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Medium Dawn Felagund of the Fountain

The Daily Drabble: "The Source of All Things"

The (Cyber) Bag of Weasels

bread and puppet

"About as much fun as a bag of weasels"...when I first saw this Irish adage, it made me think of the life of a writer: sometimes perilous, sometimes painful, certainly interesting. My paper journal has always been called "The Bag of Weasels." This is the Bag of Weasels' online home.

The Daily Drabble: "The Source of All Things"

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bread and puppet
Do your eyes deceive you? No! I have done a daily drabble again!

(Perhaps I should rename it the Occasional Drabble?)

Only it's not a drabble; it's actually 250 words. My mind can't even begin to conjure a name for this. (This from the woman who coined "drabunculus.")

So here, first, is the word of the day:

provenance \PROV-uh-nuhn(t)s\, noun:
Origin; source.

"In a world awash in information of dubious provenance, whom can you trust to tell you the truth?"
-Gerald Jonas, review of The Jazz, by Melissa Scott, New York Times, June 18, 2000

"There may have been as many as one hundred antique statues of Roman provenance in the city at the time of the Fourth Crusade."
-Patricia Fortini Brown, Venice & Antiquity

"The provenance of his possessions traced back to dukes and duchesses, kings, queens, czars, emperors, and dictators."
-John Berendt, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

Provenance comes from French, from provenant, present participle of provenir, "to originate," ultimately from Latin provenire, from pro-, "forth" + venire, "to come."

You are welcome to take this speaker to be whomever you want. I hear him as Maedhros, mostly because I'm a hopeless Maedhros fangurl. (I'm not going to pretend otherwise or attempt to conjure some pretentious reason.)

The Source of All Things
I stare down at the blood on my hands; I think, Where do these things begin?

It commenced with the Oath, which began with our grandfather’s murder in Formenos.

Our grandfather’s murder would not have been but for our father’s exile, which fell into the laps of the Valar, for they had decreed it and defied the authority of Father and King.

And the Valarin decree? That had its provenance in fear and mistrust—dare I say jealousy?—of our father’s gifts which they shall never approximate.

Our father’s gifts—his fire, if you will—originated of a mother’s sacrifice; the conflagration was fanned by anger and hurt and grandfather’s remarriage.

Again: the Valar.

But also Grandfather—yes, I will say it. His desire for love, for children. And Indis’ unrequited affection. And the Valarin desire to make things right, always, through tinkering and the belief that their hands possess the power assuage the troubles of free will.

The result? A family torn, broken—mistrust and hatred brewing in eager hearts—something that would not be possible in Arda Unmarred.

But this is Arda Marred, and that has its source in Melkor. But even Melkor is not unexplained.

A child of independent thought, seeking his father’s attention and rejected, publicly humiliated—I burn as though it had been me.

The source then is Eru.

I raise my fist to the sky…but who says that Eru is in the sky?

Eru is in all of us.

And so there it begins.
  • It does sound rather like Nelyo. Obviously with the time he's been spending helping me study, he also picked up on my final paper. Because this really has the Tarion's Final Paper flavor!

    Really, my final paper is about how I became who I am. The irony!! "I a this, because of this, derived from that..." Nelyo's copying me!! ;P

    I like it though! (And it's much better than my final paper!!)
    • Tarion's Final Paper Flavor? Is that trademarked or can I use that as a candy flavoring? :^D

      Nelyo has been spending a lot of time with you lately. It's more than possible that he's been reading over your shoulder. Of course, he looks all nice and innocent right now, but we know that truth.

      I will "punish" him later. >:^))

      (Nelyo just said that your final paper is just fine. Wicked imp....)

      And, of course, thank you! :)
      • I suppose you can use it for candy...might taste a bit like paper, ink, and staring-at-the-computer-screen-for-a-long-time (if that has a taste).

        Nelyo has been spending a lot of time with you lately.

        Well, I've had a lot to study!!

        It's more than possible that he's been reading over your shoulder.

        Erm, mmmhmm...Reading. That certainly wasn't all he was doing...;)

        I will "punish" him later. >:^))

        Hehe. He'll enjoy that.

        Nelyo just said that your final paper is just fine. Wicked imp....

        Is it now? *Arched eyebrow and trying not to smirk* Maybe he can...edit it for me...
  • Ohhh...I weep for Nelyo. How he has changed from the idealistic youth he was! This made me weep, but I am in a weepy mood today:

    The result? A family torn, broken—mistrust and hatred brewing in eager hearts—something that would not be possible in Arda Unmarred.

    *sigh* If only it had been otherwise, eh?

    Somebody should write about what life may have been like if that Oath had never been taken. Stupid!Oath!

    • Yeah, there's so many "what if this had been different?" scenarios in their story. *sad sigh* I see Maitimo as standing after the battle at Sirion and asking how this came to happen, searching for a reason or some place to lay blame...and realizing that it was no one thing but a lot of things that went wrong, tracing back to Eru himself. And what can one do about that?

      About the oath thing, I hear there is this AU challenge coming up at SWG.... ;)

      But I can't help but to feel that I wouldn't love the story--especially the characters--so much without the oath. I am an angstmonger, I guess.
      • I hear there is this AU challenge coming up at SWG.... ;)

        *hopefully* Is there really? I've got a half-finished drabble series that'd be completely perfect for that.
  • *pops out of the collegiate woodwork*

    Light...? Where is the light...? Mine eyes are dulled from the hours spent hunched in study...

    Er... I really need to go home for the summer.

    Awesomely cool drabble(times 2.5), Dawn. That's a great last line. :) (And my brain is too fried to say anything else... sorry!)
    • Allie! How great to hear from you! *hugs*

      Thank you! I squeed just to see a comment from you. :) (I don't even know how you're checking your flist with all you've got going on. *hats off to you*)

      Best of luck to you in these weeks to come and take care! :)
  • Wow! This was so deep, Dawn... You've touched so many issues and you've offered a logical, albeit disturbing (for most of the parties involved) explanation, as to where the root of the problem really is. The scariest part is that Nelyo's trail of thoughts leads him exactly back to square one and the circle of blame is complete. How can he not throw himself into the fiery chasm, ei?
    • I am guilty of having enjoyed way too much the discussion of The Ainulindale over at the Henneth-Annun Yahoo! list. ;) (I am leading a Silmarillion discussion there, and the most posts we've had--strangely--have come from The Ainulindale!)

      Also, Rhapsody got me thinking a few months ago (she is not lying when she says to be wary around her; the woman can throw a plotbunny for miles! :^D) at SWG when I said that Melkor was the only character with whom I could not sympathize. And she asked, "But can't Melkor be seen as the product of bad parenting? How might things have been different if Eru and the other Valar had not rejected his independent thought, his contribution to the Music?"

      (Sorry, Rhapsy, if I have inadvertantly misquoted you. This chat was months ago!)

      So when I read The Ainulindale again for HA, this really struck me.

      As did the quote, "And thou, Melkor, shalt see that no theme may be played that hath not its uttermost source in me, nor can any alter the music in my despite. For he that attempteth this shall prove but mine instrument in the devising of things more wonderful, which he himself hath not imagined."

      So even evil has its source in Melkor...and it all shall contribute to Eru's purposes in the end.

      I find this really interesting, and if you look at Tolkien's stories at a whole, it reinforces this notion. For all the evil that Feanor committed, but for him, the Noldor would never have returned to Middle-earth and it is questionable whether events by which Sauron could be defeated would have been set in motion without them.

      Every now and then, I manage to write about something other than pretty Elves. ;)
      • I do agree with everything you have said, concerning Melkor. It is an interesting perspective that needs to be looked at closely. the strangest thing is that I've never truly resented Morgoth, though he is the source of all evil and suffering, as far as the Feanorians are concerned. As much as Feanor hates him, I've never truly been able to lay the blame on Melkor, especially since canon speaks of him they way it does.

        And, knowing my beliefs (or lack of them), I cannot but agree with what Maitimo says in the end of the drabble.

        Every now and then, I manage to write about something other than pretty Elves.

        *pretty Elves are pouting*
        • I've seen a painting somewhere of Melkor and he's beautiful. It was fanart and I cannot remember for the life of me where I saw it. His face was gorgeous and he had wings--big white wings!

          Do you know this one, Alina? Anyway, it made me think of Satan immediately because wasn't he one of God's angels who fell from grace? Now don't imagine I'm religious or anything, or know much about it, because I'm not and I don't, although I did have some early childhood Sunday School and a little bit of religion drummed into me when I was much younger. And I've always loved the beautiful bible stories.
  • Very nice and true - all have it's source in Eru, all good and evil... Is Eru psychopath? We could ask it about any god worshiped on Earth... Or mentally ill creator, for there is no sanity in the creation.
    • I remember discussing The Ainulindale and everyone wanted to gasp and call Eru "bad" or "prideful" for his behavior, but I found this problematic, applying human characteristics to a god. Anthropomorphism, if you want to get fancy about it. ;)

      I've recently developed a fascination for The Ainulindale and the notion that even evil acts have their source in Eru (as I quoted in the loooong comment to Alina just above yours!) and that everything serves his purposes in the end. So when I saw the word for today, that was the first thing to come to mind, and it just had to be written! :^D

      I would say that, given the clinical psychologist's definition of psychopathy, that, yes, Eru is definitely a psychopath of sorts! o.O Because psychopathy is believed to stem from a combination of reduced empathy and an inability to react to stimulus as a normal person does. So a normal person is stimulated by a rollercoaster or a scary movie, but a psychopath must commit murder to get the same "thrill." Or throw a bad seed like Melkor down to earth and watch the events unfold. ;)

      An interesting thought, for sure. *ducks from lightning bolts*
      • Sorry for the double post! I accidentally clicked POST before I was done typing and couldn't stop it in time.
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