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Medium Dawn Felagund of the Fountain

Good News!

The (Cyber) Bag of Weasels

bread and puppet

"About as much fun as a bag of weasels"...when I first saw this Irish adage, it made me think of the life of a writer: sometimes perilous, sometimes painful, certainly interesting. My paper journal has always been called "The Bag of Weasels." This is the Bag of Weasels' online home.

Good News!

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I called the garage that is fixing my car this morning, since I hadn't heard from them in a week when I was told that the repair cost was right on the line where they would total the car. o.O Since I have been nurturing the beginnings of an ulcer about this subject, I called them this morning and was told that the car would be fixed by week's end! Woohoo!

This past weekend was great too. It was Bobby's birthday, so lots of fun associated with that. Thanks to those who sent him birthday wishes; he's read them all and says he will reply, but he's a busy man, so it might take a few days. ;)

The most notable fact of Bobby's birthday is that I ate more food than should reasonably fit inside of a human being of my size. And I made Mexican chocolate sorbet, so I'm guaranteed a sugar high for the rest of the week.

Apparently, summer is on its way too. The temperatures were just above freezing to the mid-60s this weekend, but I have the first wasp of the season stuck in my office. He was just buzzing around, swooping over my head (making me duck), and showing a great interest in the fluorescent lights. I don't mind him and have had wasps in my office for days at a time before...but if he flies out of my office and in sight of Johnny the Boss, he will likely be splattered. (Johnny is afraid of "bees" of any kind. My first summer working here, Johnny had a sizeable wasp-nest outside his window. I said, "Pity it's not outside mine. I'm not afraid of them, and I think it'd be cool to watch them during the day." Anyway, Johnny waged war on the nest using everything from insect spray to the canned air I had to clean my keyboard. I offered to put on a homemade bee-suit and take care of it for him, but he declined, and it was back to bug spray and canned air.)

Well, it's off to lunch now, then onto something productive: beta, Antithesis Common, RPG, or my own writing...but it feels so good to be productive and not worried again!

On a completely annoying note, my hip hurts again. It must be something in my skating solo because it only hurts on Mondays, after I practice my solo. The camel-sit spin perhaps? My beloved?? *weeps* Oh, well, I'm doing it anyway, pain or not. *evil cackle* Two weeks after the show, I'll be in Puerto Rico, letting it heal in the Caribbean sun.
  • Mexican chocolate sorbet?! What is that?! I want some! ;)

    Glad the car is almost fixed!

    Too bad you didn't have me around, I could've taken care of those wasps with my mind powers. ;)
    • Mexican chocolate sorbet is gooood...it is a dark chocolate sorbet with a hint of coffee, cinnamon, and rum. It sounds like a weird combination but, good Eru, it is tasty!

      (And since sorbet doesn't contain cream or any dairy, it is not too bad for you...aside from the high sugar content, that is.)

      The wasp is still buzzing around. They don't bother me so I leave them alone. :)
      • Sounds delicious!!!

        I usually don't mind bees, but I really don't like wasps that much, though I just try to leave them alone and hope they don't see me. But one of my friends is super afraid of things with stingers, so I did her a favor. ;)
        • If you ever have access to an ice cream maker, let me know and I'll send you the recipe. Or just come the Nelyo's and whisper the Sooper Sekrit Ice Cream Code.... ;)

          Bobby's afraid of "things that buzz around his head," which includes all forms of stinging insect, beetles, flies, muses, and locusts. The year the 17-year locusts emerged...that was fun. For me. ;)
          • I'll keep both in mind!! I think I'll make it to Nelyo's with the SSICC before I get an ice cream maker! ;)

            Haha, sometimes I'm afraid of the muses too, so Bobby's a smart man!!
  • I need Mexican chocolate sorbet right now. Oh, boy, do I need Mexican chocolate sorbet.

    But good job on the car. Let's hope they follow through.
    • Mexican chocolate sorbet is awesome. I've also managed to get my friend Harry Potter addicted to it; it doesn't take him and me very long to polish off a quart!

      I'll make the same offer to you as I did Tarion: If you ever have access to an ice cream maker, let me know, and I'll post the recipe for you.

      But good job on the car. Let's hope they follow through.

      Yeah, let's hope! I was in an accident some years ago and it took all summer to get my car fixed to where it did not make this horrendous grinding noise when I made right turns.

      Good thing is that the work is guaranteed as long as I own the car...so if I have any problems, it's going right back to the shop.
  • Well, okay, but be careful of your knees.

    I hate wasps because one flew down my shirt when I was in 4th grade. The nun didn't believe me---thought I was trying to get attention---and the damn thing stung me 5 or 6 times. That has sort of stuck with me over the years...

    Now, honey bees & bumble bees are fine, but wasps can all go die.

    Okay, Im fine now...
    • Well, okay, but be careful of your knees.

      Hehe...that's one of the few things I've yet to hurt skating. *knocks wood...HARD*

      I hate wasps because one flew down my shirt when I was in 4th grade.

      Ai! I got stung on the lip by a wasp when I was young. But since I've probably been stung 200 times, all told, it becomes rote after a while. ;)

      Still, that's scary. I think the worst beesting I had was the bottom of my foot. (I stepped on a honeybee playing barefoot in the yard...daft 'gund!) It swelled up and felt really gross to walk on, plus I actually saw the bee rip its own backside off to fly away. Ew.

      The most painful: the lip and the heel of the hand.

      Yeah, I played with bees a lot when I was a kid. ;)
  • Eeek. I'd panic near that wasp thing. I have no problems with bees, or bumble bees, or anything like that at all, but wasps freak me out. I think it's some kind of childhood trauma, since I was stung twice when I was really small and apparently hadn't acquired the same insensitiveness to pain I have now. (I managed to get stung another time, two years ago, and it wasn't bad at all, but I'm still afraid somehow.)

    But finally good news about the car! Whee!
    • Wasps are vicious, aren't they? One of my worst stings was a wasp sting to the lip. (I've been stung more times than I know...literally. But I think that this and the heel of the hand were the most painful.) Plus, they look vicious. Normal bees are cute but wasps look really nasty somehow.

      Still, I'm not afraid of them and I'd rather not kill them, so I let them fly around my office until they eventually die and the cleaning lady vacuums them up. :^P

      But finally good news about the car! Whee!

      Whee, indeed! :^D I can't wait to have it back, mostly because it has a tape deck so I can play my iPod rather than listening to the crappy radio.
      • Normal bees are cute but wasps look really nasty somehow.

        That's right. And I can really lie happily in a field with a dozen buzzing bees surrounding me, but one wasp makes me literally run for cover. I can remember a summer when they were really aggressive and just flew on you and stung. Just like that. O.o However, I don't like killing them either. When I manage to be really brave I catch them in a glass and let them free again. But only when I have really, really brave moments. ;)

        I can't wait to have it back, mostly because it has a tape deck so I can play my iPod rather than listening to the crappy radio.

        Ah, I don't like radio either. I need my own schizophrenic ecclectic choice of music. ;)
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