launched the SWG website and then promptly stopped working on it. Mostly 'cause it's time to learn PHP, and I'm a'scared! :^P)
  • I was very sad that only one other person picked Celegorm. (Was that you, Rhaps?) I mean, WTF???

    I surprised myself by picking Thargelion as the place I'd want to live. Not that I don't love Caranthir, but I never took myself for a materialistic person. I guess I loves my ostentatious comfort away from everybody else.

    It looks like I agree with the majority on everything else.

    This was an awesome poll. Do more!!!
    • Any ideas for questions? :^D

      I chose Nargothrond as a place to live. This was an informed choice. 1) I love Finrod Felagund enough to name myself after him, 2) it's pretty, 3) it's relatively safe, 4) it's not bitterly cold like Himring (which was my second choice), and 5) Finrod's always off hunting with Maedhros anyway, so I could always visit. ;)

      My favorite Feanorian, of course, was Maedhros....

      (Maybe the next poll should ask favorite non-Feanorian Finwian? Give Fingon a shout-out? :^D)
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  • You didn't put an option for those of us who don't *have* a favorite Feanorian! I finally put Maglor, and it turns out I was with the majority, but I don't know! They're still a package set in my head.

    And I'm the sole inhabitant of Ossiriand! Woo-hoo! I get all the Laiquendi to myself! *huggles Green Elves*
    • Eeeee.... (Dawn is no good at poll-making! :^D)

      I suppose I figured that those without opinions would skip the question!

      I am also the sole resident of Nargothrond. Well, presumably Finrod Felagund is there with me. (It's the Felagund family home.) But no one else, it seems, likes a relatively safe, secluded, beautiful home in an extensive realm, close to the sea, with favorable weather and travel opportunities with the nicest Noldo on this side of the Sundering Sea. ;)

      I should have known that you would pick Ossiriand. I'll come visit you there! :^D

      (I was a bit surprised by Maglor being in the lead. Where's the love for my boy Maedhros?? :^P)
  • Bad 'gund, for making us choose between the Feanorians; now the guy himself is scowling because I wavered at the last moment and decided in favour of a certain red-headed elf. :P

    As for the places, I picked Himring, if only because of all the action I'd see (and not because of that elf. Ahem.) though Dorthonion would come a close second, for no reason that I can name, except that I'd like to live with the Beorings if I couldn't go to Himring. No Valinor for me; I'd go mad there.No Gondolin and Doriath either, because of the whole grumpy old king thing. [/sarcasm] And because I can't stand Luthien.
    • Yes, but now Maedhros is in second place, behind the Legion of Maglor Fanciers! Woohoo!

      (I didn't know that the little songbird had such a following on my flist! Maybe I should write about him more. :^/)

      You're the sole resident of Himring so far, which is surprising. I thought far more people would want to live with a hott red-haired Elf in such an exciting place. I chose Nargothrond because I can't stand cold weather and Himring isn't called "Himring" without reason. ;) But my King travels to see your Lord, so I'll be sure to visit! :^D
  • Now Caranthir will never believe me again when I tell him he's underappreaciated. And he feels a bit daunted because so many people want to live with him. He says he rather liked being alone. ;-P
  • I just remembered that I forgot to explain my choice on whether Feanor was good or evil. I've been thinking about the matter for quite a while (because I have to deal with it in writing), and here's my 2 cents:

    Whether Feanor is "good" or not depends on one's definition of good. If good is used as "well-meaning", then Feanor is good, to some extent; he truly believed that he was doing the right thing. However, if "good" means "nice", then Feanor is most certainly not good.

    "Nice" people are for the most part pleasant, agreeable, and law-abiding. Most of them are quite moderate in their likes and dislikes. Feanor isn't. He goes to extremes. He loves his immediate family (father, wife, children) with an almost consuming intensity; he is cynical and arrogant to those he dislikes (Indis, Fingolfin, the Valar etc.) and those he hates (Morgoth has the dubious honour of being the sole person in this category) he hates with every bone in his body.

    He's proud and almost unbearably arrogant to the majority of people. He gets very angry and goes off in fits of rage. And he still manages to be so very innocent at times. It's weird. He's a strange mix of the characteristics we praise and criticize, with ingenuity, ardour and charisma thrown in, and I can't help liking him.
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