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Medium Dawn Felagund of the Fountain

Dawn as an Elf!

The (Cyber) Bag of Weasels

bread and puppet

"About as much fun as a bag of weasels"...when I first saw this Irish adage, it made me think of the life of a writer: sometimes perilous, sometimes painful, certainly interesting. My paper journal has always been called "The Bag of Weasels." This is the Bag of Weasels' online home.

Dawn as an Elf!

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Elves Are Cool
A few weeks ago, my friend and illumination teacher Tristan and I were talking about my website. And I mentioned that I would like to put a picture of myself up on it (since many bloggers weblers do) but didn't have any photographs that I particularly liked. So he said, "Why not have me do a portrait of you?"

Which, of course, made me squee, since I adore his artwork.

But not much else was said about it; I've been busy finishing up my school year and so haven't been able to be as active in the SCA as I would want. But, a few weeks ago, a group of us did go in garb (costume) to a special showing at the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore to provide living scenery for their new illumination exhibit. Apparently, I ended up in some of the photos. Tonight, I came home to an email from Tristan with a picture attachment.

My first thought: Yay, I've corrupted converted him into doing Elves in artwork!

Then I realized that the Elf looked an awful lot like ... me.

Apparently, he took one of the photos from the Walters and did a drawing of me as an Elf. I did make a loud noise like "Eeeeeeeeeeee!" when I realized this. (Bobby can vouch for that.) It's very exciting! I've had artwork done for me but never of me, and especially by a professional artist.

The drawing is here on Tristan's weble. (There is adult content on his weble but not on this particular post, so those concerned with such things are safe to click through the warning that will pop up.) He even included the DF-in-Tengwar monogram that I use on, well, everything.


And, yes, he takes commissions, so you, too, can be an Elf! ;)

For comparison purposes ...


I think he did a good job! :D

  • Both versions (real you and Elf-you) are lovely! Kudos to Tristan.

    Elf-you has a rounder face than real you, and, oddly, seems to have Bobby's nose. Perhaps Elf-you looks like a child that you and Bobby might have, a little bit of each of you blended together.
    • Part of it might be, too, that the picture is two years old (but was one of the few that I have where I'm not making a funny face!) and I am heavier now than I was then, so my face is a bit rounder. (Our neighbor took some photos at Bobby's hockey game last week, and I noticed this in the pictures I was in with him.)

      But you're right that Tristan's drawing does somewhat look like a composite of Bobby and me! That's interesting.
      • It could also be that you and Bobby are starting to get that "old married couple" look -- you know the one, when two people become so thoroughly enmeshed that they start to look like each other. It's kind of sweet.
        • Okay, this gave me a good chuckle ... but I would agree that it's sweet. :) And we have been together romantically now for almost half our lives, so it is wholly possible!
          • Just as long as you don't start to look like the pets. That's a sign that you're completely gone, and the Schmoop Patrol will have to swoop in, snick-snack at your wrists, and send you to Helsinki.
  • (no subject) - lady_roisin
    • I thank you on his behalf! :D

      I love my coat and get a lot of compliments on it. My husband picked it out for me as a Christmas gift some years ago. When he showed it to his parents et al, they laughed at him for picking something so enormous and ... hirsute. ;) So he got nervous about his choice and asked me if I minded "approving" it before Christmas so that he could get me something different if I didn't like it.

      Of course, I loved it. :) And I have a little laugh to myself at the naysayers whenever someone else likes it too!
      • (no subject) - lady_roisin
        • Thank you! We are pretty great together. He even puts up with the imaginary friends muses. ;)

          I was getting ready to comment on my comment to say that, in addition to looking cool, the coat is so warm and cozy, and I loathe the cold weather, so that is a really really good thing!
          • (no subject) - lady_roisin
            • Thank you! :D

              I'm jealous. It's snowing outside right now. It started only a little over an hour ago, and it's already covered the grass.

              And it's still the weekend, so we probably won't even get a snow day out of it.

              Southern California weather sounds good! :D
  • (no subject) - j_dav
    • The graphics on my Tengwar monogram are awful (it was the first thing I ever tried to do in Photoshop/Illustrator) but it has sentimental value now ... I was really surprised that he noticed it, not being a Tolkien person!

      I was really happy in that picture! :D We were in New York at the holidays; it was cold as anything but I'd just gotten off the bus, so I wasn't complaining. Yet. ;)
      • (no subject) - j_dav
        • His husband is a Tolkien fan and used to write journals in the Tengwar, so he's often noted an appreciation for Tengwar. (Being a scribe contributes to this, I'm sure! His comment on my first attempt at Celtic calligraphy [too late to remember which hand] was that he could tell I learned on Tengwar, as all the ascenders and descenders looked like Elvish! :D) And Tolkien geekdom rubs off on husbands: Mine can name the sons of Feanor! ;)
  • That's lovely!

  • Awwww those cheeks! Perhaps it is me, but your face feels more round than I remembered from one of your recent pictures (taken in your backyard before you went to a ren faire) :) I love the somewhat sceptical look you have there, hehe.

    I can't afford commissions in a long shot and he's such a fab artist! Are you going to put that drawing up on your webble?
    • I still have to ask permission, but I'd like to! :D

      I think I am a little rounder in the face than I was. I'm heavier now than when the NY and Ren Faire photos were taken (and that is not a complaint, just a fact. ;)
      • :D :D Looks like country life is rubbing of on you quite pleasantly ! I'd nearly think that living in such a gorgous place would not result in that :) There was also something else that crossed my mind, but I can't remember what. urgh.
  • You actually get to study with THE Master Tristan Alexander?

    Lucky, lucky, lucky girl! And his elf-treatment of you looks wonderous, as would be expected, with such a talented artist and gorgeous model to work from! :)

    (and your other commenters are right too - super cute couple, and *great coat*!)
    • Hey, don't I remember that you have family in Gaithersburg? That's not far from Bright Hills, you know ... you could come visit us and meet THE Master Tristan Alexander too! ;)

      Thank you for the blush-worthy compliments too ... and I'm sure my husband is feeling super-redeemed on the coat! He bought it for me and everyone he showed it to beforehand laughed at him. Shows what they know! :^>
      • I do, indeed, and I might take you up on that introduction!

        Hey - I've been talking with some of the Laurels up here about doing an exhibit of everyone's early garb - from humble beginnings do great things come!
        • Please do! :) We have a fighter practice and A&S meeting every Friday night, from 7:30 till 10. ;) Master Tristan is doing an illumination class on (I think?) the 3rd Friday of every month?
  • Tristan's illustration is certainly squeeworthy, and that elf* is recognizable as you, and I say that without the benefit of the photo of you and the Green Knight. I left a comment on Tristan's...weble. (I'll get used to the word eventually ;^))

    ETA: *Even if I am of the non-pointy elvish ears school of thought. :^D

    Edited at 2009-03-01 03:30 pm (UTC)
    • Oh, the ears ... I can't go heretical on this. Just because I love the pointy ears too much. I wouldn't mind an Elf of my own to play with his/her ears ... ;)

      And, yes, we're trying to introduce weble into the Internet lexicon! It sounds so much nicer than blog!
  • Great art and lovely RL photo. The coat is great too.
    • Thank you! :D Bobby's scoring all kinds of points on this post. (He picked out the infamous Coat. ;)
  • What a gorgeous picture of Elf-Dawn! :D I do love the RL one of you, you're almost glowing in it, and you and Bobby look so sweet~ ♥ Lovely coat, too!
    • Awww, thank you! :D It was very cold. And pretty early. I don't remember much beyond that. I'm wondering if the glow is a combination of windburn and exhaustion! :D

      Bobby bought the coat for me. People swore I'd hate it. Every time I get a compliment on it (a lot), we just grin at each other!
  • Gorgeous!
  • What a great drawing - the likeness is really good!
    • Tristan is an amazing artist. I am so, so lucky to have him to teach me! :D

      *waves to you in your icon*
      • Hee, I used to call that my lucky vascular surgery hat. I think I was doing a carotid endarterectomy at the Tampa VA when someone snapped that shot - and somewhere I have one of myself and a female senior neurosurgery resident after a carotid. Gracious, that must've been taken 6 or 7 years ago. :)
  • Wow - what a gorgeous drawing!
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