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Medium Dawn Felagund of the Fountain

An FYI for Tolkien Fanfic Authors, Particularly Group Mods

The (Cyber) Bag of Weasels

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"About as much fun as a bag of weasels"...when I first saw this Irish adage, it made me think of the life of a writer: sometimes perilous, sometimes painful, certainly interesting. My paper journal has always been called "The Bag of Weasels." This is the Bag of Weasels' online home.

An FYI for Tolkien Fanfic Authors, Particularly Group Mods

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hugo reyes--dude
As most of you know, I despise online drama, particularly drama related to fan fiction. It's ridiculous. This is a hobby, and there is no reason for people's lives to be ruined, for there to be tears and death threats made about fan fiction.

In keeping with this, I have always taken care not to mention names when discussing individuals behaving negatively in the fanfic community in my LiveJournal posts. Likewise, I generally f-lock material that might start a "flame war" or any sort of drama with these individuals. The fact remains that this is a hobby for me. I have a family, a job, a life, and a budding writing career that are all more important than raising my blood pressure and, most importantly, wasting my time than some idiot's personal beef with my fan fiction.

However, things have escalated to the point where I would like to make a sort of "FYI" to others who participate in the Tolkien fanfic community, particularly moderators of groups, archives, and communities. Most of you have been well aware of this individual for some time now, but as I said, things have escalated to an unacceptable level.

That I must waste a perfectly good Sunday afternoon, fit for writing or working on my website, is dismaying in itself but such is life, I guess. :)

I am going to avoid naming individuals (except the guilty) and particularly archives, as I do not know what is public knowledge and what individuals want to be revealed. (If you are involved and do not mind your name being known, or if you are part of one of the archives involved and wish that name being published, please let me know, and I will edit my post.) However, it recently happened that a friend of mine posted a Maedhros/Fingon slash story on a small archive that accepts stories from multiple fandoms as well as original fiction. The archive was "slash friendly," though (apparently) not much slash was posted there.

Many of you are familiar with the author who used to post under the pen name "The Last Temptation of Homer" and now uses "The Battling Bard." Well, she had sung the praises of this archive for months, primarily because she is in bitter opposition to slash and not much (if any?) was found there. Well, when this slash story was posted, she proceeded to flame the author, despite the fact that story was clearly labeled as being "slash" and "AU." On a moderated archive, this should not be acceptable, and the archive took some steps so that slash was more clearly marked as slash and posted a public reminder that the archive was "slash-friendly" and that readers needed to use their discretion in choosing what stories to read.

Now The Battling Bard had recently been kicked off of another, much-larger fan fiction archive for her aggressive behavior towards authors who did not meet her rather nebulous standards of "quality" or "canon." Shortly after being kicked off of this archive, she began a personal vendetta against it, claiming it as one of the worst in the Tolkien community, despite having embraced the same place before, prior to being kicked off after numerous warnings for her antics. Now, she has started the same behavior towards the "slash-friendly" archive.

Nonetheless, this reeks of simple fandom drama: She can't abide by the rules or TOS at a place, so she slams the archive for protecting its other members. Nothing odd there. However, in a thread on the fanfiction.net forums called The Pushuruk Awards, she made a death threat against the author who had posted slash at the "slash-friendly" archive. It has since been removed, as the management of ff.net was informed. However, this is what she said:
I have a sudden desire to murder all slash writers. For a number of blissful years, *archive omitted* has been slash free, now it's been invaded by one of those bloody 'tasteful' slash writers. It's Fingon/Maedhros. They're cousins for bloody gods sake! THAT IS SICK DIE YOU SICK slash writing B**TARDS!! What I wouldn't do to have 5 minutes alone with that author in a closet with a semi automatic. That offend you? GOOD!
The thread in which this threat was issued is here. Later, she says:
As for the 'death threat'. For gods sake get over yourself, I was only messing around. I'm going to delete that post anyway because someone reported it to ff.n.
Clearly, this person (and others who comment in this thread) are nuts who really need to get a life, a boyfriend (or girlfriend ;), or a good vibrator. In the past, I have been happy to ignore them or write them off as nuts, but this is just a step too far for me and many others who have had contact with The Battling Bard in the past. She ignores the mission and TOS of a site, gets reprimanded, and proceeds to make death threats against the author whose story she didn't like because she (The Battling Bard) ignored the TOS...yes, the logic of that escapes me too. It's kind of like reading on the side of a Styrofoam coffee cup, "CAUTION: HOT"; being verbally warned by the person serving you the coffee that it is hot; intentionally dumping the hot coffee in your lap; and then suing the person who served you the coffee because it was hot. No, it makes no sense, but what more do we expect from someone like this?

I know that many people have been trolled by this individual in the past. I have received correspondence from authors who will not post on ff.net because of the behavior that is permitted there in terms of reviews. I know of people who have stopped posting there or deleted their accounts because of certain reviewers there, and yes, The Battling Bard's name comes up quite often in those discussions. I can't make decisions for other writers, but it is my hope that authors stop allowing asshats like The Battling Bard and "Celegorm" and others who act like disgruntled Neanderthals with hemorrhoids to bully them around. These individuals clearly have no interest in enjoying themselves in this community. They do not review to help or encourage authors. They are quite likely playing a few cards short of a full deck, and at the very least, they have exaggerated the effect of fan fiction on the fate of the world. They also have trouble finding the BACK button on their browsers. These are not people that we should respect. And so these are not people whom we should allow to affect the fun and enjoyment from what is--for the most part--a wonderfully amiable and supportive community.

But that aside, as the owner/mod of a fan fiction group, I do take these things seriously. I want people to have fun in my group, and idiots like The Battling Bard are toxic to this purpose. And so those of you with groups or communities, if you don't know her name, then learn it. She previously went under the moniker of "The Last Temptation of Homer." If you manage an LJ community, please be aware that she has an account here (battlingbard22), and I suspect that it's only a matter of time before she begins trying her antics on our comms, since she's quickly running out of archives where she is welcome.

Unfortunately, although LJ allows us to monitor when we are added as friends by another user, it does not enable the same of our comms...at least, so far as I can tell. FAQ #84 details how to remove and ban troublemakers from communities. Hopefully, none of us will have to use it, but it's good to know what we can do in case we do.

Sadly, because of her behavior, as I try to get the SWG site off of the ground (even if just barely hovering ;), I have spent most of my discussions with my co-mods not on the archive or the references or cool things that we might do with the group...no, we have talked about policies and reprimands and what we will do when (inevitably, I fear) one of these idiots decides to test the waters in our group.

However! There is a spark of light: Apparently, I am just as high on her shit list as she is on mine. Yep, the estimable satismagic and I have been picked out by The Battling Bard and "Celegorm" as The Smuggest Fan Fiction Writer of the Year in their little Pushuruk Awards. Given the fact that jael_the_scribe has been added since I last viewed the forum this morning, I can reliably conclude that "smug" actually means "people that either give their bullshit right back to them or advocate behaving in a mature and rationale manner with regards to fan fiction." Juno, of course, is the author of the excellent How to Review and moderates a ff.net forum of the same name. Jael's replies to their idiocy in some of the threads above are applause-worthy, and I have had the distinct pleasure of corresponding with both The Battling Bard and "Celegorm" about some comments that they made on my stories. Neither replied or provided me with the citations that I requested, and I haven't heard from either since, though apparently, I must have been memorable.

But silliness aside, this is an individual who has made death threats against an author over fan fiction. Please keep that in mind and also (please please please) help to stop this trend of allowing asshats to influence where we share our work. These people do not deserve our respect, and they especially do not deserve our attention.

Now I'm off to try to enjoy my Sunday afternoon. And don't forget to vote for Juno, Jael, and me as the Smuggest Fanficcers of the Year! :)
  • Familiar? I knew you were talking about her before I even saw the name! She's a loon, though thankfully hasn't bothered me since she embarassed herself with a comment to me in her now-deleted anti-slash thread.

    I wouldn't worry about her... she clearly has nothing better to do! However, I am feeling a sudden urge to write something really, really smutty... ;P
  • Ah, so this is the context... Juno posted something about it earlier today (yesterday?), and I looked through it without understanding it in full.

    It blows that you have to actually waste time by addressing this issue, though it's good to get the message out there for other groups and archives.

    I mean, holy mother of God! I still can't get over the fact that this lunatic... is, well, being such a lunatic. People make such a massive deal out of fanfiction and all the associated drama, when at the end of the day, it's a hobby. It's for fun. Get a life.


    PS- How is Alex liking all the snow? I was home last night, and my dog (Chewy) likes to go out and get it all over his beard by snuffling around in it... and then putting his chin on my knee, getting it all wet. *snickers*
  • Woot!

    Given the fact that jael_beruthiel has been added since I last viewed the forum this morning, I can reliably conclude that "smug" actually means "people that either give their bullshit right back to them or advocate behaving in a mature and rationale manner with regards to fan fiction

    That made my day! Yet another award nomination to add to my budding career in BNF-itude! Had I known it was that easy to join such august company as you and Juno, I'd have been a prick to her long before now. LOL

    Okay, I definitely gave her 'nonsense' back to her, I'm not so sure about the mature and rational part. It's a moot point now, because after two messages this morning, she's locked me out of her fora. That's one way to have the last word.

    But silliness aside, this is an individual who has made death threats against an author over fan fiction.

    To be strictly accurate, I always took those 'heated remarks' about guns and throwing computers as seriously as I did her repeated assertion that a piece of fiction made her throw up on her keyboard -- rhetorical excess merely. (Come to think of it, puking on the keyboard might well explain the quality of her own work, which is rife with typos, even in what should be polished stories.)

    For the record, to those who follow the link and read that thread, I am NOT the one who made the complaint to the unnamed archive.
  • You know, there I was having just finished today's work on my art history essay, ready to enjoy some Pasta and my favourite Scandinavian crime thriller on TV... but I can't simply not comment right now...

    All this stuff makes me feel really dirty that she liked my stories. Or, let's rather say it makes me rebellious to have Haleth develop a sudden interest in girl and make Caranthir realize that his cousins are not so bad after all. And then there's the whole LACe stuff. If she argues with LACe she shouldn't like my stories because I actually think what's written down in LACe strongly suggests that people in ME would view interspecies-sex as about as 'dirty' as cousin-sex or homosexuality or whatever. And I have this story in my little story drawer where Caranthir actually has a wife back in Aman and so it's clearly not ok what he's doing.

    But now I'm trying to apply logic to this situation. See, what I totally despise about Homer is that she need to get all preachy-bitchy about the slash issue. I mean, I for example don't really like PWPs and I have no idea what's so appealing about m-preg. But I don't run around various community like "OMG, you're so sick!!!11!!". Yes, I actually like to think I have more maturity than a 12-year old, thank you very much indeed.

    If a story happens to touch a subject I don't like to read about I simply follow the old principle of "Don't like, don't read". And I truly wonder why she reads all of these slash stories if she doesn't like it... you know sometimes I wonder if she just feels very inferior about her writings and so she has to diss others to keep up her low self-esteem. Meh. :-/

    Oh, and congratulations to you and Juno and Jael of course. ;-P
  • Well, I always knew that I'm a nutter living in my own (j)universe. I guess when it comes down to it, I am more surprised that it has taken this long for ppl to catch on.

    Jokes aside, as I said before, we need to take a stand to make this stop.

    Saying things like that is not funny. Not once. Not ever.

    It lowers the threshold for violence in a way that none of us can want.

    And just ignoring people like that lowers another threshold in a way that none of us can want.

    When are we going to do or say something? When someone lies bleeding in the gutter?

    Sorry for sounding so pathetic, but by now I know exactly what disturbs me so much about this whole mess.

    From little, innocuous, silly, evil beginnings can grow a really big not at all silly Evil. Yes, this IS silly fanfic, fun, a hobby and it doesn't compare at all to a capitalized Evil. And that's exactly how I want to keep it. And that's exactly why it needs to stop HERE.
    • I did reply to her forum (which seems to have been deleted in the time that it took for Bobby and me to go out for pizza, stop for a cup of coffee, and throw Alex into the bathtub) and was told that "I was taking things too seriously" and that I represented why the rest of the world thinks that Americans like myself are idiots.

      I then pointed out that I work in law enforcement and see every day the result of people who use threats of violence or put too much weight onto stupid things, like fan fiction, and reply to frustrations with guns.

      I suggested that she unplug the computer and check the real world because, yes, violence is a serious issue in our modern society.

      I was then given a sad story about how she is on a month's work leave for a heart condition and, therefore, is not able to go out into the real world. And I was told, again, that I was taking things too seriously.

      At which point I replied that trying to make me pity her and then point the blame back at me again is very transparent. And being the smug asshole that I am, I expressed my sympathies for her condition. What was said after that, I do not know, due to aforementioned pizza, coffee, and puppy. :)

      Because I'm pretty sure that the forum has been deleted. Curious, that.
  • And people wonder at my decision to avoid sharing personal information such as my name and e-mail with Tolkien fandom at large . . . There really is an astounding amount of behavior that ranges from inconsiderate to bloviating to the just plain bad. Nobody seems to grasp that Tolkien fandom is so old and large and juggernaut-like that a) their petty crusades will make no difference whatsoever in the long run, and b) whatever they want, chances are that it's out there somewhere. No one has to go wading through archives of stuff that they don't like in order to find what they do like -- Google is your friend, and is utterly shameless about giving you what you want, when you want it, and not asking questions.*

    My guess is that The Battling Bard just gets off on irritating other people. The proper response to that is to ignore her.

    *Other than those of the "Did you mean French military defeats?" variety, of course.
  • Smugness

    Did you see? I'm in the lead. *g*

    We should have banners.

    And all our friends would come and say that they hope to win the title one day!

    *Nominee of the Smuggest FanFiction Writer of the Year*

    *status of smugness: very smug*
    • Re: Smugness

      Yay you! I'm really at a loss for who I should vote for. I, of course, want to support you and Jael, but I also want to win badly myself.

      Of course, being a smug ass, if I do win, then I will share the honor--and the banner--with you and Jael. You were, after all, responsible for much of my confidence (and subsequent smugness) as a fanfic author! And Jael is just downright entertaining.

      Oh, I did ask, and there will be banners. I didn't put up my MEFA banners yet, but I will put this one up right away.
  • BTW, has one of you realized that Homer has a Xena-fic on her ff.net site that is labeled "slight femslash"? I mean, I won't even get started now on how badly the show slaughters European mythology, but - someone tell me - what exactly makes girlsecks so much less 'dirtier' than boysecks? *thoroughly puzzled*
  • I had to laugh so hard when I read that the awards programme she started was anti-mefa and it was smug in her eyes too.. The mefa's encompasses every archive in the fandom, so wow, every writer/reviewer are all smug then? We alll wants that award!

    You know Dawn, the past 2 weeks I realised and refound something so precious since I left the smaller archive you mentioned for good. I found myself giggling, feeling excited, producing chapter after chapter and having fun at writing again while I was you know plotting and doing lovely character development and stuff, the true icing on the cake so to speak. That was my enormous pay back on turning my back on drama queens like Homer for good. It somewhat empowered me to be relieved of that burden. Now as I finished researching a big deal of my new chapter for Love Lessons, I think Homer will be shocked to see how one of her 'fav' writers is writing a submissive character in a story. Heck, I think I need to get popcorn for that!

    But indeed, a huge admiration for Jael and her patience.
  • God. People need to really get perspective.
  • (no subject) - levadegratchets
    • You know, a friend quoted exactly those lines to me this morning, when I explained to her why I can't stop bringing issues like that up and taking action in whatever way I'm able.

      When I studied law, the professor I admired most once said to us: "And should it come to the worst, then I will hang, and I expect you, ladies and gentlemen, to hang with me."

      It sounds almost pathetic, doesn't it? But he was the only professor who filled the human rights he was supposed to teach us with life.
    • (no subject) - dawn_felagund - Expand
  • Thank you, Dawn, for posting this.

    Thank you, thank you. Really. I've been looking at this stuff over the afternoon, trying to figure out exactly what Homer/Bard/whatever she's calling herself now is getting out of this. And... nope, I still don't have any answers. Just a lot of bewilderment and sadness, that my fandom produces strife like this.

    The thing that kills me most is how absolutely juvenile this all is. This is wank suitable for Harry Potter or one of those pop fandoms with a million thirteen-year-olds who have nothing better to do than troll around the Internet looking for people to harass, maybe: NOT for the Silm. (And maybe I'm sounding elitist, now, which is not my intention. After all, I was only thirteen myself when I began to get interested in the Silm. I simply mean that the Silm-fandom is less popular among the bubblegum set, because it does take time and patience and a lot of thought to even get through Tolkien's prose. Even after six years, I still don't pretend to understand every little nuance of canon in the Silmarillion itself, let alone every single volume of HoME and the related works. So I would assume and hope that people who like and respect Tolkien enough to become involved with the fandom would have enough maturity to deal in a dignified, respectful manner with things that irk them in the fandom... but I was wrong, I guess, that that's just sad.)

    The question is, how to deal with people like this, when we come across them? Or even whether we ought to deal with them, seeing how little past dealings with them have changed the situation. (IIRC, I posted about Homer and her reviewing practices a while back, as you have, and this is certainly not a new thing.) Should we (and argh, I hate the us-versus-them language I'm using here) respond to their flames rationally and politely? Should we report them to mods/managers when, as in the example you stated, they use threatening language? Should we just ignore them and hope they'll get tired and go off to antagonize other fandoms?

    I really don't know. :-/

    And don't forget to vote for Juno, Jael, and me as the Smuggest Fanficcers of the Year! :)

    You've all got my vote. Maybe it will be a tie, by popular accord. I'll make you all little crowns, and you can wear them and yay. :-D
    • I wish I had a nickel for every time I've had a conversation with someone about Homer (or "Celegorm") and their wayward ways. I could quit work and wank on the Internet all day, just as they do!

      I will tell you my personal Policy on Asshats. ;) I reply to all signed reviews on my stories. When a review is concrit, I address the issues that the reviewer raises (if need be) and always thank him/her for his/her input. I even thanked Saxton & Holt, rude as that one was! When the review is inexcusably rude (see Battling Bard and "Celegorm"), I still reply. I still address the issue, but I do not thank them. I also point out that they are wasting their time with such reviews, as authors don't hear a word that they're saying. And so I point them towards Critters, which has some excellent articles on critiquing by a very credible source.

      Unless the reviews are directed at my stories, I mostly ignore these people, though I have reassured authors before that the problem is not with the story, it is with the reviewers. But I don't troll their forums or look for trouble. I never would have found that I was nominated as Smuggest Fanficcer if not for an email from Oshun. (To whom I am grateful, for the record!)

      As a group mod, though, I am on them like the proverbial white on rice. Yes, I check her LJ page at least once a week; I check silwritersguild to make sure that she hasn't joined there. When the SWG archive is launched, then I will do the same there. (I get email notifications when people join in Yahoo, so that is less of an issue.) This I do because I think that the members in my group deserve better than to be harassed. If/when a problem arises, then I want to take care of it right away and prevent it from happening again.

      I did make an exception to my Asshat Policy today. I did speak out against the death threats she made against Oshun. The forum has since been deleted, but I hoped that her little minions might begin to question things a bit more rather than blindly accepting that it is cool to make such statements for any reason, much less over fanfic.

      I was told that I was taking things too seriously. "Discussion" ensued, and in the time it took to get a pizza, stop for a cup of coffee at the bookstore, and bathe Alex, the forum was deleted.

      As for the award, if I win, I wholly intend to share the honor--and the banner that I have been assured by Homer is being made--with Juno and Jael. I figure we're all smug enough to be deserving. ;)
  • Tarion of Canatics Hate This at your service! *bows*

    Seriously, LToH/Battling Bard is...wow. I remember she reviewed my whole one piece at ffn, and I just ignored her. That is so f*cked.

    Did you see someone's comment back to her, along the lines of "get past the agenda"? I honestly wanted to pop the top on a bottle of bubbly and say, "To [commenter's name]!"

    Darn, I didn't get any nominations!! *tear* I guess I'll go post the scripts from Alina,you and my SSPoD!!!!! >:D

    I'm going to attempt to read other people's comments to this now.

  • Interesting News

    I am such a live and let live this has all come as a huge shock to me and taken up more time that imagined possible. But the interesting news I just got is this note from Sweet Dreams: "Due to the firestorm of events today, and for whatever reasons of her home, said author who left the flaming reviews and made the threats on ff.net has asked for her archive at SDS to be deleted and it now has been."

    I appreciate that Juno reported this nightmare to appropriate people so that hopefully she will not disrupt other people.

    On your nominations, scribes, you have put me in the most awkward situation--how can I possibly chose between the three of you! (Oops, maybe I should chose Dawn since I just asked her to Beta something for me; on the other hand, Juno has been very supportive throughout this ordeal, and Jael puts up with an incredible amount of my b.s., insecurity and writer's block on a day-to-day basis. I'm back to square one. I'll just wish all three of you luck and sit back and watch. (In truth, I am a little afraid to post on her thread!)

    • Re: Interesting News

      No worries now, the thread is deleted! She and I went around for a while; I guess it was too much for her to have to answer for herself, so she took the coward's way, as she did when banning Jael from the thread (and then lying about it and quickly reinstating her...oops, too bad about that screencap!). Nothing new on her forum about it; I'll be interested to see if it all Just Goes Away or if she picks at it a little more. I'm actually banking more on the former. Experience with this individual has taught me that she is a coward; she kept trying to change the subject with me, I kept hammering away with the same questions, and lo! the forum is deleted. Curious, that.

      I am glad to hear that she is off SDS. I am still dismayed that the situation was handled in what I felt was a very poor manner for you and Rhapsody both. Though now that is two archives that are Officially Homer-Free (and if, Eru forbid, she ever shows up on SWG, one strike and she's out).

      Meanwhile, all of this meant that I didn't get to your chapter again, and I am so sorry about that. I will try my hardest tonight or tomorrow. :(
  • ZOMG DAWN, you smug American ass!

    I'm sorry, but "such an ass?" "Smug?" BWAHAHAHAHA! Well, if being an ass means expecting people to back their "knowledge" up with quotes from books and speaking up when people are being ridiculous, then by golly, I'm proud to be friends with a smug ass! :D

    But to be more serious... wow... I hate when people say, "I'd like a minute alone with them in a closet with a weapon!" or anything entertaining the idea of murdering somebody, and then try to use, "It obviously wasn't serious! I'd never actually do it!" as a defense. As you said, it's not the point whether they'd actually harm someone or not--just the fact that they're even bringing death and murder into the conversation to explain their feelings (even as an exaggeraton) is inexcusable. (My siblings and I would get in big trouble for saying anything like, "You told Mortimer I liked him?! I could kill you for that!" even if we were laughing and obviously not angry--I assumed there was a reason (besides the fact that my mom is big on manners) for that!) And it's scary when people go from "I dislike this fanfiction (which I don't even have to read!)" to "This fanfiction makes me angry! I wish harm upon the author!"

    And if I ever finally crank out any fanfiction, I want to put a huge disclaimer on it saying, "SCREW HoME!" make Feanor and Maedhros nice people, give Finwe irritable bowel syndrome, make some Elf really flirty (maybe with his cousin :P), and post it on FF.net :D
  • If you check out their award forum, it has about five posters, three of which are mods, and I assume the other two are members of their mutual appreciation society.

    I think the best remedy is to proudly post the awards somewhere, and be proud of your enemies.

    I do think ff.net should remove stuff like that, it does nothing to promote the the actual purpose of the site, writing of fan fiction. They should also remove flaming review trolls. Unless they stop such behavior, it will destroy their site. They have to decide if the purpose of the site is to publish amateur fiction or enable a few mean spirited losers. Many talented people, especially the young talents, tend to be sensitive, and such things could hurt them deeply, and perhaps stop them from writing. It would be a shame to lose good authors because a few malicious bullies targeted them.

    It is hard to police such a large site. Just keeping those who post stories about their on line Viagra sales site must be a daunting task at ff.net.

    Finally, do not give people the power to hurt you. If you do not care what they say, it will bother you less. The only nasty reviews I have ever gotten came from ff.net; I considered the source, and life went on.

    • I am quite proud of my nominations. I said in an earlier (deeply buried, by now) thread on this post that I generally dislike making things Us versus Them, but here, I am quite happy when as much distance is created between me and Them as possible. :)

      I (and I think I am safe in saying Juno, as well) have always advocated being civilized about fan fiction. It's freakin' fan fiction! It's a hobby! It's supposed to be fun! It's like little old ladies deciding to put out each other's eyes during the knitting circle; it's absolutely ridiculous to treat it like "badfic" or "Mary Sue" (or a missed stitch ;) will knock the Earth off Her axis.

      Alas, this is the opposite of what these people advocate. That makes Juno and me "smug." Good...because I don't want to earn any admiration from someone willing to make a death threat over fan fiction. Add sour grapes over not winning a MEFA and we have the "Pushuruk Awards."

      I completely agree about moderation (or lack thereof) on ff.net. Of course, it is such a huge site, but making clear policies that discourage aggressive or cruel behavior would at least give them more a leg to stand on in cleaning up the site. I post there because I get a good number of page clicks...and I've been writing long enough that even the "cruelest" reviews simply don't hurt anymore.
  • *Shaking head at all the madness* I'm proud to say that several forum people hate me... it means I've done my job. :-P (Not my job to be hated, but to question and stand up to those who bully and flame like it's normal adult behaviour.)

    BTW, how long do you think it'll be before Bard does a vanity search and finds this LJ entry? *Scratches head*
    • Well, since she posted in her ff.net forum this morning that she found Juno's entry about the SMUG awards and found herself banned from Juno's LJ, then I'm sure she's found it already. I'm sure she's trolled out Jael and me as well as Juno. I wonder why she did not comment here? I haven't banned her. Could it be that she knew she'd get it right back? Coward much??

      Anyway, what she fails to realize is that it is a compliment when bullies actively distance themselves from me. It's not my job in this case--I do not have any sort of admin privileges on the archive in questions--but I feel my responsibility to speak up, when things go too far.
  • Hiya Dawn! *waves* we're not friends but we have many mutual friends as well as have both been Officiall Homerized on our Silm fics at ffnet (the first incident because she hated I got a hair color wrong! haha). Another member in the midst of this directed me this way. She and I both left the "slash-friendly" archive after this recent fiasco, both of us with admin powers on that site AND I had made the site a large affiliate of my own website and its LJ community. So you can say I was severely bummed about the lack of action taken against BattlingBard/Temptation of Homer. I had been attacked by said member on ffnet previously but she did not dare attack me on the other site.

    I don't know if it is because she knew of my position or friendliness with one of the main admins but I was one of the first slash posters on that site. She NEVER responded to my story or reviewed it while it had been up for quite some time. Only when Jael and a couple others posted did she come after them. I think she knew that if she came after me that the game would be up and done for her.

    BTW Congrats on being nominated smug writer! I'm sure I might end up there eventually... someone should nominate Homer because she was rather smug to me when I debated with her over "her view of LOTR/Silm canon" when she smacked my Silm epic after my ficlet. :D
  • Grr. Okay, when I saw her silly forum a few days ago via a 'review' on another author's fic, I thought it was pathetic, but along the same level as one of her reviews. I didn't think she was going to get this far, though (both going to get and going to go). But this is ridiculous beyond belief.

    Honestly, I don't get what the 'Pushuruk Awards' are supposed to accomplish? Besides inflating their egos and putting a bandage on her not being nominated for the MEFAs.

    And as for the smug thing? Go Dawn! Woo! *waves little flag* (But seriously, who the hell is she (or anyone else there, for that matter) to call anyone else smug?! Hypocritical, much?)

    ((I'm really at a loss about what she and the others there are trying to do. Stir up drama? Sticking it to the masses (who don't really give a damn)? ))

    *insert loud expletive here*! This is getting on my nerves.

    I'm glad you posted this, though, Dawn! (And I'm sporting a vindictive hope that she's reading this...)
  • Well, all righty then...

    I should have read your entries in chronological order. Even as a wet-behind-the-ears, green-horned nascent kind of neophyte to this little universe, you articulated clearly what happened with this Battling Bard creature. "Battling Bard?" Tres original! :^D These sorts are an archetype on any given message board or forum, I think.

    Anyhoos, this makes for some wild anthropological observations, i.e., fanfic'ers who take themselves seriously with such noisome earnestness. I mean, c'mon, the genre ain't exactly gonna pay for a loft in SoHo or the West Village!
    • Re: Well, all righty then...(erratum)


      I should have read your entries in chronological order. Even as a wet-behind-the-ears, green-horned nascent kind of neophyte to this little universe, you articulated clearly...

      You're not the neophyte! I am. Crap. I hate it when I write like that. I'll plead distraction from a three hour meeting this morning in which the frontiers of science were pushed back by about 2 centimeters.
    • Re: Well, all righty then... - dawn_felagund - Expand
  • It's truly shocking that not one but three authors should be proud of writing excellent stories. What is the world coming to?
  • I hope you will forgive me for saying this, but I do find your Fandom Wank posts really entertaining. Of course, it's not at all entertaining that you have to put up with idiots such as the one you are referring to in this post. And it is even more sad that the influence of those of her kind is strong enough to drive authors away from various archives.

    If I were to pay back the whiny Battling Bard, I'd say "Give me five minutes alone with her in a confined space with no weapons at all." All I would need are words and believe me, I have had countless verbal/written arguments with people of both sexes when gay people/slash literature was involved. The "Bard" strikes me as one who cannot back up her statements, so...
    • She can't back up her statements. She pulls "canon" out of her ass and deletes forums when her "opponent" seems to be gaining the upper hand...and that's not hard to do considering that she's as slimy and transparent as an American politician. Unfortunately, so many people don't see that and let her get to them. I hope that this post has restored a little of the confidence of those whom she has hurt.

      I wasted two whole days of my life on this mess. Yet I'm not sorry that I did. Things needed to be said and other authors and mods are taking our lead in speaking out against abuse and threats in a hobby that is supposed to be fun.
  • Drama Queen!!!

    haha Just kidding....

    Seriously though - I've been so out of the loop lately due to a death in my electronics family - my laptop died. *sob* Rhaps updated me with what is going on and I was like WTF? (thanks for the summary lol I needed one) I can't wait to get my computer back so I can actually read everyone's comments on here too but I'm shocked and appalled that anyone has stooped so low.

    Scarily enough Homer actually has given me good reviews however I was one of the writers that contacted her on OSA about a few comments she had made in reviews to other writers. I guess I'm one of the 'Oh-so-smug members' she was referring to. Hmm...tragic. Anywho...part of the reason she got mad at me for PMing her was cause I disputed something she put in a review. I told her it wasn't accurate to say that ALL elves in Finwe's line in the Silm had gray eyes. Maeglin's dark eyes ring any bells here? That's just to name one. And I quoted some things directly from the Silm (didn't even go into the HoME) about the others. Anyway, she argued that all but the ones I had mentioned did. o.O Okay then if there are exceptions then you can't say ALL, correct?

    I digress. I think we are seeing the results of the fact that GAFF has been virtually dead for months and their flamers had no outlet to spread their hatred. Fanfiction.net was a breeding ground for them back in the GAFF haydays (or is it heydays? haydaze? hmm I dunno lol) Maybe she should check out AFF.net if she wants to flame people.

    Congrats on your Smugness nomination!
    • Thank you! :^D And lately, I'm beginning to think that Drama Queen might fit as well. *mournful, dramatic sigh* I got accused of plagiarism on HASA a few months ago. Luckily, my accuser had the good sense to accuse five other authors as well, including the site owner, and make up a nice conspiracy theory to go along with her accusations. Seriously, when did I become a nut magnet?

      On your "experience" with TBB...it's funny because I'd had exactly one contact with her prior to this...snafu. She reviewed two of my short stories on the Pit in one day. One was a nice review, the other included her usual high-and-mighty God-of-all-things-canon bullshit (which had as many holes as Swiss cheese, much like your eye-color example). I sent her one reply for both reviews, as I do for all signed reviews, and took apart her arguments and also suggested that she learn some manners, as authors tend not to listen to reviewers who tell them what to do. I never heard another peep from her...until this. But that's why she rants about how "some authors cannot take criticism." Read "Dawn Felagund" there. :^P

      Personally, I think that your actions are far smugger than mine, but what do I know? :^D Still, if you'd like me to remind her that you exist, I will. ;)

      Also, here's to hoping that your laptop is healthy again soon!
  • I think I actually had a run-in with her when she was "The Last Temptation Of Homer" and she commented on my present-day Maglor fic that I have since taken down. I think she was being derogatory....

    ANYWAY! I find it amusing the way she writes stuff, and her reviews - I went back and read some of them - are not at all an explanation of why she dislikes YOUR fic, more a rant about how she dislikes EVERYONE'S fics, especially those written by young, inexperienced authors who don't have their canon straight. Then again, neither does she.

    In fact, she disregards completely the fact that both Glorfindel and Míriel were offered a chance to return, and that they both did - and the fact that elven spirits are eternal. Which means that one day, they must return from the Halls of Mandos, no?

    People like that are equal measures of amusing and annoying to me, because frankly... they do, indeed, need to get a life. And friends - though those who would befriend them are either stupid or harassed.
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