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Medium Dawn Felagund of the Fountain


The (Cyber) Bag of Weasels

bread and puppet

"About as much fun as a bag of weasels"...when I first saw this Irish adage, it made me think of the life of a writer: sometimes perilous, sometimes painful, certainly interesting. My paper journal has always been called "The Bag of Weasels." This is the Bag of Weasels' online home.


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Today was my first day back to reading my flist since Thursday. Given the amount of other things that I have to catch up on, it's not likely that I'm going to make it back that far, so if there's anything important or interesting that you think I'd be interested in knowing (and stories posted? news?), drop me a comment, and I'll check it out.

Meanwhile, I have my rental car, a Nissan Altima that felt huge at first after the little Esteem. But it drives nicely, at least, and has been easy to adjust to. Last night, after picking up the rental, Bobby and I had supper at La Madeleine, and while we were eating, the body shop called. Last winter, while driving my car, Bobby slid on a patch of ice and bumped another car. The other car was unhurt, but the right corner of my front bumper has a ding in it that wasn't worth repairing. When they counted the ding as one of the things they'd have to repair, it bumped the cost over the line where they'd simply total the car. The body shop guy said he'd figure a new total without the ding to see whether Nationwide would approve the repair. It's right on the line, he said. So we'll see.

There is some good news in my life lately: Bobby finalized all of the plans for our anniversary trip last night. We were going to go to Niagra Falls, Toronto, and Montreal (and don't worry, Jenni, we still will, just over a long weekend), but because this is our ten-year anniversary, and I ended up with a bit of extra money from retro pay, we decided to do something bigger. Something tropical. So we are going to Puerto Rico for nine days. We fly out of Baltimore on 17 June and return on 25 June. Puerto Rico is unique as far as Caribbean destinations go because it not only has beautiful beaches but also a rainforest. When I was young, I wanted to live in a rainforest (the Amazon, to be exact). The rainforest is what sold us on Puerto Rico versus the other islands. (Bobby specifically mentioned horseback riding in the rainforest, as though I needed convincing. Clever man.)

So I will be beefing up my Spanish after almost ten years of neglect. *cringes* I've started teaching Bobby the essentials: "Hola, como esta? Muy bien, gracias, y usted?" I taught him that "expensivo" is not a word. ;) And last night he learned, "Quiere?" when I asked him if he wanted some limeade.

Hearing one's husband speaking Spanish with a Baltimore accent is always a treat.

Meanwhile, today's agenda is to start Bobby's birthday story. (His birthday is Saturday; he is a quarter-century old, the old man!) Initially, he was going to get the default Midhavens story about knights. But lately, he's been really into reading up on the paranormal, and so he's going to get a ghost story set in the bona fide haunted Ellicott City. (I will post it in my LJ, under friend-lock, of course.) I haven't written horror in years--it was my favorite genre before discovering fantasy--and I've never done a ghost story. So this is going to be fun.

Last night, I finally started Easter candy too. Sunday was supposed to be devoted to making Easter candy, but we all know what happened with that. I got a batch of chocolate bunnnies finished, a batch of caramel-filled Easter eggs, and four chocolate mini Easter baskets. Of course, I will eventually post pictures of all my latest candy exploits, just 'cause I'm mean like that.

Okay, time to shut up and go write!
  • "Quiere, hon?" :-P I'd like to hear him speak Spanish. :)

    Wow, that totalling thing is scary. I really hope you don't end up getting screwed with all of this. We were trying to decide at dinner if you could sue the bastard, err, "other driver" to actually replace your car with something comparable if it's totalled. We decided we didn't know. *Shrug*

    Caaaaandy. :-D Is my order in there? :-S
    • Of course! I'm doing them all at once. :)

      I haven't heard back from the body shop, but I'm also with you in hoping that it's not totaled. If it is, I will fight and do what I can to not get screwed. Legally, I must be "made whole" again. I'm going to stand on whatever foot I can. ;)
  • Nah, nothing big going on here. Celegorm won't leave me alone, so that drabble that I pulled yesterday has grown into a tripple drabble, or maybe it turns into a vignette. He can be so chatty sometimes, this might sound familiar. But take it easy honey. {{{hugs}}}
  • Nothing big from me. I think my last entries were insta-drabbles from a week or so ago, and Allie's present.

    Oh, Puerto Rico!! I am jealous! Pero, espanol! Ayudare'. Y tu' puedes ayudarme tambie'n! He olvidado mucho. ;)

    Mmm, candy. I still have some girl scout cookies, so I won't complain too badly. Yet. ;)
    • *giggles* I'm unfortunately not much help in Spanish these days. It's been almost ten years since I had it (Eru, I'm getting old!) and while I was once quite good at it, that knowledge has been replaced by an interesting array of psychological diagnoses, neuroanatomy, HTML/CSS, and Quenya character names. ;) I'm hoping that Puerto Rico will be a nice review. :)

      Allie's present? As in her "Christmas" present? Or her bday present?? And I still need to read your insta-drabbles.

      And you know where I am if you ever want candy. ;)
      • that knowledge has been replaced by an interesting array of psychological diagnoses, neuroanatomy, HTML/CSS, and Quenya character names. ;)

        Lol!! I guess between only having 1 1/2 years of no Spanish combined with the brain space I save not knowing anything about psychology or neuroanatomy, I've managed to keep more Spanish without sacrificing knowing Quenya names. Or maybe that should be the other way around...

        As in her "Christmas" present?

        Maaaaaybe...I left it ambiguous for a reason! The Christmas present that I gave on her birthday. *blush*

        And you know where I am if you ever want candy. ;)

        Haha, right, so don't be surprised when a strange girl comes to your door asking for candy! ;)
        • Actually, I think that the neuroanatomy usurped the Spanish. And the Quenya names usurped the neuroanatomy.

          It seems I cannot hold more than one bizarre construction of words in my head at once!

          Haha, right, so don't be surprised when a strange girl comes to your door asking for candy! ;)

          Very little surprises me these days...actually, I'd be delighted! :)
          • And the Quenya names usurped the neuroanatomy.

            Us Sil fans gotta keep our priorities straight!! ;)

            Very little surprises me these days...actually, I'd be delighted! :)

            Hehe, plus you'd get wind of "Hey, there's a dog show..." ;)
            • Hey, the Quenya names are much more useful than the neuroanatomy these days. I can't remember the last time I had to point out a central sulcus...but now know Orodreth's Quenya name?? I've had to look that up a couple of times now!

              (And I stilll can't remember it. Grr.)
              • Sulcus...Hmm, sounds like something I should know...Oh well!

                (And it's Artaher...or at least that's one of them, I think. Stupid Elves with 54930 names)
                • Yep. It's Artaher. I'd know it if I saw it; I just can never remember it outright.

                  I kept thinking it was Aikanairo. But that's Aegnor. Duh. :^P

                  The central sulcus is (I think) the centermost ridge on the frontal lobe. But, like I said, Quenya names have made that shaky knowledge. ;) Maedhros' five names wiped that one out!
                  • Haha, yes! Good to know I remember something!

                    Frontal lobes...hmm, might've touched on it in anatomy or EQS then...must have been one of those things the prof said "You don't need to know this for the test..." meaning I promptly forgot!

                    I wish I could blame Quenya names for that, but...I think in that case, I just wasn't paying attention! ;)
  • Oooh - Puerto rico is GORGEOUS. I spent a day there during my cruise last spring. You're going to love it!
    • That's what I keep being told...mostly by my husband, who seems to think that I need convincing! ;)

      I can't wait! :)
  • Hi, Dawn! I'm responding to this a day late. I read it yesterday but I'm only getting back to it now to leave a comment. Please excuse my tardiness. First, how are you feeling? I hope you are not having any post-traumatic problems. Any news on your car yet? Oh, thank Eru! When I first read you were changing your holiday plans I thought, "Oh crap!" Although I could always go to visit YOU. But Puerto Rico! Oh man, that is one beautiful place. I've never been, but my best friend used to go there before it got "expensive", according to her. And it was always her favorite vacation spot, even more than Hawaii. Now I've got to go read the two stories you linked to on your SWG post. I do hope that you are doing okay after the accident.
    • I'm still doing fine, luckily! But no word on the car yet, though, although my dad assures me that insurance companies take their merry time with these things. :^/ Oh well, I've got a rental in the meantime; I'd just like to know if they're totaling the thing so that I can make plans accordingly.

      Don't worry about being a day late. I think we're both rather busy at the moment; I appreciate the comment and the nice thoughts, whenever they come. :) *hugs*
  • I taught him that "expensivo" is not a word. ;)

    I'm gonna stick up for Bobby here...'cause that's about as Spanish as I get. :-P I'm from a country where we're so up ourselves we don't bother learning new languages because we think everybody should speak English. I wish I could speak another language...I can do very very basic french and that's about it!

    Oh, I asked Sharon to mention it if she spoke to you, but I don't know if you guys have spoken in the last couple of days and since I'm here I might as well ramble on a bit. :-P I'm glad you're A-Okay after the car accident, scary stuff :-s At least you got control of the car and if all you came out of that with is minor sunburn then we can all be thankful for small mercies. :-) and now you're okay, I don't feel bad in saying that I chuckled a lot at the "car sized car" :-P
    • Americans have the same attitude toward English: Bobby was telling me that some of the complaints he'd seen about Puerto Rico were that "the staff didn't speak English." WTF?? It's a Spanish-speaking country! o.O

      Bobby knows French too because lots if hockey players speak French. Never mind that Spanish is the more practical language to learn in the US.... ;)

      Thanks for the well wishes. :) {{{Kirsty}}} Even the sunburn has healed and I am back to my normal colorless self. ;) And Sharon laughed at the "car-sized car" too (but you probably know that!) and since I wrote that entry to be funny, I'm glad more than just me thought of it like that.
  • Having your car repaired is damned expensive. Even only little bumps are enough to cost you a fortune, so I hope it will all work out for you. *crosses fingers*

    Puerto Rico sounds wonderful. And horseback riding in the rainforest... *wants*

    So you're freshening up your knowledge of Spanish? Makes me feel rather guilty of neglecting my Italian so badly. Last year at this time I could still do little conversations, but by now even the menu has become a challenge. *joins cringe*
    • I've been neglecting my Spanish for almost ten years now. o.O Aside from watching the occasional movie in Spanish (with English subtitles), I haven't practiced since my sophomore year in high school.

      So far, the car is on the line between being totaled and being repaired. It all depends on whether the insurance company improves the repair; no word yet! But I have my fingers crossed.
  • Hei, Puerto Rico?... That's some great news after the crap you've been going through. You deserve to have an excellent time and relax. Horse-riding through the rain-forest, Dawn? ... *envious sigh* Gotta love that husband of yours!

    Glad to hear that you are not feeling any post-traumatic soreness and I hope your poor car makes it, as well, even if it sounds rather unlikely.

    I look forward to the next AMC chapter and Bobby's birthday story... so I hope the writing is going well, too.

    *hugs* And take good care of yourself, precious!
    • It was kind of funny because the only pain I had after the accident was from skating practice that morning. I guess I skate harder than a car wreck. ;)

      I'm so excited about Puerto Rico! I'll be offline for that week, but I'm keeping a paper journal that I'm going to convert to LJ with lots of pictures, so I hope you all can experience it vicariously. :)

      Writing is going fine...when work settles down long enough for me to get stuff done. But today's shaping up to be a slow day, so I hope to get some good stuff done today. AMC will be posted on it's usual day; Bobby's bday is Saturday, so his story will be posted sometime after. Whenever I can squeeze time on the computer...Monday at the latest. (Probably Monday because I've got a busy weekend coming up.)

      *hugs back* You take care too and enjoy your weekend! :)
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