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Medium Dawn Felagund of the Fountain

I've Been Tagged!!!

The (Cyber) Bag of Weasels

bread and puppet

"About as much fun as a bag of weasels"...when I first saw this Irish adage, it made me think of the life of a writer: sometimes perilous, sometimes painful, certainly interesting. My paper journal has always been called "The Bag of Weasels." This is the Bag of Weasels' online home.

I've Been Tagged!!!

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Tammy (1lady_so_divine) tagged me for a meme! So here goes.

Name ten of life's simple pleasures that you like most, then pick ten people to do the same.

  1. Renting a DVD, curling up on the couch under my red blanket with my husband, and spending two hours in another world without worries. (Then picking apart that world afterward, as is my bad habit, hehe.)

  2. Sitting down to write...and it works. It's such a feeling of accomplishment, to have a thought or mood in my head and to put it on paper with some degree of accuracy to the point that--re-reading what I've written at a later date--I can completely recreate the original feeling.

  3. Realizing that my characters have just written something utterly unexpected, totally surprising, and completely perfect into my stories. I love when my own stories surprise me.

  4. An empty skating floor and music that moves me to fly.

  5. A comment or an email from a new reader saying how much she loved a story of mine or how it changed her outlook on a character whom she hated before, for whom she now feels understanding.

  6. An evening out to dinner and a movie with my husband: the most classic of dates but enjoyable regardless.

  7. The first big drop on a rollercoaster.

  8. A book, movie, or story that changes how I think, opens more questions than it answers, or inspires me to where I can barely sit still for wanting to write!
  9. Road trips with Bobby, with a car full of stuff, a stack of CDs, a long stretch of highway, and each other.

  10. The first day in Ocean City: the smell of the sea and Thrasher's french fries and the wood of the Boardwalk; the cries of the seabirds and the roar of the surf; the blazing hot sand with the biplanes flying by overhead and a whole vacation still in front of me.

Once you've been tagged, you have to write a blog with 6 facts about yourself. In the end you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names.

  1. I have double-jointed fingers. The top part of my thumb bends ninety degrees forward (as it should) and ninety degrees backward as well. Until middle school, I thought that this was normal.

  2. I've painted my toenails blue every summer since I was twelve. They're blue right now!

  3. Even though I'm an old lady now, I can still do a left side-split. When I stretch for a week or two, I can still do splits to the right and center too. Ai!

  4. I was sent twice by The Piece to national sundae-making competitions. But I didn't win (though Bobby and I won a Best Teamwork award the first time I went. Go figure!)

  5. I used to play guitar but had to give it up because I didn't have enough room for writing, painting, and music. I still believe that this was the right decision.

  6. I can't write with music playing and if the TV (or Bobby's Xbox) is too loud, it affects me too. It creates a sort of interference with the words in my head, where the lyrics to the music or words on the telly interject themselves into my thoughts. I suppose that I could write to music without lyrics, but I'd be worried that if the mood of the story and the music didn't match, that would also cause interference. So I prefer to write in complete silence.

Since Tammy only tagged six people for the last one, then I'm going to take her lead to minimize the bothering of my flist. (Although it's been a while since I've tagged for anything, so y'all should feel lucky. :^P) As usual, tagged people aren't obligated to play. And if you want to play and I haven't tagged you, then feel free to do it anyway! (Just pretend I tagged you.)

greenknight33 (of course)
  • *facepalm*

    I'll comment later. I love your skate icon. Have you been wondering where I've been? Well, besides from a busy weekend, and today's a holiday here - it's a long weekend - and hubby is home annoying me - I've been helping Talban with his 20-page-long meme that Meryth has enticed him into doing!!! We're just beginning to type it up! Now it's, like, 40 pages long! He's all happy, but I am gnashing my teeth because I've not done anything about Alina's b'day fic or the Rings Remixed one! (But I wouldn't have been able to do them with my husband home anyway.)

    I will read and comment on this NEW one later! And THEN do it tomorrow (or whenever!). And no, Talban, you are NOT doing this one!!!

    • Bad Meryth! :^D

      Don't worry about doing this one (or Tal doing this one) unless you find time. I always tag you for this stuff (like I always tag Bobby, my sister, and Alina) 'cause you all are my good online pals. But please don't stress doing it. :)

      Good luck with all of your projects and *hugs*
  • . . . there are national sundae-making competitions?
    • The Piece holds one, yes, but only for people who work for them. So don't get too excited. ;)
      • I'm just having fun imagining the potential categories. . .

        Most Fattening
        Most Creative Use of Fudge Sauce
        Most Interesting Combination of Ingredients
        Best Maraschino Cherry Avoidance Strategy

        However, I have met very few sundaes in my life that could quite compare to the kids' clown sundae that Friendly's makes.
        • Since it was a company competition, it wasn't nearly so much fun...or creative. (Chain restaurants--which The Piece is--heavily emphasize keeping everything consistently the same between stores and regions. Creativity is not encouraged.) We were given a ticket of ice cream to make (ten, once we got to the final level) and we were timed, of course, and judged on keeping the proper recipe, portioning, and presentation. If we had to scoop an ice cream cone, for example, it had to weigh exactly eight ounces as well as being "spiral-scooped" to make it look hugely abundant. That sort of thing.

          There was also a written test on Ice Cream Lore like the proper temp to keep soft serve units, hard-scooped ice cream, refrigerated storage, et cetera, as well as recipes and food safety sorts of things. The competition was hard, but we got an all-expenses-paid holiday and to tour the ice cream factory and such, which I (naturally) thought was beyond cool.
  • What happened to all the ice cream after you'd sundae-d it?
    • Anyone who was anywhere in the vicinity--other employers, family & friends there for the competition, us, whoever--got to enjoy a treat for free. Some that didn't have toppings on it--like for ice cream cones--could be dropped back into the freezer for use another time.
  • I love all your simple pleasures except #7 'cause I'se scared of roller coasters.

    I think I knew all those things about you from before. I didn't know you were distracted by loud noise, though. I'm not. (Luckily.)

    Also--the sundae competition sounds like awesome fun. How big were the sundaes you created? Did they get to be extra-big in order to give you room for creativity?

    Oh--Talbie is halfway through that loooong meme. He's at #50 now and it stopping because he's got a cramp in his right little figner.
    • Talbie wants to know where you got his icon from cause he wants one of himself naked.

      • Lol! Why does that not surprise me? :^D

        Alina gave me the picture, so I don't know from where it came. (Are you around Alina? Got any insights??) I'd asked her for green-eyed Elf-boys and she sent me Talban's, Meryth's, and two others. You wouldn't believe how close I was to using Tal's for Meryth's icon! That seems impossible to even contemplate now.
    • Yes, loud noise is my bane. My head is very susceptible, it seems, to the influx of extraneous words and sounds. Perhaps because I'm not used to it; doing most of my writing in my quiet office or at home with no one but my (relatively) quiet husband around has me spoiled. ;)

      For the sundae competition, we made everything from one- to five-scoop sundaes as well as ice-cream based drinks and ice cream cones. (Would you believe that the ice cream cone--out of a ticket of ten items--was the one that everyone dreaded most? It was weighed, and the further you were from eight ounces, the more points you lost. In the final competition, you were allowed to be +/- .1 ounces. o.O)

      We actually weren't allowed a lot of creativity. Because it was a company competition, they were really strict about sticking to their recipe exactly. If a sundae got more than one flavor of ice cream, the flavors even had to go into the glass in a particular order. Whipped cream had to be a certain height. That was the toughest part because you're trying to make sundaes fast and so that they look well, and it's hard to remember (in the heat of the moment) the teeny-tiny details. In my second year of competition, I didn't make the finals because we were tied with another team in our region...and the tie-breaker came because I was making a milkshake and put the milk in before the ice cream. It's supposed to be the other way around. They're that picky.

      (A lot of people believed that that competition was fixed; that they wanted the other team to win. Either way, I was so angry with myself for messing up that stupid milkshake! :^P)

      But there is a knack to making sundaes beautiful, no matter how strict the recipe. There's a certain way to scoop called spiral scooping that allows the topping to run all the way to the bottom of the glass, creating a marbled effect. It's hard to learn but invaluable in the ice cream biz.

      (Betcha didn't know that there's so much to sundae-making, did you! A rare glimpse into the underground world of ice cream-based competitions.... :^P)
  • I can't write with music without lyrics sneaking in either - even conversations! Instrumental music sometimes serves to inspire me when I don't have much inspiration though.
    • It inspires me too. Certain scenes in my stories have been inspired directly by a specific song. That only works when I'm not in the process of writing, though; it's generally the mental writing that I do while driving home from work each day.
      • It's how I write a lot of my insta-drabbles. It's also why half of my IM "conversations" with some of my friends consist mainly of typing a line of a song and seeing if the person picks up with the next one!!
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