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Medium Dawn Felagund of the Fountain

Candy Spam!

The (Cyber) Bag of Weasels

bread and puppet

"About as much fun as a bag of weasels"...when I first saw this Irish adage, it made me think of the life of a writer: sometimes perilous, sometimes painful, certainly interesting. My paper journal has always been called "The Bag of Weasels." This is the Bag of Weasels' online home.

Candy Spam!

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Here are the latest projects on which I've been working for the past few days. I got an order earlier this week from my coworker to make a Mother's Day basket for his mom-in-law, so I've been busy this week with that. I bought some new molds and really got to experiment with my mold painters, with pleasing results.

For Easter, I made a sorbet pie that was chocolate sorbet layered over raspberry sorbet with a chocolate graham cracker crust. For decoration, I used a parade of chocolate ladybugs filled with chocolate rum sauce. (They were yummy!)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

For my sister--who does not like raspberry and is straight-edge and so avoids alcohol--I made a mini-pie with chocolate sorbet over chocolate graham cracker crust. Her ladybugs were filled with plain chocolate sauce, which unfortunately froze solid. (But it's the thought that counts, right? :^D)

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For Mother's Day, I treated myself to some new molds. I didn't really like the Mother's Day molds they had, so I went more for a summer theme. Here is a sampling of the results.

Butterflies and snails; the snail shells require a bit more practice:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Butterflies and mushrooms that came out with very pretty (i.e. colorful) results:

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And my personal favorites: the happy daisies! It often happens that the simplest designs turn out the best. These are the easiest to make but ended up with a very clean look, imho, compared to the others. But the leaves allowed a bit of experimentation with two colors of green chocolate, making things a bit more intricate.

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All of this--along with about two dozen filled candies--I put together into the final project. The basket was prettied up with some checkered ribbon, some silk flowers, and a cream-colored cloth napkin (that came from Target...shhhh....) I was hoping to go for a summery, picnic idea. The first shows the detail of the basket decoration better:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

While the second shows the finished presentation of the candy, with all the plain, boring ones hidden beneath:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

And for you Feanatics out there, a special treat: a star of Feanor, done with fire coloration. (I'm going to try to blend the colors better next time, but this time, I simply wasn't brave enough):

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
  • (no subject) - callirhoe
    • *blushes* Thank you! :^D Finding a mold with a star of Feanor on it was a big deal this holiday season. (It's supposed to be a Christmas star but we--of course--know differently.) Now I just need more than one (as it took forever when I made eight for various online friends this holiday season!)
  • Ooh! I can't decide whether they look absolutely delicious or too cute to eat! (I guess that's why it makes sense to take pictures of them before they get eaten :D)

    My mom would totally love the parade of ladybugs. ^_^
    • They'd better not be too cute to eat 'cause I'll be sending some to you tomorrow. ;)

      (You'll get the star of Feanor, btw. ;^D)
  • aw, adorable! You are so good at this!

    *squees over Feanor's star*
  • Those are very, very pretty (and look very, very tasty!) I'm partial towards the Fëanorian star, of course, but the daisies and the wee ladybugs come in a close second! And of course, the rest looks lovely, too.
    *drools a bit*
    • Thank you! :) They're fun to make and--believe it or not--smelling chocolate and candy fillings all day removes one's taste for them after a few years. o.O

      But I'm told that they taste good. ;)
  • The ladybugs are quite cute, though the snails and butterflies are a bit... pink (for some reason, I have an aversion to pink). As for the star of Feanor...


    Is there a way to colour it silvery-grey? (Or maybe white if it's not possible) just so it looks more like the emblem?
    • I've never been fond of pink either, but there's only so many colors of confectioner's coating so there ya go. ;)

      I certainly have white chocolate available to me. (I just happen to be out of it at the moment which is why you don't see any! :^D) I really want a mold of just 8-point stars so that I can do all sorts of Stars of Feanor, but the mold I have is a Christmas mold and has just one. Boo.

      One of the things I've entertained the idea of doing are the Elven crests in chocolate. That would take a while but would look really cool, I think.
  • Pretty candy! I like the idea of candy baskets as holiday gifts. Perhaps I shall have to run run run to our local Good Candy Shoppe.
  • mmmmmmmmmmmmmm,candy:)
  • Oh, the butterflies! The snails (so cute!)! The flowers! That's all sooo cute. Not to mention the star of Feanor... :)

    Is that all chocolate? And how do you make the pretty colours?
    • The colors are "confectioner's coating," which is the technical name for white chocolate. (Legally--in the US anyway--it can't be called white chocolate because it doesn't actually contain chocolate.) Confectioner's coating comes in every color of the rainbow and is easily melted down and used to paint the insides of candy molds to make pretty designs that are fully edible.

      The Star of Feanor is supposed to be a Christmas star, but we all know better.... ;)
  • Awesome!!!!! Those are so cute. And the star of Feanor is pretty awesome! (Though I won't say cute...I like my body parts in working order, thanks!)
  • They're all beautiful! I love your new molds. Now I wish I'd ordered Mother's Day candy. Oh well. I'll have to order some for my b'day in September and treat myself.

    Btw, I am NOT waiting any longer for you to get PayPal! I sent off a cheque and some other stuff to you on Friday via Snail Mail. Eru knows when you'll get it, though.
    • LMFAO! Yeah, as I posted this, I cringed and thought, "Jenni's going to yell at me." Now, a logical person would have followed the post by getting the PayPal account, since I was even on the home comp for once. But alas, I am not logical....

      (In my defense, it was very late and I had to get up early for skating practice the next morning.)

      If I fail at a businesswoman, it will be because of my apathy and general ineptitude. (Although Bobby makes up for me in these regards.)

      Well, anyway, thank you. :) I will let you know when I get it. (And also when I set up PayPal so that you can laugh at how long it took me.... :^/)

      Oh! While talking about snailmail, Bobby and I will return Lost to you soon. We're addicted, and I don't imagine it will take us long now to finish it. We watched two last night and are planning at least one more tonight.

      Btw, your bday order is already taken care of.... ;)
  • Gods, Dawn, the candy is absolutely adorable! It's so beautiful and cute that I'd be reluctant to spoil it by eating. But I'll bet it is so delicious that I could not resisit but feast on it. Great stuff and you are a artist.

    And the star... Well, whould you believed that Feanor squeed in the most girly and undignified manner when he saw it? Loved it!
    • LOL! *huggles Feanor*

      Thank you! I've actually had people in the past not want to eat the candy I made them because it looks "too pretty," they said. This was back in the olden days when I used to paint the molds with paintbrushes, which took about three times as long as the way I do it now, so it literally took hours to finish...I was a bit ticked that it would end up at the bottom of a garbage can after all that! :^P
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